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May 06 2013 Published by under GifCam


Just yesterday I found this nice little app LICEcap which use the same idea of GifCam to create gif files, actually it is been there before GifCam(more than 2 years) that makes GifCam not an original idea app :(  , anyway I think it is not fair for me to compare GifCam vs LICEcap, I think people should decide which tools suit their needs, also LICEcap works both on Windows and Mac :) So what do you think windows users are going to replace GifCam with LICEcap? and Why?

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Thank you :-)

May 05 2013 Published by under GifCam

I would like to thank you for all your support, suggestions and comments, I will try to respond and not ignore any comment. and I’m going to blog about each progress and “feature done” of the upcoming GifCam version, also I would like to give a bonus for GifCam supporter (I don’t know what, any suggestion? ). more on that and other things in the next posts…
Thank you :-)

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Softpedia this is nice!!!

Apr 21 2013 Published by under GifCam

I received an email from Softpedia on 3/4/2013, It is about GifCam and the willing to list it on their site, I didn’t pay attention to their email, I thought it is ok they will link back to the app page, no problem, but I just discovered they did not, they took GifCam app, put it in their server and before you download it you have to go through three pages of advertisements.
so the final result:
6,074 download from Softpedia (till now). they took it down.
Softpedia is making money from my app.
I received ZERO support (till now) . I got some nice support thank you :)
Isn’t that nice :-)

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GifCam 1.1 update

Apr 20 2013 Published by under GifCam


This is bugs fixed and performance boost update (no new feature yet)
here is a list of changes:

  • Bug fixed that cause the gif sometimes looping back before playing all frames.
  • Saving is faster.
  • Save menu for Windows XP (Windows XP doesn’t support “split button” natively so right click on the save button to get the save menu).
  • GifCam 1.1 is 8 kilobytes less in size in case you want to save some KB in your hard disk :)

get GifCam 1.1

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