GifCam 6.0

Oct 10 2019


GifCam 6.0 comes with quality improvements update:

  • Scalable user interface: GifCam 6.0 scales to fit the display resolution.

  • Improvement of the transparent/green screen color detection.
  • Changing the default save name to Date+Ttime.
  • Updating About dialog and adding support options.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Git it here

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RecButton 2.0

Jul 06 2019

RecButton 2.0 is focusing on the stability and the quality of the recording process, plus an option for capturing video from a resizable camera window:

  • RecButton 2.0 uses a limit amount of memory (RAM), and writes all the captured audio & video directly to the disk, which makes it stable and reliable for long and short run, especially when recording in busy system (while playing games, or running multiple apps , or webpage tabs or background tasks..)

  • Recbutton 2.0 comes with an option for resizable camera window.

  • Recbutton 2.0 captures high quality microphone sound.

Get RecButton 2.0 free version here, also it’s available in the Microsoft Store,  for users who bought version 1.0 via PayPal, I sent them version 2.0 link, if any buyer didn’t get it, please comment or email me.

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RecButton 5 free copies :)

Feb 16 2019

Here are 5 RecButton free promotional codes for you my friends :) Please rate & review:

  1. TDRMJ-6KDMG-MT29J-4JV6M-FFTKZ  Redeemed!
  2. VVWCV-2TQGC-79KV9-Q9RWM-DCRWZ Redeemed!
  3. T2HXC-DWJVC-C4QWY-YMWJ2-3PGJZ Redeemed!
  4. 6HP2P-9Q9W9-WVR7V-4XRGT-9DK7Z Redeemed!

Update: all promo codes redeemed.

also RecButton is available for trail on Microsoft Store and has free download version, so you can try it and see if it works for you, I even made a paper toy for the app :)


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RecButton 1.0

Jan 28 2019

RecButton is one button tool for capturing screen + (speaker audio or microphone or mix of both), it’s like Windows snipping tool but for capturing video & audio.

Get it here

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VClip 2.0

Jul 17 2018

VClip version 2.0 is finally here :) it is more stable and steady and it comes with good functionality and nice design:

  • Efficient and fast responsive editor for selecting frames range and viewing playback before encoding.
  • Mute option for saving videos with silence.
  • VClip 2.0 is dpi-aware application , it scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.
  • Showing recording area dimension in the titlebar.
  • Performance benchmarks monitor in real time.
  • Adding a list of all VCLip supporters in the About window.


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