vclipiconVClip is a simple and convenient tool for capturing short video clip + loopback audio (speaker sound) from your screen pixels and speaker waves. vclipmainwindow

VClip can output to many format (MP4, WEBM, OGG, AVI, GIF), and comes with 3 fps options (15,25,30).

How to use VClip?

No much to say, VClip has a simple and intuitive user interface just aim, record and save :)

Compatibility and requirement

VClip Tested successfully on Windows 10, 7 (should work on 8.1, 8.0, vista but not XP), compatible with HiDPI screens and display scaling. The faster and more cores processor the better, because VClip can take advantage of a multicore processor by running on more than one core at the same time.

If you are on windows 10 it’s recomended to add VClip program folder to the Windows 10 defender allowed list!?

vclipwritingframs Windows 10 defender (and other antivirus) slow the process of writing data to hard disk, by checking every data written, in case of VClip that’s would slows the VClip process of freeing memory and writing frames into (“VClip/Frames” folder) it’s recommended to add VClip program folder to the Windows 10 defender allowed list.

Version 2.0

Update on 15/July/2018

VClip version 2.0 is more stable and steady and it comes with good functionality and nice design:

  • Efficient and fast responsive editor for selecting frames range and viewing playback before encoding:

VClip editor implements a nice ticklish range selector control for video range selection.

    • Mute option for saving videos with silence:

    • VClip 2.0 is dpi-aware application , it scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.

    • Showing recording area dimension in the titlebar:

  • Performance benchmarks monitor in real time:

This benchmarks tool measures the smoothness of the recording process the more low/liner/pattern pulse line the more smoothness is the video result, also this tool indicate the number of dropped frames (frames not recorded in exact precious time, in this case the pulse line goes up the edge) and the tool shows the average, minimum and maximum speed of capturing and writing frames in milliseconds. The quality of recording depends on the hardware capability, the size of the recording area and the stability of the system while recording, like how much busy is the system running software and background tasks (notice the above gif example, the pulse line is high/jumpy/unpattern and has 1 dropped frame due to runing 2 screen recorders at the same time gifcam & vclip to generate the gif example , also the machine hardware I used for this task is not capable enough for this task). I wrote this tool internally while trying to boost the capturing performance, then I decided to add it in version 2.0 release, as any benchmarks tool it has its own overhead, but anyway I hope you find it helpful :)

  • Adding a list of all VCLip supporters in the About window:

VClip is totally free, also your kind donation will help me develop this software for future updates :)

Support VClip

Download version 2.0 Size 13.9 MB VClip is portable software contains:

  1. VClip.exe             main executable file
  2. ffmpeg.exe          video/audio encoding library
  3. silence.wav         silence waves file
  4. Frames folder    for storing captured frames


I would like to hear from you, feel free to comment , criticize, suggest and support VClip :)

249 responses so far

  • Tovagulet says:

    Hey thanks for this great tool. But Im having trouble saving the frames.

    If I choose to save it as an .mp4 it doesn’t appear, but each frames appears in the frame folder. So does when I put .gif

  • Dustin says:

    This seems like an awesome little app, however, the moment I move or resize it, the recording area gets a green tint which also causes the output file to have the same green tint.

    • Isa says:

      No idea, I guess it’s something in your windows version, maybe you are using third party theme? , or some theme settings in your system, or conflict software.

  • Lucky says:

    Hi, Isa,

    So, no border on VClip’s gifs! Don’t know what you are doing differente of GifCam, but it’s working. (High DPI mode Off) (High DPI mode On)

    Now the bad news:
    – File size: One of the gifs I just posted have more than 3 mb! And the image is a little weird too.
    – No GifCam’s fancy options, not even “capture cursor” :(

    Anyway, thanks for everything, updates, comments… You’re awesome.

    • Lucky says:

      Almost forgot: do you have a Twitter account?

    • Isa says:

      Hi Lucky
      – Yes, VClip has better code to deal with HiDPI screens and display scaling, I’m going to bring that to GifCam, but there is no bad news :) because VClip is different tool than GifCam, VClip exporting to gif is an extra feature the main idea of VClip is to record short video with speaker sound, but GifCam is all about gif, so each tool has different use cases.
      – I am not active on twitter.

  • decembe says:

    Another good tool :
    Thanks !

    Can you add an simple edit tool ?

    • Isa says:

      Thanks decembre, yes I’m planning to add a simple editor and other nice options like recording sound from microphone.

      • RePao says:

        Many thanks 4 that Handy Little tool, Sound recording is missing :(
        (but a great loopback.wave is created, with no Audio)
        what did i wrong?

        hold on Good work :)

        greetings from CH

  • ShermanCG says:

    Hey, I love and supported GIFcam and am trying this out to post short clips on to Instagram.

    How do I record video, but not sound? I am trying to record small clips from the game I’m making during gameplay, but only want to record video, not sound.

    Is this possible?

    • Isa says:

      Thank you ShermanCG I appreciate your support :),
      I’m going to add an option for “no sound” recording in the next update , for now a workaround is to go to vclip directory after recording and before saving and replace playback.wav (this file contains the recorded audio) with silence.wav file, then save.

      • yarow12 says:

        Thanks for the workaround. Shouldn’t it be mentioned on this page, though? Not just in the comments, I mean.

  • Someone says:

    Using: Win 7 ultimate 64 bits.

    WONDERFUL, incredible tool.

    You can use it for record a fragment of a video with subtitles and even measure the duration!

    All at the same time. Normally you would need 3 separate tools for that.

    A few, issues/suggestions, though:

    -It seems that the result keeps the bitrate to the minimum, resulting in a low-quality, small size result. It would be AMAZING if there was a “quality: low/mid/high/extreme” option, without ‘capping’ the bitrate for the last option, giving a super high-quality result with, of course, a bigger file size. Many favor quality over file size and there are websites that allow high size video files these days.

    -WebM made with vclip doesn’t seem to reproduce at all on MPC-HC x86, it gives a black screen. They do reproduce on x64. Other WebM do reproduce in both MPC-HC.

    Really hoping for a quality option, it would make this software one of the BEST tools for make quick webM files.

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for mentioning a useful usage for VClip “recording video with subtitles” :).
      -It is good idea to have quality/bitrate options, I’ll try to add that in the upcoming updates.
      -Maybe it’s a bug in MPC-HC, webm works well on Chrome.
      I see you have good knowledge in video encoding :), you can always do the encoding manually using cmd with ffmpeg commands.
      thank you for the comment :)

  • gagger says:

    Hi Isa, can you put the option to pause the recording? In GifCam you did it!

  • Nicklas says:

    Great tool! Works well when recording short clips.
    However I tried recording a longer clip >5 min but the program crashed. (I had 200gb free hd space so that didn’t cause it)

    When restarting the program it unfortunately deleted data cache from previous frames saved in VClip\frames and audio data.

    In this case it would be great to get a dialog box asking to process data from previous session if cache is still there instead of deleting it. That way you could possibly still recover parts of a failed recording.

    Have you consider going open source?

    Keep up the great work, also like your gifcam tool!
    Best Regards

    • Isa says:

      Thank you Nicklas for the nice comment :)

      When opening or closing VClip,it deletes and makes a new frames folder because it’s the best time to not slowing or disturbing recording and encoding process.

      as you mentioned VClip “Works well when recording short clips” but unfortunately VClip is not good for recording long video, because it does very intense and heavy processing to capture frames in precise milliseconds to sync sound with frames, that may lead to crash on long run, although hardware capability can help for long recording (hard disk writing speed, number of cpu cores, cpu speed).

      I’m thinking to go open source when i give up updating and adding features :)

  • B says:

    Hello your link in the menu bar for Vclip is no present, exept for the home page :)

  • Jesse says:

    Hi, when using VClip on my windows 7 pc, I cannot click the top bar of the program to move it or even close it. The only thing I can do is resize.

    • gagger says:

      i have windows 7 pc but that dont happend to me. i can move and close with no problem…

    • Isa says:

      Me too , VClip top bar works ok on my windows 7, more likely something not working well on your machine, check by running VClip in safe mode, although this is not a direct solve but you can use keyboard shortcuts to move your windows ALT+Space+M then use keyboard arrows.

  • Prevolition says:

    Great work on the program! I love Gifcam so naturally this is a something I’ve been wanting for a while.

    I do have issues with syncing the audio with video (there is a second delay) which happens after saving the video. Is this an issue on my end or is it something other people are experiencing?

    Thanks again!

    • Isa says:

      Thank you Prevolition :)
      I haven’t received audio sync complaints, so more likely something on your end cause the delay, check by running VClip in safe mode or in different machine if you can.

  • Maureen says:

    I have been using your amazing GifCam program with no problems, and now you produce yet another excellent app. Both so easy to use, take up so little space, and do the job effortlessly. I have no questions or suggestions. I just want to thank you so much, and tell you how much I admire your expertise. Greetings from New Zealand.

  • maureen says:

    Hello from New Zealand! I have no questions or suggestions. Just want to thank you for both of your amazing apps, GifCam and VClip. So easy to use and with no problems at all. They have given me hours of enjoyment .

  • eeki says:

    At this time i tried VClip only on XP (just in case :)). It didn’t work, but i saw, that frames are in .bmp. Why not in .png or even .gif? So they will take less space.
    (and there are no options for working in RAM, choose FPS or save in other formats except .mp4. Probably only on XP?)

    • Isa says:

      Good questions :)

      png/jpg/gif(gif is 256 maximum colors) are compressed images format, saving in one of these format takes longer time than saving bitmaps, although bitmaps are bigger in size they are faster in saving because they don’t need compressing.

      Saving format and FPS options doesn’t show up in Windows XP, because these options are listed in a split button list and Windows XP doesn’t support native split button, the split button is first introduced in Windows Vista.

  • Leroy says:

    the best cheers for your new tool, and it’s also keep simple and easy for use.
    big thanks for your great tool, it’s very nice. hope the .gif format can much more small, just like Gifcam : )

    • Isa says:

      Thanks Leroy for the nice comment :),
      GifCam can produce small gif size because it’s way more focused and optimized for gif than VClip, for example GifCam doesn’t record a frame until there is an action(pixels changes in the recording area), and it has transparent “green screen” pixels optimization, unlike VClip which is mainly for recording videos (videos doesn’t have these optimizations), but it’s possible in the future to add that in VClip for gif case.

  • Leroy says:

    Hi, here again, hope the vclip can add some size presets, like 320*240, 640*480, 1280*720, 1920*1080 …..and maybe can setting the size by ourself by the custom size option.

    it’s will be good for video editing, because they are all same size, and I can import into others software much more easy.


  • Max says:

    Hello, and thank you for this tool.

    How is it possible to capture the mouse-cursor, like it’s done in GIFCam?

    • Max says:

      And all files created by VClip have padlock-icons added to their symbol, which suggests some sort of user-rights-issue when moving the file from VClip’s folder to the destination.

  • daved says:

    I get audio but no video

  • 233 says:

    Why don’t you open source :),Your software is really good.:)
    I also hope your software were translated to more kinds of languangs.
    ——from a chinese

  • Marco says:

    Hi Isa,
    I sent you several mails about our review of VClip and an award from GIGA.
    Is support at still the right address?

    Have a nice day

  • Justin Luk says:

    I’m not sure why but this doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m recording on a high DPI screen and the video that gets recorded seems to be offset. It only captures a small section of my screen that isn’t even in the vclip window. Any ideas of how to fix this?


  • sunshine2177 says:


  • Leroy says:

    hi, I am here again, if possible, hope to add one option that the recording window can follow the mouse cursor, it’s will be nice to recording much more range, very thanks your software again, free,light and awesome :P

  • Julian says:

    Nice tool.
    But i missed an option to capture the mouse-cursor.

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Isa,
    thank you very much, this is a great extremly useable tool!

    With mouse-cursor capture it would be perfect.

    Thanks again!


  • Chinafreak says:

    I love this tool! But is there any chance that you could add more fps options? (45fps and 60fps)? I always use 60fps if I record something small and it look pretty good if they’re 60fps.
    Or even: why not settingable fps with textbox/numericupdown?
    And yeah, Pause function would be nice, but its not important, because there is video editor that I can edit the file.

    Thank you!

    – Chinafreak

  • Ruud Rijksen says:

    First I had an AMD videocard. Vclip worked perfectly.
    Now I have a Nvidia videocard because my AMD got broken.

    Now I can’t record in mp4 anymore. any suggestions?


  • Mike Monroe says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite tools, thank you for making this.
    I have a problem with writing to mp4s, it tends to write 0 byte files, but for the other formats it still works fine.

    The error in the console says
    “Error while opening
    encoder for output stream #0:1 – maybe incorrect parameter such as bit_rate, rate, width or height”

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  • MsK` says:

    This is great ! Could you add a way to specify exact width-height of the capture area ? Thanks ! :)

  • Kamoshika says:

    Hello. I am using your software, and I am interested in very much.
    Thank you for your providing.
    By the way, I am having tow questions;

    1. I cannot record all field of VClip. I want to record all field of VClip’s window,
    but VClip did not record at all field. The video file,which was recorded is including only a part at upper-left of all filed of VClip.

    2. Where is VClip’s temporary file saved?
    I want to customize the saving folder for temporary files by recording of VClip.
    My VClip folder is at Portable Hard Disc Drive, so I want to save temp files of Vclip at the same folder.

    Would you tell me about these things? I cannot solve these questions.
    Thank you very much.

    • Isa says:

      You are welcome Kamoshika,
      1. get VClip 2.0 it is dpi-aware version and can record nicely with high DPI screens.
      2. you can copy VClip to your portable hard disk and run it from there, then the temporary files will be written on your portable hard disk.

  • Renzo says:

    Thank you for the effort but it crashes after 1st minute or so.

  • Yusuf says:

    Awesome, Thanks very much.

  • Daz says:

    Can this be used to record some in game footage? which would be great to capture short funny moments or stunts in a video game. I have Fraps but records in very large file sizes.

    • Isa says:

      That depends on your hardware power and what quality of game footage you want, get VClip 2.0 it has a benchmarks tool that gives capturing performance info and quality of capturing pulse line.

  • Christina says:

    I just got a new computer and now Vclip doesn’t work. Any tips for Windows 10?

    • Isa says:

      Congratulation on your new computer :), VClip works well on Windows 10, maybe you need to run VClip as administrator (right click on VClip.exe then run as administrator) or maybe you need to update your windows 10 to the latest version.

  • Christina says:

    It seems to stop working when I plug in headphones.

  • softboiled says:

    Hi — as for “GifCam”, thank you VERY MUCH for this very interesting and promising tool!

    My suggestions again:

    [ BTW: I tested “VClip” OK under Windows 10 64 bits, in an old 2006 (!) PC, though with 6 GB of RAM. ]

    —— As asked by other users / testers: included mouse pointer option;

    + more framerates, and/or: custom framerate adjusting.

    —— Video bitrate setting (“AVC” above all): custom and “CRF” based, if possible;

    + may be: “superfast” + “veryfast” + “fast” (if “FFMPeg” implements those, as “x264 VfW” does).


    —— AAC AUDIO BITRATE SETTING: usual increments, ranging from low to high quality: 48 to 256 or 320 kbs, instead of 128 only.

    Anyway, thank you very much for the direct “AVC in .mp4 container” results

    AND… NOT LEAST: the audio “loopback” rec. function! Works like a charm in my case:

    no hassle, no endless audio device problems at all (nothing to set) — knowing, moreover, that I’m using one of those PCs (a very old “Dell Optiplex 740” for now) with that darn DISABLED “record-your-speakers” nag, in their built-in sound device;

    therefore, “VClip” sure comes as an excellent surprise!


    • Isa says:

      Thank you for the feedback, nice to know that VClip works well on old machines, you may like to get VClip 2.0 it has a nice benchmarks tool that gives more insight into capturing performance.

  • softboiled says:

    PS · once done with a capture + saved under some name, “xxx.mp4” or else, “loopback.wav” (in my case anyway) remains in the “VClip” folder…

    Shouldn’t that tech. file be automatically deleted, to maintain as much free space as possible (+ knowing I have no use for it)?

    • Isa says:

      VClip keeps the loopback.wav file as overwrite file without deleting it, in case someone wants to get just the loopback recoded sound.

      • Mayank says:

        I also face same problem I want to delete my account from vclip, the id which vclip provide, i want to be completely forgotten from vclip, means no longer any person search me on vclip after uninstall this app from my phone. Please tell me the steps to delete.

        • Isa says:

          Hello Mayank, I guess you are referring to different app with similar name, this page is for VClip a Windows app for capturing screen.

  • PrzemekLom says:

    Witam wszystkich serdecznie :)

  • Jorge says:

    hey you can add an option like Gifcam to open other files, to edit and save them? please.

  • 3Dguy says:


    The program seems to have trouble recording in high DPI screens in Windows 10.
    I tried recording a web page scroll activity and only 3/4 of the screen was visible in the recorded video.

    Also is there not a full screen option?

    Very nice program though.


    • Isa says:

      Hello 3Dguy :)

      Get VClip 2.0 please, it is dpi-aware version and works nicely with high DPI screens, recording in full screen is very costly, it may lead to crush , especially with 25, 30 fps, but maybe I will add that option at own user risk :), I added a benchmarks tool in VClip 2.0 and you will notice that the bigger recording area the low recording performance.

  • Shane says:

    I’m getting issues with Vclip recording it’s own window as well as shaving off a third of the screen on the right. Am on the current version of Windows 10 and have a 1920×1080 screen if that makes a difference.

  • Alejandro says:

    Deseamos Probar el software

  • Tabby says:

    Hi, I am using Windows 10 at home and having a trouble with the frame when saving a video clip. Somehow, the saved video comes out off the frame. It also captures the part which I did not include in the frame. Do you think it is happening due to my laptop setting, or is there something I can do with the VClip setting?

    • Isa says:

      That is because VClip 1.0 doesn’t work well with high resolution and scaled screen, get VClip 2.0 please, it is dpi-aware version, and scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.

  • Adam N. A. says:

    I can confirm that turning Windows’ display scaling to 100% fixes the video output from being shifted or cropped slightly as stated in comments above.

  • Roger says:

    Is there a new version in the near future?

  • Wisnu says:

    thank you for this awesome tool.
    please update with function to record cursor, thats very importance, thank you

  • Diong Wen-Han says:

    Amazing tool, but is there a possibilities to add mov as an export format (and just maybe, a mac version, of course, that is just maybe)
    And exporting mp4 doesnt seem to work for me

    • Isa says:

      Thanks Diong Wen-Han, I’m Currently Working on VClip 2.0, specifically an editor for cutting frames, because it’s a basic feature to have, and more features are coming in the next updates- maybe system settings or missing file prevent you from exporting to mp4.

  • BrucePeamy says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  • Ab says:

    Please, create a fullscreen option. Overall, great apps.

    • Isa says:

      Recording in full screen is very costly, it may lead to crush , especially with 25, 30 fps, but maybe I will add that option at own user risk :) I added a benchmarks tool in VClip 2.0 and you will notice that the bigger recording area the low recording performance.

  • Flon says:

    Are there any plans for a Ver 1.5 or 2.0 for VClip?

    All it needs to be a perfect software is allow for 60 FPS and a higher quality option.2

    • Isa says:

      Yes, I just released VClip 2.0, it has editor and benchmarks tool and other goodies, no 60 FPS and quality option yet, but more features and improvements are coming in the future!

  • Mike M says:

    I’m getting a I/O Error when launching VClip now T_T
    I’m not sure what changed to cause this to happen (Windows Update??)
    I’m willing to donate again if it gets me early access to 2.0!

    • Isa says:

      Hello Mike M, I guess you donate with different name than Mike M, I added a supporter names list in VClip 2.0 About window, get VClip 2.0 I guess it will solve your I/O error.

  • Julian says:

    Thanks for the great app! I can’t wait for the newest version, once that releases I’ll be sure to pay for it as I’ve gotten so much use out of Gifcam.

    That editing feature would be a blessing!

  • Isa says:

    How can I help you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nicolas says:

    Hello, the program gives an error when saving the frames with the sound. I have found that the error is given, because the encoder looks for the file loopback2.wav, instead of loopback.wav :)

    Sorry for my English. I used the google translator.

    • Isa says:

      Hello Nicolas,
      When selecting a range of frames from the edit window, the encoder trim loopback.wav file and create loopback2.wav file and use it to make the length of the sound file match the length of the frames range, so you must not move or delete loopback2.wav file before encoding.

  • Renzo says:

    Thank you so much for the 2.0 version. 1.0 was great but very unstable. Let’s try this new version.

  • Whippet says:

    Le lien de Telechargement es pas bon

  • Olek says:

    What is up with the downloadable link to the archive with?
    It takes the message 403 Forbidden, what the strange issue…

  • Ryan Davies says:

    This is such a niftly little tool. Pity it doesnt capture the cursor then it would’ve been ideal.

    Without this feature I’ll have to look at other options and judging from the comments I am not the only one.

  • Lukas says:

    Thanks so much for this app along with GifCam!

    There’s one thing I noticed when using VClip for the first time just now. I had to save the output twice? The first time it didn’t save anything so I had to save it again, then it worked.

  • david e. says:


    I tried VClip and at “save” time it always fails to output anything on win10, I had to check “win8 compatibility” and “run as administrator” for it to work properly, bith win8 & admin was required.

    Thank you for this software :)

    • david e. says:

      Worth to say, as I am a gamedev I would love a 60fps capability. Thanks a lot and kudos for your hard work.

    • Isa says:

      VClip works fine on windows 10 maybe your system has some defender settings or third-party ant-virus settings restrict vclip from working properly, there are better software designed for capturing games like Bandicam, OBS, Fraps..

  • bugman says:


    thanks for the free app.

    please consider adding:
    – show a dot or similar on slider to indicate the actual frame when editing a video
    – add setting to toggle follow mouse cursor
    – option to avoid audio Rec from the beginning not when saving (reason: better performance)

    please consider fixing:
    – deleting the Frames folder crashes the app.
    – crash after opening loopback.wav


    • Isa says:

      Hello Bugman,
      Thanks for the suggestions, for the fixing part, VClip deletes the Frames folder when it closes, so don’t delete the Frames folder or open loopback.wav while the app is using them, leave the Frames folder and VClip files alone please :)

  • Izta says:

    Amazing program! One thing I am curious of however, is there a way to increase the output quality when saving to WEBM?

  • グラブラー says:


  • Kita says:

    A wonderful software for video capturing. However, noticed that it will stop working when it reach around 4 mins. (I try in Windows 10 and an error message – VClip has stopped working, will appear at around 5853 Frames 234 seconds, 25 fps), then saw the message on your website stating – capturing short video clip. So, there is a limitation of 4 mins recording?

    • Kita says:

      Done multiple testing and notice that it is not always at around 4 mins. It is random. It can stop working at anytime. will continue to do more testing to find the course of the problem.

    • Isa says:

      Capturing screen is very intense and resources consumption process, VCLip in general desgined for capturing short videos but that depends on the machine Specifications, amount of RAM, speed and number of processor cores, SDD or HDD , size of capturing area, the states of the machine while recording, type of recording desktop, games or video…

  • JL FOURNEY says:

    I have exactly the same problem as Kita above. At 234 sec and 25 fps, Vclip stop recording and I think that I have no hardware restriction on my PC :
    Lenovo ThinkPad T470S/ I7 7600U/ 24GB RAM/ Windows 10 64bits

    Could you help and find a solution ?

  • Nintendo Potter says:

    Hello is there a “New” button? to do a new recording

  • Sam says:

    Thanks, this is one of the best programs I have on my computer. I’d donate if Paypal didn’t mark it as suspicious (likely due to this website not having an SSL

    PROBLEM: This program crashes if you try switching audio devices while it’s open. Most programs will handle this fine. The problem I have in particular is recording with one device and then listening on another device separately by switching it to listen in edit mode. It’s because I prefer to record at max volume and then listen at a reduced volume by having each device preset to different volume levels.

    So yeah, simple ask, complex usage in my situation. Either way thanks for making this.

    Also, since it’s already free it’d be nice if you released the source code so users could offer to contribute fixes and improvements. It’d also be nice to learn from! :)

    • Isa says:

      I see no problem switching between headphone and speaker even while recording, maybe you are using some other audio devices that’s cause crash/ Maybe in the future, for now you may like to contribute to other open source screen recorders there many of them on GitHub.

  • max says:

    I just make two paypal reward and i discover that Vclip dont save anything anymore!
    Perhaps its the V2, I will try V1 to understand !

  • max says:

    Okay its the length that block save process…

    Its little boring to be so limited in length !
    Approx 200 seconds and its over…
    Even @ 15fps…

    I will need to go back to camtasia….

    • Isa says:

      Always use the app that suit your need, I mentioned on the app description that VClip is suitable for recording short clips, the way that VClip works prevent it from capturing long video.

  • ema says:

    I have a problem I get the error not MCI device open when I want to edit

  • shinichi says:

    Thank you for the best tools.

  • Lexi says:

    I can’t get it to save. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried to run as administrator.

  • Никс says:

    Программка замечательная!!!, мне такая и нужна, для небольших “срезок” из роликов.
    Но проблема: не сохраняется ни в одном формате, кадры сохраняются, но видео нет.
    Пытался запускать и с правами админа, то ж самое.
    Система Windows 7, антивирус Kaspersky.
    Скачивал вторую версию VClip, результат тот же!, а дизайн остался от первой версии, хотя по содержимому папок, это вторая.
    Если нужна поддержка, то я согласен.

    • Isa says:

      Может быть, вам нужно добавить (VClip.exe & ffmpeg.exe) в список доверенных программ Kaspersky.
      Maybe you need to add (VClip.exe & ffmpeg.exe) in the Kaspersky trusted applications list.

  • Никс says:

    Касперски их автоматом добавил: ограничений нет, запуск разрешен.
    Включен режим безопасных программ, ни одного предупреждения или запрета.
    А, скажите- после редакции ролик должен прокручиваться?, или нет??
    Самое большее, что удалось сохранить в указанной папке, по указанному пути , то это только один кадр, так как ролик, во время сохранения, не прокручивается.
    Нет и сообщения, типа: “успешно сохранено”, просто окно сохранения “молча” закрывается.

    • Isa says:

      Я не могу придумать причину, кодировка (ffmpeg.exe) не работает должным образом на вашем компьютере.
      I can’t think of a reason, encoding (ffmpeg.exe) is not working properly in your machine.

    • Isa says:

      Возможно, вы помещаете VClip в каталог, который требует прав администратора или имеет пробел в названии, помещаете папку VClip непосредственно в c: и запускаете ее как администратор.

      Maybe you put VClip in a directory that require administrator privilege or has space character in its name , put VClip folder directly in c: and run it as administrator.

  • Sullivan says:

    My Vclip does not seem to do any saving/encoding when I do some edits to my clips.
    If I dont do any edits, its saves/encodes the files just fine.

    Any reason why editing the clip causes this issue?

  • Bristle Cone says:

    Is there anyway to record the cursor and cursor movement

  • Lucía says:

    Hi Isa, I`m a fan of your apps, thank you. With Vclip I`m having the same problem than others when I try to save the video . I tried opening the program as an admin, and works without edit the video. After that also I updated the encoding file but it still failing (just export the images in frames. Please help! Thank you

    • Isa says:

      Hi Lucía, I apricate your kind comment, I can’t guess the problem but maybe you put VClip in a directory that require administrator privilege or has space character in its name , put VClip folder directly in c: and run it as administrator, I hope that help.

  • Artem says:

    Hi Isa, this program is one of the first really good portable ones that I’ve come across, and I just wanted to say thank you! Sadly though I can’t get it to export the recorded video after it’s done. I have read what you’ve responded with to other with this problem, but I was curious if there is any other way besides running the program with admin rights? The computer I wish to use this on I don’t have admin rights on, so I essentially can’t run it using that meathod. Please let me know if there is any workaround towards that issue!

    • Isa says:

      Hi Artem, so VClip writes frames on hard disk, and if the admin prevents apps from writing files then you need admin privilege, try running VClip directly from a flash stick in this case VClip will write files on the flash stick instead of hard disk and maybe that doesn’t need admin rights, also there are tricks on how to run programs without admin rights, google that maybe some tricks work for you.

  • Nate says:

    This is great, but not capturing the mouse cursor limits the usefulness a lot! :(

  • Sam says:

    This program worked fantastic for a few days of use (I really have to commend you for the superb design and functions!) but I currently cannot open or view any of the videos I captured.
    The frames save in the frames file, but the video does not process, and shows an error message (Can’t Play: The item is missing or we can’t get to it. 0x80070002). I’ve tried running as administrator, but the videos still do not save properly. Is there any other way to get the videos to work?

    • Isa says:

      Hi Sam, I can’t tell exactly if the videos are not encoded properly or some changes happened to your system cause that error, check the size of your captured video and see if you can play it in different machine, or check by uploading to social media, update your windows to latest version, try using different media player like VLC, I hope that helps.

  • AutoFrenzy says:

    I’ve noticed on the mp4 and webm outputs the audio at the start/end will get clipped a little bit. What I’m currently doing to fix it is outputting as an AVI and converting it to MP4, but it would a lot easier if it worked on outputting an mp4.

    It might be related to using the slider bars to trim the start and end.

    • Isa says:

      In case of MP4 & WEBM the sound gets trimmed some milliseconds more than the video, it’s ffmpeg encoding bug, maybe the new ffmpeg version doesn’t have that problem or there is a workaround to fix that, I will try to find a solve in the next update.

  • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer says:

    How can i edit a video file & save that to a MP4?
    When editing i can’t really ‘apply’ the edit, and i cannot save the MP4 file (well i can click the button, but there’s no file saved)

    I’d also like to capture the mouse cursor and be able to set a default resolution like in gifcam.

    Last question – why are the files so big?
    MP4 should be a lot less mb’s than gif?

    • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer says:

      I’m in love with Gifcam – but im looking for a just as easy way to record/capture/save to MP4 (= small file sizes).

    • Isa says:

      Hi Martijn, I don’t know exactly why editing is not working for you, try to run VClip as administrator and put VClip folder directly in c:, There is no apply button in the Edit window, you just select the video range then close it. mp4 file size depends on the quality option more quality bigger file size, you may like to try RecButton it has a quality option and it can capture cursor, and I will try to improve VClip with more features and fixes in the next update.

      • Martijn Hoppenbrouwer says:

        Hi Isa,

        I’ve installed/placed VClip in C: and ran it multiple times with and without administrator priviliges. As soon as i use edit, i can’t save anymore. Files just don’t get generated.

        I need to capture a frame that i can set before hitting REC, and that’s perfect in VClip. Only thing that would be nice is to be able to set/choose from one or more fixes dimensions. (like 500×500 or 1920×1080).

        Capturing the cursor is also something i would actually need, so that would be my first request.

        Second request would be the fixed dimensions and the third would be the editing. (which i could do in other software as well)

        Could you try and add my 1st and hopefully also second request?

        • Nicolas says:

          I wrote it 10 months ago. I solved it by creating a “loopback-rename.bat” in the program folder.

          Simply with “move loopback.wav loopback2.wav”.


          The problem is that when the video is edited, it creates a second file, but when rendering it does not take the second file and gives an error, or something like that.

          Renaming that file loopback.wav to loopback2.wav then it does work.

          Without audio it always works well for me.

          By the way, the program is good, thanks for it, Isa.

          Sorry for my English, I use the translator.

        • Isa says:

          Sorry for my late reply, I hope to update VClip with many features soon, and I will try to investigate more on the edit problem that you and some other comments mentioned, I can’t figure it out yet as I tested VClip on different machines without encounter any editing problem!

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  • Max says:

    Hello Isa !

    Thanks for your Vclip
    There’s a bug in the audio file : Loopback.wav is used to render but loopback2.wav is use to save the capture

    So basically the render use the previous file and make thinks weird:!

    A bug is the wav file naming probably in your last version !


    • Isa says:

      Hello Max :)
      loopback.wav is the full audio file.
      loopback2.wav is the edited trimmed audio file.
      if you trim your recording, loopback2.wav file will be encode with the trimmed recording, if no trim the full loopback.wav will be encode with the full length recording.

  • MAx says:

    probably the best is to batch a delet for all wav file after render et chech you file naming

  • fan says:

    we need shortcut keys to control start, pause, and end. It’s relly important, pls, tks.

    • Isa says:

      Currently there is no pause function in VClip, but you can use space bar to start/stop recording (VClip has to be activated to receive the keyboard inputs)

  • […] VClip è un semplice software per Windows per catturare video clip, supporta diversi formati di output (MP4, WEBM, OGG, AVI, GIF) e 3 opzioni fps (15,25,30). […]

  • Elijah T. says:

    OS Name: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    Version: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    System Type: x64-based PC
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor, 3700 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 8.00 GB
    Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080

    If I increase the size of the window past a certain point, the footage appears completely white/blank when I view it in the Edit screen and when I open the saved file. The audio’s fine, though. If I make the window small enough, however, it’ll be fine again.

    I tested this in the the “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)” folder while using different FPS and output format settings.

    • Elijah T. says:

      It started crashing, btw. Even version 1.0 did while after it had been recording for maybe 1.5 minutes.

      • Isa says:

        You didn’t mention your hard drive speed RPM , VClip intensely writes frames as images and needs speedy disk especially when capturing big area, if you have SSD drive it would be ideal for VClip, try running VClip from SSD card or usb 3.0 you may get better result, but the way VClip is designed is just for recording short clips.

  • Vinth Verheilen says:

    It’s an amazing app, Just a lil question, is it possible to look the cursor in the recording??

    Thanks a lot for your attention.

  • MuRong says:

    I would like to ask the author’s email address, I would like to contact you, I hope you can develop a Windows note application, thank you.

    My email address

    • Isa says:

      You can contact me: bahrani-apps[at], if you mean by “Windows note application” something like Evernote, OneNote, then that’s require a teamwork, if you have a novelty and interesting idea you can go to sites like kickstarter or GoFundMe.

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  • Shahjada Khan says:

    I want to make short videos for youtube. Would you allow me to use your cartoon character?
    I’m Trying to make something for the first time. I will be very happy if you give permission.
    I will wait for your reply. Thank you

  • Sk Sahil says:

    I want to delete my vclip account plzz …

  • sbb says:

    It’s an awesome application….!

  • Vaghela Narendrasinh says:

    Hi dear sir please redeem my income

    • Isa says:

      Sorry Vaghela, I guess you are referring to different app with similar name, this page is for VClip a Windows app for capturing screen.

  • Josué Lara says:


    Es una herramienta excelente, hace exactamente lo que uno necesita, ni más ni menos, sencilla de usar, rápida y amigable.

    Agradezco profundamente este aporte. Espero que pasando la contingencia médica en México pueda hacer mi donación. Porque mi reconocimiento es patente y solido.


  • agustin says:

    Hi, congrats for your app it seems to be really easy to use and effective. In my case I cannot save any files. I proceeded like you explain on the website and nothing appear at the momento im saving like an error or a warning but I cannot find any file saved.. Thanks!

    • Isa says:

      Hi Agustin, Try to run VClip as administrator (right click on VClip .exe run as administrator) and put VClip folder directly in the C:

  • vikash kumar says:

    Sir sir
    We have earned a lot of money in this app and we like it very much but there is a disappointment that our money has not come in our Paytm account since three months. We redeemed it on 08 February 2020 and sent money, we will be grateful to you Sir!

  • jesse says:


    I love the idea of this program, I use GifCam fairly often. My issue with VClip is that the audio trimming at the end of files isn’t accurate: each of my rendered videos ends up with a few frames of silent video at the end. The video plays perfectly as-edited in the editor, but on export the last second-or-so of audio gets cut off.

    This happens whether or not I run VClip as an administrator, I’ve run the program on multiple computers, and the problem is consistent.

    • Isa says:

      Hi jesse, I guess this problem occurs when encoding with ogg, but I see no problem with mp4,ogg and avi codec, I will check that more and will try to fix that in the future.

      • jesse says:


        I’m not encoding with ogg – I’ve used every single codec option in vclip to try and record, but they all end up with the sound cut off at the end. I’ve replaced ffmpeg, replaced vclip itself, and nothing seems to work. Is there any way I can get you a sample of what I’m talking about for bugfix purposes?

        I’d use Recbutton, but as it doesn’t have an editor it’s not as useful for me.

        • jesse says:


          I just did some more experimenting – if I select AVI, but give the file itself a .mp4 extension, it seems to work fine? If I encode as AVI and save as .avi, the sound is completely desynced.

          Video encoding is a nightmare.

  • KK says:

    Is Vclip free for commercial use?

    Is there any description about the license format?

  • Marcone says:

    Hi Isa! Will you still add fullscreen recorder on Vclip? Thank you.

  • Mary says:

    Hi there!

    Thank you for such a great tool. The only issue is that I am using Windows 10 and cannot save straight to the formats that I want to save (mp4 and gif) and have to do the very long process of editing the frame material in bmp format in the Windows 10 video editor. Tedious, I know, but still worth it as compared to getting to make gifs only via YouTube, not at all, or having to pay a “subscription fee” for some of these newer gif making apps.

    Every time I try to save to the formats that I want, I end up not being able to find them. And it’s not as though I don’t know the pathway where it should have been. It just plan doesn’t appear when I try to find it. I’ve tried setting up the Vclip to administrator as suggested only to find that the solution doesn’t really work for my computer.

    If there is a way to avoid the tedious bmp editing process and being able to go straight to the formats that I want, I’d greatly appreciate a method for doing so. Other than that, the product is great. I wouldn’t have been able to do my unique gif without it.

  • Yo says:

    como lo instalo?

  • VClipLover says:

    I am unable to use VClip anymore, can’t save edited video and if it saves it doesn’t have audio. I’ve tried a couple of things and I noticed in the VClip folder that the output file doesn’t appear when I edit the recorded video, and also after closing the program old audio files remain and mess up future recordings. It’s extremely strange. I never had a problem with this program until I updated windows 10. Could it be that Windows 10 itself it’s interfering with the program and making it not work properly? That they did something in an update? I tried what other replies said but nothing works.

    • Isa says:

      More likely there are some access settings prevent VClip from working properly, here are some suggestions: don’t open output or loopback files while editing or recording, put VClip in Windows Defender allowed list, run VClip as administrator and put VClip folder in accessible path, try encoding with different video format (WebM, OGG, AVI), also you may like to try RecButton and see if it works for you.

      • VClipLover says:

        Sadly I already tried all of that before :(

        About RecButton, it’s pretty cool but I need the edit option above all, so VClip is the perfect fit for me. I used it for 2 years but the edit function stopped working some months ago. It’s driving me mad

      • VClipLover says:

        I noticed something trying to use VClip more, and it’s that when the program can’t save files anymore (edited or not edited) in the prompt where you are asked to name the file it appears “C:\Users\username\Desktop\name.mp4” instead of the blank box that always appears in programs whe they ask you to name a file. The full route. Maybe this is related to the problem? It only happens when it stops being able to save files anymore unless you close and open the program again.

        • Isa says:

          I guess it’s normal, Windows shows the last name and path when saving, did you try to run VClip in safe mode?, safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, it enables you to narrow down the source of the problem.

  • Davis says:

    Muy buen programa, solo tengo un inconveniente y es que después de 2 minutos de empezar a grabar se cierra el programa, estoy usando windows 10.

  • Sam says:

    Thanks for keeping this application free! It’s one of the most user friendly screen capture tools available. :)

    I’ve been wanting to ask you for years, but could you please share the source code or turn it into an open source project? There are numerous ways this could be improved and it’d be nice if users could contribute to improve it. There are times where VClip hits performance problems and crashes that I’d like to try fixing, plus there are a couple extra UI features that’d be nice to have. It’d also offer some piece of mind to know malware hasn’t somehow made it’s way inside it.


    • Isa says:

      Thanks for the comment Sam, VClip should hit performance issue and crash for long session, typical screen capture software writes stream of encoded data to video file, but VClip captures and store bitmap frames into hard drive and do threading to make it in precise milliseconds, in couples of minutes we get tons of gigabytes of bitmaps files with heavy processing, there is nothing to fix, VClip designed for capturing short clips, I may open vclip one day also there are a lot of open source screen recording software that you can modify as you like.

  • やまもとじゅんじ says:


  • Juan says:

    I just had the problem of not exporting the file, but I managed to kind of solve it out by another means. This is what I found:

    1. When you EDIT the clip before saving it in mp4, no output file is created. (Didn’t find problems with gif)

    2. Sometimes (when this error happens) closing, opening the app again, recording a clip and clicking Save right away doesn’t create an mp4 output file.

    Weird things that I did before everything worked right:

    1. I had another ffmpeg.exe elsewhere for another app, so I double clicked it to perhaps execute a path for the registry (not quite sure if that was the reason)

    2. Sometimes, before clicking SAVE, I open the arrow menu and selected MP4, and THEN clicking SAVE and the mp4 output was created.

    I’m not sure about the ffmpeg thing, but I’m sure the edit bug still happens for MP4.

    I’m also downloading RecButton because I’m a very big fan of you.

    • Isa says:

      Thanks for the comment Juan,
      VClip does not output video file until you click save, VClip just save the captured frames as bitmaps and when you click save ffmpeg.exe encodes the frames into video, also editing won’t output video file, maybe you need to run VClip as administrator and close all open captured video so it can be overwritten.

  • john says:

    Hi Isa

    I really like VClip and how simple it is to use – but the only downside is that the FPS option only goes up to 30 – is it possible that you could add more options (eg. 45/60)? If it did higher framerates this would easily be the best mini screen recorder out there. If this would cause performance degradations it could be marked as “Experimental” or “Performance intensive”, but it would give the user the try it if their computer could handle it


    • Isa says:

      Hello John,
      VClip depends on screenshotting an screenshotting is slow, I have tested VClip on i7 8th with ssd and it gave many dropped frames so 60 FPS would be much worse and may lead to system crash, It’s been long since the last update of VClip I hope to achieve better FPS on the future :)

  • Luis says:

    Hellow, allhad been perfectly. Thanks

  • Petraeus Prime says:

    It works! Albion

  • Adelson says:

    Windows 11, every MP4 saved endes up with 0kb and, obviously, wont work.

    BTW i love this app. Used to work until ive changed the operationa system

  • Dave says:

    Love the app! I find often when recording something where I need it to cut off very specifically, the last 1/4 to 1/2 second of audio gets cut off. Its not cut off when I preview it and edit it to trim the ending to exactly where I want it, but when I export to mp4 a little bit will get cut off. I tried extending where I put the end, which gets me the missing audio, but then the video goes too far and it includes frames past where I want to stop. Is there something I can do differently in order to have the audio and video cut off at the exact same time?

    • Isa says:

      Hello Dave,
      Try encoding with different video formats (WebM, OGG, AVI), and try to update the encoder file ffmpeg.exe and replace it with a new version. And as VClip saves frames and wav file in the app’s directory, you can try different ffmpeg.exe encoding commands with different cut durations.

  • Josh says:

    On Windows 10, I get this error when editing the clip, “No wave device is installed that can play files in the current format. To install a wave device, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.”

    Any possible solutions?

    • Isa says:

      Check if you can play a wav sound file on your machine which can be played natively in all Windows versions? Perhaps a missing or damaged media system file led to that error.

  • ghnfgdn says:

    Good app, but just give ujs a few more quality and scaling settings or let us modify the FFmpeg script and it would be perfect.

    • Isa says:

      So the app saves frames and wav files in the app’s directory, you can try different ffmpeg.exe encoding commands with different quality and options.

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  • Ashleybug says:

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    Опубликовано: 12.12.2022Рубрика: ЛохотроныАвтор: Бизнес Акула
    esperio отзывы
    Esperio – брокерская компания быстро набирает популярность. Проект международного уровня делает предложения, от которых трудно отказаться. Предлагает серьезный заработок новичкам и профи. В минусах никто не останется.

    Общие сведения
    Поиск хайпа через интернет:
    • Esperio – онлайн-трейдинг
    • Esperio – лохотрон или правда
    • Esperio – обзор в телеграмме
    • Esperi – лохотронщики

    • телефон: не указан

    Описание хайпа Esperio
    Техническая часть
    Признаки развода Esperio
    Комментарии о esperio
    Описание хайпа Esperio
    На мировом финансовом рынке проект известен более 11 лет. Зарегистрирован на территории офшорной зоне. По сегодняшний день работает по заграничный лицензии, к нашему регулятору за получением разрешительной документации не появлялся.

    Обещает новые возможности для инвестирования, благодаря которым финансовая независимость не заставит себя ждать. Команда Esperio работает честно и прозрачно. Представлена аналитиками и финансистами с большим опытом работы на финансовых рынках, в трейдинге.

    Высокоскоростная платформа оперативно проводит ордера, работает без задержек. Обновляется на регулярной основе. Новостная информация пополняется ежедневно.

    Наличие статистики, котировок и преимущество позволяет быстро определиться со стратегией, сделать правильный выбор. Разработчики не скрывают риски. Предлагают лично знакомится с условиями пользовательского соглашения. Эксперты рекомендуют внимательно читать текст, написанный мелким шрифтом. Не исключено, что именно в нем скрыты подводные камни.

    Хотите начать зарабатывать в интернете?
    Есть рабочий и “Проверенный” заработок!

    esperio отзывы
    Техническая часть
    Торговые условия представлены такими вариантами. Опубликованы на официальном сайте, доступные для незарегистрированных пользователей:
    1. Esperio Standard. Предлагает широкий перечень финансовых инструментов, сумма инвестирования не указана. Спреды – от 0 пунктов, комиссионные начинаются от 0,1%. Работа проводится на высокоскоростной современной платформе МТ4.
    2. Esperio Cent. Предлагает широкий перечень финансовых инструментов, сумма инвестирования не указана. Комиссионные отсутствуют. Работа проводится на высокоскоростной современной платформе МТ4.
    3. Esperio Invest MT5. Предлагает широкий перечень финансовых инструментов, сумма инвестирования не указана. Комиссионные начинаются от 0,3%. Работа проводится на высокоскоростной современной платформе МТ5.
    4. Esperio МТ5 ECN. Предлагает широкий перечень финансовых инструментов, сумма инвестирования не указана. Открывает доступ к межбанковской ликвидности. Комиссионные начинаются от 15 баксов. Работа проводится на высокоскоростной современной платформе МТ5.

    Причина отсутствия минимальной суммы инвестирования известна. Пользователь фирмы может начинать торговля, зарабатывать первую прибыль с любой суммы. Этим проект стал интересным для начинающих трейдеров.

    esperio отзывы
    Признаки развода Esperio
    Компания избегает ведения легальной деятельности. Игнорирует получение разрешительных документов у нашего регулятора. Подобные действия лишают русскоязычных трейдеров правовой защищенности.

    При неблагоприятном исходе торговле вернуть незаконно потерянные денежные средства не получится. Хайп нацелен на привлечения исключительно новичков. Именно они не понимают подводных камней, не понимают, что за красивыми словами разработчиками обычный развод.

    Торговые условия проекта придуманы фантазерами. Перечень финансовых инструментов не отвечает действительности. Техподдержка оказывается до момента пополнения депозита. Далее участник остается со своими проблемами наедине. Ситуация повторяется по кругу, до момента понимания, что новый хайп является лохотроном.

    esperio отзывы
    Комментарии о esperio
    Некоторые участники рискнули воспользоваться предложениями и обнулили собственные счета. Претензии админ не стал рассматривать. Акцентирует внимание на игнорировании изучения условий пользовательского соглашения. Команда выбрала идеальную позицию. Во всех бедах винит собственных клиентов.

    Примитивный лохотрон. Раскрыть развод просто. Разработчики его не скрывают. Эксперты считают лохами тех, кто без изучения преимуществ и условий согласился на сотрудничество. Готовьтесь к тому, что обнуление счетов произойдет моментально.

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