Funny Mask

funnymaskiconFunny Mask is a fun application that tries to detects faces on your screen and draws funny masks on them.





FunnyMask comes with three buttons :


Draw on screen button:  Draws masks on screen for detected faces  (it will get erased on the next redraw/refresh or the next update region).

Draw on screen button has a drop down menu where you can select a random or specific mask.


Capture button: Capture button takes a screenshot and stick masks on it then save it in the application directory  as “FunnyMask.png” and finally opens it with the machine default image viewer.

Clear button: Clears masks from screen.


Download 1.86 MB
Compatible With Windows 8,7,Vista,XP.
This application uses OpenCV  (Open Source Computer Vision Library) under a BSD license.


Funny Mask comes with twelve masks but you can create you own mask by adding a png image into “masks” folder in the application directory then open/reopen FunnyMask.exe and it will appears in the masks list.
To make the mask fit create a transparent background png image in a square shape (with any scale).
notice that the face will be in the center of the square surrounded by mask accessories
something like this:

maskmeasurements papasmurf

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  • shane says:

    I love this idea. But it could have been better if those masks were real pics in place of painted pics. It could give more reality look.

  • chenjian says:

    good app

  • Michael says:

    Your programs are so much fun, and I’m surprised I can get them to work under Linux under Wine.

  • Adel dz says:

    شكرا لكم

  • Hosting says:

    For comfort, a half or three-quarters mask is your best bet; these leave the area under the nose, mouth, and chin unimpeded for breathing and for the all-important Halloween candy and snacks. Usually made of vacuform plastic and held in place by elastic band, these are accessories of choice for children, while deluxe face masks for adults tend to sport upgraded materials like heavy fabric, vinyl, or even space age composites.

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