GifCam comes free from any harmful/adware software. I found some websites hosting GifCam and bundling it with malware/adware/toolbars..
make sure to get it from this official webpage latest version 7.0.

gifcamiconGifCam is easy and fun animated gif making app.

GifCam has a nice idea where the app works like a camera that stays on top of all windows so you can move it and resize it to record your desired area.


When you’re ready, click “Rec” to start recording or  click “Frame” to record a single frame.

GifCam is practical

While recording whenever GifCam finds the previous frame is same as the new recorded one it automatically adds delays (milliseconds the frame stays on screen) instead of adding a new frame and increasing gif size.


Add to this GifCam doesn’t draw the whole frame it draws greenscreen (transparent pixels) by comparing the alternately frames and just draw the different pixels, that saves a lot of kilobytes.


gifcamwinniethe pooh



GifCam comes with simple and powerful frames editing,
To delete frames/add or remove delays, click on “Edit” button then right click on the frame you want to edit :



When you done recording and editing,
you can save your gif in 5 color reduction formats.


 *Windows XP doesn’t support “split button” natively so right click on the save button to get the save menu.

GifCam can be used in many creative ways like:

creating an animated painting using  MS Paint (264 frames just 17.4 KB !!)


or delivering an animated message in notepad  (123 frames just 13.4 KB !!)


or creating a retro gif (monochrome color redaction) from YouTube video (41 frames 219 KB)



Version 2.0

updated 3/June/2013



  • Add text : with Add text you can write some text in one line or more, set the frames range, position the text , align it left/center/right , add shadow and change the font with the native Windows font dialog.


  • Two more Frame rate options for more smooth gif:
    • 10 FPS(0.1 second delay) the default.
    • 16 FPS(0.06  second delay) minimum accepted delay in all major browsers.
    • 33 FPS(0.03 second delay) minimum accepted delay in modern browsers, notice that some browsers doesn’t accept 0.03 delay between frames and round it to 10 FPS(0.1 second delay).
  • Open: open a gif file as you are the one who record it, so you can continue record , edit the frames and the delays, or save it to other color redaction format.
  • A new way to adjust frames delay: By dragging the delay label (each pixel = 0.01 second)
    Shift + dragging will add/remove delays to/from all frames (0.03 second is the minimum delay).


  • Disable GreenScreen: Shift + Save Button(or any save redaction option).
  • Capture cursor:  useful for demonstrating the mouse interaction.


  • Nearest: Nearest Uses the (nearest color matching algorithm) which produce a less size gif (this depends on how nearest the colors are).
  • Full Screen: GifCam ignores recording area and capture the Full Screen.
  • Recording different frames dimensions (resize while recording).
  • One Gigabyte Memory usage limit: to prevent slowing down the system.
  • Getting the recording area dimensions while resizing the app.
  • Other bugs fixes and tweaks.


Version 3.0

updated 3/december/2013

Version 3.0 comes with five Sweet features and some minor fixes:


  • Resize: anti-aliasing resize frames by percentage.



  • Yoyo: adds reverse frames.


  • Draw Green Screen: with this feature  you can create part moving part still gif “cinemagraph” (press shift to draw on one frame).




  • Preview: preview with size.


  • Export To AVI: export your record to uncompressed video.


Version 3.1

updated 16/december/2013

  • One bug fixed: Yoyo feature adds 0 ms delay to all yoyo frames instead of adding yoyo delays.


Version 3.5

updated 10/april/2014

  • Custom color reduction: snapping color to nearest number.


  • GreenScreen Paint fill: paint greenscreen outside or inside a closed shape by pressing Ctrl+Click (to paint on one frame press Shift+Ctrl+Click ).


  • Mouse wheel support: you can use mouse wheel to scroll in Edit window, it is a little feature but it makes a lot of difference :)


Version 4.0

updated 12/July/2014

version 4.0 comes with the three most requested features:

  • Change green-screen color: To prevent conflict between recorded colors and green-screen color.


  • Keyboard Inputs: GifCam has only a mouse-centric interface with Keyboard Inputs window you can type some values (delay, resize and delete from to).


  • Option to store frames on hard Disk instead of memory: Shift + New will save recorded frames in Temporary folder:



Version 4.5

updated 10/October/2014

  • Crop: with the classic nostalgic “Marching ants” selection effect.


  •  Hue And Saturation: Because saturation and shading of two colors generate “good quality looking” gif.


  • Other Fixes and Changes:

-Fixing double extension “gif.gif” file name problem.
-Renaming “yoyo” option name to “add reverse frames”  clearer function name.
-Removing “Add 0.1 Sec Delay” and “Remove 0.1 Sec Delay” options because the right click edit menu is getting bigger and adding delay can be done more practically by dragging delay label or from “keyboard input” window.
-Fixing dragging delay stops.
-Centering all windows to main GifCam window.
-Fixing power of 10 gif size in preview window.


Version 5.0

updated 27/May/2015

  • Customization:


Customization Window lets you save and customize:
– Three FPS options that appears on the “Rec” split button menu.
– Option for storing temporary frame on hard disk or memory.
– Customization GifCam memory usage limit (default is 1 GB).
– Setting GifCam window size.
– Option for always capturing mouse cursor.

Keep in mind :
– Higher fps means bigger gif file size.
– Using memory option is faster and more performance than using hard disk option.
– When increasing memory usage limit, make sure you have enough memory to use, if you haven’t your system may slow dawn and may crush.
– And finally it is recommended to use the default settings.


  • Profile:


Profile window present frames size with bar chart and gives profile info of each frame:
the size of the frame in bytes,  number of colors, and percentage of green screen.
Profile window is resizable, resize it for bigger bar chart.

  • Other fixes and changes:

– Drawing green screen and resizing frames are working well together now.
– Fixing the gif file size in the preview window.
– When saving, “Gif.gif” is the default file name.


Version 5.1

updated 1/October/2015

  • Supporting high dpi display.



vclipiconI started a separate project VClip, has the same idea of GifCam but the output is video+loopback audio (speaker sound)


Version 5.5


I apologize for the “too late update”, and I hope you like the new features :)

  • Automatically detect and set transparent/greenscreen color.
  • An option for saving “setting.ini” in the same gifcam directory.
  • GifCam 5.5 can access/use 4GB address space on 64 bit machines.
  • fixing “recording outside area” & “black border” for some high screen resolution and scaled displays.
  • Supporting dropping gif file on the main GifCam window to open it.

Here is more details about GifCam 5.5


Version 6.0


Quality improvements update

  • Scalable user interface: GifCam 6.0 scales to fit the display resolution.
  • Improvement of the transparent/green screen color detection.
  • Changing the default save name to Date+Ttime.

  • Updating About dialog and adding support options.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

for more details about GifCam 6.0


Version 6.5


  • Draw Selection: a new feature for selection, draw a selection box around your desired area then GifCam will fit inside your selection box , you can hold Shift Key to start recording immediately.

  • Keyboard Shortcut: finally!

  • Improving “Export To Avi” play time by adding extra frames to let the constant avi fps macth with variable gif frames delays, also adding progress bar for avi encoding.

for more details about GifCam 6.5


Version 7.0


  • Quantize Windows Color Reduction: Reduce to an optimal 256 color Windows palette. It’s slow encoding, but in some cases it gives better color-matching than quantize.
  • Option for global CTRL+R shortcut key for rec/stop.
  • Option for saving last position: If this option is not checked, the gifcam app will open in the center of the desktop.

  • Auto-space between frames and delay labels regardless of system font size.

  • Fixed Windows XP right click menu.
  • Some other bug fixes.

for more details about GifCam 7.0


GifCam is totally free
also supporting the app is greatly appreciated

Download Version 7.0  720 KB  (single exe file no install required)

Compatible With Windows 10,8,7,Vista,XP.

Support GifCam



Here are some tips for using GifCam:

  • When recording a video select high quality option that will generate a wider green screen and reduce gif size.
  • The less color the gif has the less  gif size you get, try to balance the quality with the size.
  •  “Delete even frames” is your tool to delete half the frames and keep the animation (reasonable).


Feel free to comment ,  criticize,  and support the app.


1,750 responses so far

    • Brent says:

      This doesn’t work correctly if you have screen scaling turned on in your windows options (used to make icons and text bigger in high resolution) (any version)

      Instead it records outside the window

    • steve says:

      great program , thanks !
      not sure if mentioned before – is it possible to have a check box or soemthing to lock the size when rec as i get the scan line out of range error sometimes and have to close the program to restart all over again sometimes ( probably accidentally resized when moving it around the screen during rec ) . also possible to add a specific resolution size to save so it opens up to that size the next time ?
      thank you

    • chrisa says:

      it is online? free?

    • Gaara says:

      This is excactly what i needed this is perfect thanks for the great work :D

    • Braden says:

      I love this app but can you make the text where you are able to type with white text and a black border. Like a caption?

      • Isa says:

        Maybe I will add a caption effect in the future versions, but it is not just a border around text(I tried that it didn’t look good), to make this correctly we need transparency, antialiasing line and some blur it is a long story of manipulating pixels :)

    • AbeX300 says:

      Excellent program you have there! I’m already having quite some fun with it, but I do have a few suggestions for it:

      1) There should be varied brush sizes for when you do green-screen drawing. You can use larger brush sizes to be able to cover large portions quickly!

      2) A zoom-in/out feature, which can be used in conjunction with small brush sizes for better precision!

      3) The recording frame rate you select should be able to stay the same upon resetting the program (i.e. select 33 FPS, close and reopen the program, still sticks at 33 FPS).

      If you are considering doing these, you can take as much time as you want! I just thought these things would make the program a lot better. :)

      • Isa says:

        Thank you :), I’m going to add a bucket tool for painting green screen easily, all you have to do then is to draw a close shape and paint inside it our outside it, it seems you are useing “draw green screen” a lot, any cinemagraph gif to share :)

    • Jeff says:

      I really like this, but is there a way to remove the black border around the final product? I’m trying to capture some logos that are on white and put them on a website with a white page background and don’t want a border around the logos. I’m new at this. Thanks for any help! Great job!

      • Isa says:

        I don’t see a border problem ,which windows version you are using?
        maybe you have a border property in your html embed img tag
        <img src=”gif.gif” border=”1″>

        • T-shirtwetter says:

          Here’s the fix for all versions of Windows:

          Right click the exe, click properties, click Compatibility tab, then place a check in the box labeled “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.

          Go to Control Panel – Display then click on “set a custom scaling level” set it to 100%.
          Then log off and back into your profile.

          Works like a charm..

    • jenny says:

      wah this is great but do you think you could make it so that the gifs can be in slow motion or so that you can make parts of it black and white? i’m sorry i know this is a lot to ask for ;;

      • Isa says:

        -you can get slow motion effect by adding delays to frames (hold shift and drag one of the delay labels).
        -you gave me an idea to write a “gif effect” app :), maybe someday..

    • Tacit says:

      Brilliant program! I’m so impressed. Is it possible that, in the future, this could be available for Macs?

    • Emily says:

      where do i save my gif??? im using windows 8 and after i press save, i save it to my desktop. but when i try to post my gif on tumblr, it just shows as a pic and the gif doesnt work? can you tell me why?

      • Isa says:

        Emily! make sure your gif is not too big for Tumblr, For animated gif files Tumblr accept no larger than 1MB and no more than 500 pixels wide, you can read Tumblr photo upload rules here:

        • Emily says:

          how do i know how big my gif is??? are there any ways to make my gif smaller??

          • Isa says:

            Less colors means less gif file size, the save button has a menu of color reduction options ,”custom” option allows you to manually reduce colors, also resizing down gif dimensions/”delete even frames” option reduces gif size.
            You can get the gif file size from the preview window title bar.

    • Nate says:

      are their ways to slow down the gif?

      • Isa says:

        You can get slow motion effect by increasing frames delays (hold shift and drag one of the delay labels or type delays value in “keyboard inputs” window).

        • Nate says:

          How much do you recommend i should delay the frame by? and for the slow motion effect, do i have to delay each and every frame? or just a couple? or one?

          • Isa says:

            For better result record at high fps speed (33 fps) then it is matter of taste, increase frames delays till it fits your desire.

          • Nate says:

            whats the differnce with the 33fps, 16 and ten?

          • Isa says:

            FPS means frames per second.
            10 FPS, 16 FPS and 33 FPS are options for the number of frames gifcam records every second, the higher FPS the smoother animation and the bigger file size.

    • Emily says:

      if i already downloaded gif cam, is there a way to update to the new version, or would i have to download it again?

    • zoe says:

      Please make for the mac, this looks awesome!!

    • Hannah says:

      I tried to download this but it keeps saying “Application not found”. What should I do about that?

      • Isa says:

        More likely the problem is in your windows system, do you get this error with other applications?, you may need to do a “System Restore”, I can’t tell exactly..

    • ralin says:

      Amazing application, only problem I’m finding is I can’t edit text after I put it on the capture, I have to exit and reload the gif to fix errors.

      • Isa says:

        When closing “Add Text” window, text becomes part of the frames pixels (part of the frames image), that’s why it can’t be edited after that.

    • L says:

      Whenever I try to open it I get a message that GifCam has stopped working

      • Isa says:

        I guess the problem is in your Windows system, do you get this error with other applications?, you may need to do a “System Restore” or fresh Windows install.

    • L says:

      When I try to open it I get a message that it’s not working. If it does open (maybe 1/10 times) its records nothing. Any idea what I can do to fix it?

      • Isa says:

        My reply is 2 months late, I hope your problem is gone, again more likely the problem is in your windows system may need to do a “System Restore” or a fresh Windows install.

    • L says:

      I paid the $2 but nothing popped up to download the program. Help?

      • Isa says:

        GifCam is free, The PayPal is just for donations.
        I guess you got confused, because I’m using “Buy PayPal Button” instead of “Donate PayPal Button” PayPal does not allow using “Donate PayPal Button” for some countries, my country is one of them.
        If you would like to retrieve your donation send me your PayPal address at support[at]
        Sorry about that.

    • ExpatTroll says:

      great app, thanks!

    • Terthontree says:

      Woaw, that sofware is gold, tanks a lot man, you’re good!

    • Daniel says:

      all i get is a big blur

    • Daniel says:

      Please add automatic updates!

      • Isa says:

        Thanks for the suggestion Daniel,
        But adding check for update feature means a lot of server request and overload, that may lead to bring my -basic hosting- website down :)

    • Philip says:

      Need an option to save the resolution so when I reopen GIFcam I don’t have to fiht with the pixel resolution to get it to what I need.

    • Hannah says:

      I Cant Download it? when i click on the link it just said 404 not found.

    • Jane says:

      I used to have gifcam, but I think Ccleaner deleted it when I ran it. I tried to download it from here, but Avast keeps detecting a virus which didn’t happen the last two times I had it, so I’m steering clear for now. It makes me sad, though because this was a really great program.

    • Maguie says:

      Hi Isa! I´m having a problem with the gif cam. I have used it before with no problems but now when I hit the “rec” button, it says “frame 1 delay 1,-” and it starts counting the delays and not the frames. So when I hit the pause button I only have one frame. What can I do? Thanks

      • Isa says:

        Hello Maguie, I guess you are trying to record hardware accelerated video, video can’t be screen-capture or screen-shot/print-screen if the video player uses hardware acceleration (there is an option on the video player/web browser to turn that off).

    • adria says:

      thank you! thank you! thank you!!!
      you’ve saved me lots of work. it’s an awesome program!!

      thanks guys!!! :)

    • tsurio says:

      Is there any way this can be made available for Mac users? :(

    • KanadeTi says:

      It can’t use more than 2147483647KB memory

    • Jenioss says:

      frame delay is deprecated, neither chrome, movies converter etc use it. So if you record at 60fps, the preview is nice, but in live action every frame are read at 0sec delay and it look really fast :)
      So please, more frame instead of frame delay ^^


    • minseo kim says:

      hi! :) thank you for your kindnees!

    • Michael Lederman says:

      One of the best programs made. Does exactly what I need it to do and more. This has helped me make so many nice posts for social media thank you.

    • i72203 says:

      Is there any chance that latest version will be updated ?
      *I just want date like filename, because giving new filename is not that fast.
      **Will be nice to check some checkbox and by clicking SAVE it will auto generate filename.

    • NetherStray says:

      Just used it for the first time right after downloading. As a test, I recorded a bit of text in my Discord window. Now Discord is always on top and I can’t seem to change it! Wasn’t happening before using the program!

    • rainssong says:

      You make the world better, well done

    • John says:

      Hey, i’m trying to do the part moving part still thing with the green screen but no matter what I do the green screen is showing up in the gif, how do I fix this?

    • 一只特立独行的考拉 says:

      i need a gloabl hot key。to capture a frame。can work well even if the application minimized to background!

    • Yong Chul Shin says:

      What a GREAT app!
      Thanks for giving us such a great app!

      But I wonder, may I use this app in the company?
      You told us that this app is free(Amazing!),
      but I worry that whether there are some legal problems
      if I use this app in the company.
      Not to sell this app, just for making some gif files for our presentation.

      Could you reply for me anytime?

    • Aline says:

      Thank you very much!
      I love the program and my gif looks awesome!

    • ㅇㅇ says:

      어째서 xp일때보다 윈7일때 용량이 더 크게 저장되는지???;;;;xp로 깔린 노트북으로 움짤을 만들때보다 윈7로 움짤을 만들때 용량이 2배 가까이 부풀려지네요 같은 크기의 같은 영상으로 만든건데도!! xp버전과 윈7,8,10버전이 다른거같은데 제발 이것좀 수정해주세요 윈7로 움짤을 만들면 뭐 좀만 만들어도 10메가는 그냥넘어가버려서 불편해죽겠음-_-

    • Matthew says:

      The saved gif shows some greenscreen spots when I try to open it. Can you fix this problem?

    • Matthew says:

      The save feature seems to be broken. What should I do when I see a green screen after I save a gif file?

    • Adam Kruszynski says:

      Hi, I’ve used this program for awhile, and it works great. however, I’m trying to record a gif in 30fps and it stops around the 252 mark. Help

      • Isa says:

        Hey Adam, I guess you run out of 1 GB memory limit, if your system has enough memory you can expand memory usage to 4 GB from the Rec button menu select customization in the memory usage type ‪4000000000‬ then click ok.

    • Alex says:

      This is a great application to use if you need to record a gif of an animation you’re working on, or for recording an animation that can’t be converted to mp4/avi/etc, such as Flipnote Studio files. I was trying to take the sketch of a Flipnote, but I had to always screen-cap the sketch whenever I want to animate it. With this, I can get everything in one file, and edit it all at once! Thank you for such a great program! Sorry if I was not very clear in what I was saying, with all of the “Flipnote” things. Just wanted to support this great app. If you (a reader/reviewer) have any doubts, this is a perfect gif recorder.

    • Alex says:

      Hiya, I remember commenting on this, saying about how it works well when trying to record animations, and I’m so glad that when I got an old computer back from the dead, it works just as well as if this PC (which runs XP) was Win10. Once again, I love this program, and it’s perfect for someone’s GIF needs. Also, to whoever reads this, it’s virus-free. Trust me, my antivirus would have popped up saying it was blocked if it was a virus… Which it isn’t.
      Also, one question that I might have missed when viewing the page, what was this program made with? Just curious.

      Thanks for this again. :)

    • James F says:

      I just wanted to say I LOVE gifcam! Thankyou so much for this program! My gifs have over one and a half million views now :D

    • Elliot Berkovits says:

      Does the app really not work on Mac’s?

    • rob says:

      dude you rock

    • Ork Biotechnologist says:

      Thank you very much for this beautiful app!
      I use it for 2 maybe 3 years, sorry me for writing comment only now.

    • Ridup says:

      Thank you!!! It help me a lot

    • Chris__R says:

      Windows 10, Firefox.

      Saves a file but the Edit button is ALWAYS grayed out. Eh??

      Profile – ??
      where is that?

      As there are no instructions I don’t know whether it’s working or not. I guess not.

    • Chris__R says:

      No EDIT on WIndows 10.
      Button is always Greyed out.

      • Isa says:

        Hi Chris__R, reset the settings to default from the Rec button menu select customization then click on “Default” button‬ then click Ok.

    • sop bung says:

      Thank you for making light and convenient GIF maker. If you are willing to update the tool, could you make shortcut available while GIFcam is not activated? Some programs like Unity stop or become slow.
      Thank you again for making a good program. :)

    • hahagulu says:


    • Splattem says:

      FIY for anyone experiencing an issue with exporting AVI files ( avifil32.dll ) –

      You can solve this issue by running Gifcam as administrator. Right click the icon and click ‘run as administrator’ and you should be able to export AVI file.

      Just putting this here because I didn’t see the solution elsewhere.

    • Jess says:

      Você coisa mais linda desse mundo me salvou com esse programa, obrigada <3

    • aa says:

      the download link is an unsafe http link, it is recommended to change to https link.

    • drops says:

      you’re so great & i love you

    • drops says:

      but the download link seems to be not working for me :(

    • shepherd says:


    • Demon says:

      Thank you

    • Laster2800 says:

      最好用的 gif 生成工具,竟然 TMD 还是免费的

  • hiro says:

    Please teach it

    GifCam 1.0

    What OSs(Windows) are supported?

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for mentioning that,
      GifCam 1.0 works fine with win8, win7, vista and xp
      but i will make sure of that and will update this page soon :)

  • mac10 says:

    Nice app. I’m on windows XP and it works great but there isn’t the drop-down menu on the save button like in the screenshots above. Is that only available for windows 7+?

    • Isa says:

      The save menu is available for windows Vista+, that’s because windows XP does not support “split button” natively. I will fix this and other bugs in the next few days, thank you for your comment :)

  • Smilence says:

    You can never praise GifCam too much

    Could you please tell me what framework or libraries you uesd to created this lovely GifCam ?

    some suggestion
    2.record cursor
    3.completely fullscreen

    and if I record 30 seconds or more,I get an error look like “insufficient memory space” ,i don’t konw ,maybe ” out of memory”

    but it’s ok for me usually,because I think GIF should be short and simple

    In a word ,thanks for your talented creation

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for your kind words :)
      I put all your comments in one place if you don’t mind :-)

      * I wrote GifCam in Delphi + (TGifImage library which comes with Delphi 2007 and above)
      * Nice suggestions :)
      * Because GifCam store the recorded frames in memory you have to have enough memory to record a long gif,
      I may add option to store the frames temporary in user hard disk (or maybe automatically store in hard disk if the memory get full) but accessing hard disk is slower than memory.

      • Smilence says:

        Thanks for replying.

        Shame on my poor English :) I am feel embarrassed about it.

        Usually ,I get 5GB vacant memory(total 8GB),Does GifCam cost so much memory when it is storing frames?

        • Isa says:

          GifCam saves the frames as 32-bit bitmaps images in memory, the frame size depends on it’s pixels size (recording area), so recording 512×512 pixels means 1 Megabyte for each frame, you can monitor the memory usage of any app from the Task Manger (CTRL+ALT+DEL).
          I may consider compressing the frames in memory and see how much that will slow the recording process :)

          • Chibi says:

            Ctrl + Shift + Esc for task manager. Always goes straight to it without ever having to go through the menu that pops up on some configurations of Windows.

          • Matthew says:

            First off thank you SO MUCH this program is awesome.

            The only suggestions I can make is an option to add delays longer than .1 second and the ability to add a frame at the beginning of the gif (or move frames around and change the sequence, not sure if that would be possible)

          • Matthew says:

            First off thank you SO MUCH this program is awesome.

            The only suggestions I can make is an option to add delays longer than .1 second and the ability to add a frame at the beginning of the gif (or move frames around and change the sequence, not sure if that would be possible)

    • George says:

      Could you add a user definable hotkey to initiate single frame capture when the HotKey is pressed ?

      The user “Smilence” already asked for it 3 years ago.

  • jack says:

    good job,thank you

  • maillot foot says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

  • […] to try this out? Check out this blog post at It outlines the creator’s usage for the app, using (of course) animated gifs to demonstrate […]

  • asdgfdg says:

    great app, getting scan line index out of range error quite a bit though

  • […] to try this out? Check out this blog post at It outlines the creator’s usage for the app, using (of course) animated gifs to demonstrate […]

  • […] to try this out? Check out this blog post at It outlines the creator’s usage for the app, using (of course) animated gifs to demonstrate […]

  • DVS says:

    Instant ‘upload to imgur / minus’ button would be great.

  • pepperjack says:

    How much money do I have to throw at the screen for an Mac version?

  • Captain Pork says:

    You are the greatest person in the history of the universe. This is the best thing!

    There are so many crappy little gif programs that are full of spyware or blocking out features or nagging you to pay for the real thing. So many across the internet.

    This is just perfect!

    You are the best!

  • invid02 says:

    donated $10 – great app. i’d love to see the features you outlined above in a future update, as well as some integration with a few popular image hosts (similar to what the app “greenshot” does with automatic uploads to imgur, flickr etc).


    • Isa says:

      Thank you , I appreciate your support :) , I will try in the future to add an option for automatic uploads to social and image sharing networks, thank you :)

  • raticus79 says:

    You should build in an option that puts text in your GIFs – default to white impact bold with a black outline. It will become amazingly popular because it can be used to make those meme images.

    • Isa says:

      Adding text is in the plan :) , i’ll try to figure out how to add outline for text, thank you for your suggestion :)

  • OgamiKojima says:

    This is utterly spectacular. Props to you Isa for making this. Donated $10 for your amazing work on this.

    I do have some questions though, is there anyway to keep the gifs from overlapping? Sometimes I would record a big image and then a small image, what would then happen is that the small image would fit into the big one in the same frame. Does everything have to be recorded at the same size? I also get an error message saying “scan line index out of range.” What does that mean? It happens usually when I disable the green screen after recording a number of things or recording big to small and vice versa.

    Again, I want to thank you for making gif-creation so damn easy for everyone. Some features for upcoming updates that would be nice to have would be gif resizing after creating it, shortcut imgur “instant add” buttons and all that that people have posted, also allowing editing such as cropping faces or other pictures into ones gifs. Writing text captions in gifs also would be great but I think that is coming up if I remember correctly.

    • Isa says:

      I appreciate your support and your long comment :) thank you, i will fix the “scan line index out of range” error, it happens when recording a big frame then a small frame , gifcam gives that error while scanning the pixels of the alternately frames to generate greenscreen(it is like: compare between frame1 pixel(300,300) with frame2 pixel(300,300) but if there is no pixel(300,300) in Frame2 (because Frame2 is smaller frame) that error happens.

      Does everything have to be recorded at the same size? no :)
      Is there anyway to keep the gifs from overlapping? no overlapping is part of gif file, if you don’t fill the rest of small frame with a background it becomes like a transparent part for the big frame.
      i understand why you want to disable the overlaping frames i will try to find a solution for that :)

      I’m working on some of suggestions you mentioned, thank you :)

  • ppt says:

    I tried creating gif from vlc playing a video, it wont record. Recording gif from youtube is fine. Can amyone tell me how to make record from vlc or its not supported?

    This creator of this app is a genius, he surely entitled to receive my donation.

    • Isa says:

      I appreciate your support, Thank you :) , I guess the problem is that some programs or videos prevent taking screenshot from them for copyright issue, so that is why GifCam can’t record frames, try using different video player or search for something like “I can’t take a screenshot from video”, because if you can take a screenshot then GifCam can work.

  • Brandon says:

    2 second pre record. you should add an option so when selected it will record 2 seconds in advance . It will make it easier to capture gifs of live streams. Maybe have multiple options where we can set it to 2, 5, or 10 seconds, or have it so we can set the number ourselves.

    • Isa says:

      You can get costume gif length by deleting frames, because every second GifCam records 10 frames so 2 seconds = 20 frames, 2.5 seconds = 25 and so on(if the delay is 0 for all frames).

  • Marco says:

    Are higher framerates eventually planned? It sure would be nice to have the option for shorter but smoother gifs.

  • Turkey says:

    Thank you for your amazing application! I was searching for something like this for years!
    Is it possible to add higher framerates for a new version? Gifs from videos are a bit janky.
    Wish you all the best.

    • Isa says:

      Wa alaikum al salam :)
      yes, it is possible to add higher framerates, and I’m going to add this option in the next version, I wish you all the best too, thank you :)

  • Tres says:

    This is the greatest thing ive seen in a long time!
    Thank you!

    Any plans for an iOS version?

    • Isa says:

      Thank you :) , no plan for iOS, it is not even possible, iOS doesn’t allow apps to capture the home screen or other apps, only Apple could make an app like this :)

  • Mike says:

    Feature requests:

    Listed resolution when dragging the edge of the frame.
    Option to turn compression off. (This causes artifacts when editing/rearranging frames)
    Ability to alter the timings (manually, via text box) for individual frames.
    Cropping, rotating, resizing, etc.

    Other than that, I can see myself using this tool a lot because I love making gifs and I don’t like dragging out Fraps and VirtualDub all the time to capture things.

    • Isa says:

      Glad it eases your gif making process, some of your features request I’m working on it, I’m going to update this blog with “feature done” posts , thank you for your suggestions :)

  • Blooper says:

    Great app, I love it. I the only thing I ask is if you could make it so that you can copy the frames to your clipboard. That way I could make my .gif’s transparent.

  • gast! says:

    Impressed very much. Thank you very much.

  • qwewq says:

    This is so useful. Thank you.

  • I understand the use of the greenscreen tool, but is there a way to turn it off? I tried making a gif of the scene from Airplane where Robert Stack takes off the sunglasses to reveal another pair of sunglasses and the greenscreen cuts almost everything out except his arm moving and part of his face.

    • Isa says:

      I’m thinking about doing it automatically, when any frame has green color(red=0,green=255,blue=0) turn off the greenscreen for that frame, and turn it on when it hasn’t, although this is not a perfect solution because I can make redscreen or bluesscreen and make that color the transparent color for that frame then get a less size gif but then I have to check what color is not available on the frame to make it the transparent color and that may slow the saving process, I will check all possibilities and chose the best one, thank you for your inspirational solution comment :)

  • Guy says:

    This is really useful program even though I use ImageReady which suits me fine. For the sake of others, I’m asking that is it possible that you could maybe add like setting for fps because now it only saves gifs like in 8 fps or so which looks pretty ugly and Tumblrish.

    Other thing that would be great is a setting for recording area. Let say I want to record a .gif in 200×200, but I would always have to do it by hand and it’s never right once I do it.

    So if these two things would be added, this would be the best .gif making software ever!

    • Isa says:

      The current FPS is 10, I’m working on FPS option :-), and pixel dimension appear on the title bar while resizing the app, so you are using ImageReady to create gifs that would make GifCam jealous :)

  • LeopardLoader says:

    Great app, it does what it say.

    Can I share this app in a forum.


  • daved says:

    where do these gifs save to?
    I make the gif and click save but nothing happens…

    • Isa says:

      Click save (or chose your preferred color reduction format from the save split button) then a save dialog will appear. choose a destination for the gif file and click OK :)

  • Scott says:

    Adding a framerate option would be amazing. If we could get about twice the current speed, that would be perfect.

  • JT says:

    Just curious… is there any reason why GifCam won’t record Virtuagirl dances? Is there something extra I need to do to get it to work? If not, could you consider this issue for your next update?

  • Mike says:

    Great work, thank you , I would like you to add a resolution box on the window so we could make the right size gifs from the start.

  • josh says:

    When I create a GIF, the last frame of the GIF shows the greenscreen effect. Deleting the last frame using the edit option does not solve this problem. Any tips?

  • josh says:

    update on the above problem: this appears to be a problem with the GIF when viewed in Irfanview. After uploading the GIF/viewing in browser I do not have the problem.

    Thanks for the awesome program!

  • Carlos says:

    Very good program, I downloaded it and it’s great. Only missing one thing to be perfect and that’s to put the text gifs.

  • wow gold says:

    Très joli wow gold dextre, qualité superbe, message agile, dont du !!

  • PBK says:

    I love this. Only things I have to suggest are an option to resize the recording window to specific size and a resize-on-save option… Like, if I record something in 300×300 but want a 150×150 output. This is doable with other applications but I think you lose the really nice greenscreen-compression-thing.

    I will be donating as soon as I have paypal funds available!

  • noop says:

    و احلى تحية للبحرين لأجلك

    • Isa says:

      :) شكراً :-) ولك ايضاً احلى تحية لك ولبلدك

      • noop says:

        البرنامج رائع بس يفتقد لطريقة معاينة المشهد النهائي قبل الحفظ
        + هل للبرنامج تحديث تلقائي؟
        البرنامج أفضل بكثير من البرامج الغير مجانية المنتشرة
        أخوك من الشام

        • Isa says:

          :) حياكم الله اخي من الشام
          شكراً لملاحظاتكم
          المعاينة قبل الحفظ ستكون في النسخة القادمة ان شاء الله
          التحديث التلقائي ربما في المستقبل

  • Lan says:

    Excellent application!
    I’d like to suggest the ability to delete area updated (either with a brush-esqe tool, or by dragging a window) in the green screen frames.

    Occasionally during use, I’d like to ignore some artifacts of animation that aren’t necessary for my graphic, but still get animated, further increasing the file size.

    It’d also be useful for creating some nice dynamic looking cinemagraphs…

    • Admin says:

      I guess you are getting artifacts gif when displaying it in internet explorer with the page zoom in more than 100% , do you get artifacts with Chrome or Firefox?

  • Amber says:

    Very neat little app, simple yet powerful. Thanks!

  • […] to try this out? Check out this blog post at It outlines the creator’s usage for the app, using (of course) animated gifs to demonstrate […]

  • hannes the hun says:

    for years I was searching for a tool like this… and now somebody releases this as windows-only when I finally made the jump to Mac OS X. how much money do we have to throw at you to get this little gem into the app store?

  • DaveKap says:

    Could you please add the option of not degrading the image and not using greenscreen effects so I can properly export Gifcam gifs to Photoshop and do my own retouching? As it is, the quality sinks too low and editing is an impossibility.

  • 非常に素敵な 公開、私は確かに実際にこの愛それ 、に運ぶ続ける ルイヴィトン 公式 カタログ

  • Ger says:

    Thank you very much for this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So good to seek out someone with some authentic thoughts on this subject. realy thanks for starting this up. this website is one thing that is needed on the internet, somebody with slightly originality. useful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  • Maxine Romanov says:

    This is pure genius.

  • J says:

    I can’t record a windowed screen in MPC, or VLC, or any media player…

    • Isa says:

      Can you take a screenshot?, some programs/videos prevent captures for copyright issue, or maybe it is a driver problem, search for something like “I can’t take a screenshot from video”, because if you can take a screenshot then GifCam can work.

  • Molly says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with my computer, but sadly GifCam is not working quite right. When it records, instead of taking what’s in the transparent section of the program, it takes a clip from a space to the left and to the top.

    Here’s what I’m recording : , GifCam is around the video player as you can see.

    But here’s the picture that comes out afterwards:

    I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. I’m running Windows 8 but I’m not sure what else could be effecting the program. If you need anymore information to help solve this, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you!

    • Isa says:

      I guess you are using a magnifier software or some scaling settings,
      GifCam will not get the exact recording area in less or more than 100% zoom (zoom, not resolution or bigger icons or text..)

      If that is not the case and you have problem with your pc then you may refresh it or reinstall windows,
      windows 8 provides an easy way to do that from the charm bar/settings/change pc settings/general/refresh your
      pc without effecting your files or remove everything and reinstall windows.
      I hope that helps :)

    • sat says:

      I have the same problem, in windows 8 too

      dont happens when i use 7

  • Mohammed says:

    Wa7sh 7aboob! Finally a Ba7raini that creates something awesome!!! 7adi mstanis ina wa7id mn deerati sawa shi fan chdi!! Much love <3

  • Jordan says:

    THIS IS ALMOST A DREAM COME TRUE, if only I dreamt it!

    Thank you so much! such a great program!

    Very clever!

  • Ryan says:

    Hi. =]
    Nice tool, having fun playing with it. Don’t know if this has been suggested already, but could there be an option to add/delete a 0.1 sec to ALL frames? Or maybe like a “Select All” frame option, where it could then be added/deleted.
    I think that with the text you plan on implementing would make a perfect editor for people with their own movies (me).
    Keep up the great work!

  • Kanegasi says:

    Oh my god. The simplicity, the effectiveness, and FREE?! You have blown my mind good sir. Have $20.

  • Geoff says:


    Here’s $5 for being awesome. I’ll make it $20 if you add a way to insert text after-the-fact.

  • Geoff says:

    You would make a killing if you ran a Kickstarter for a premium-feature version.

  • alex says:

    i like to edit gifs in gimp but the transparent pixel thing messes it up. can you possibly give the option to capture the full frame instead of making some invisible?

  • skull says:

    What a great little tool!

  • Rafael says:

    Wow, awesome! Sent $5 your way. Any idea why the gif I made is coming out grainier than your examples? There are also some frames with tiny green pixels. Either way, awesome.

  • […] to try this out? Check out this blog post at It outlines the creator’s usage for the app, using (of course) animated gifs to demonstrate […]

  • TheSeek says:

    Awesome tool to make gifs easier than ever!
    But I found a relatively big problem…Im on XP and when recording for “long” times, a pop-up warning appears: “not enough memory to complete the task”. Not a big problem, except that while the message appears, GifCam keeps recording, so other pop-ups warnings appears, tons of them, and it becomes impossible to stop recording, clicking on any button or trying to closeGifCam does nothing, and i had to reset my pc(tried to bring up the Task Manager to end the proces, but it was slow as hell, due to no memory left maybe)…so maybe a single warning that also prevents GifCam from keeping recording when there’s not enough memory would be nice.

  • cheap oakley says:

    Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you may remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Thomas says:

    This has many bugs that need to be fixed.
    I’m running two monitors, and it windows everything on the monitor with the lowest resolution. It can also happen with my other monitor too.
    You can’t click gifcam and control it at times; for example over steam chat.

    • Isa says:

      “it windows everything on the monitor” you mean GifCam covers all the screen? GifCam works ok with any resolution, I don’t have two monitors to check that problem.

  • Belph says:

    I like recording gifs from videogames but this program doesn’t always stay on top. I hope you will work out in the future a way to capture all stuff that is usually full screen and include a Record hotkey.

    Overall, I really like your program and I hope for some updates :)

  • vacantdoll says:

    Maybe adding an adjustable pixel-difference tolerance for the green-screen functionality would possibly allow to shrink down the filesize even further, of course entirely optional — If you could think about that, that would be great.

  • Daniëlle says:

    I made a gif and saved it to my computer, but it’s only shown as a gif when I open it in internet explorer or google chrome. How can I upload it to tumblr?

  • Chayenne says:

    you are my hero <333333

    keep up the good work

  • Sophie says:

    I made a gif and I want to post it on tumblr, but tumblr won’t let me..? It says “error uploading image” :(

    • Isa says:

      Make sure it is no larger than 1MB and no more than 500 pixels wide.

      • Gabe says:

        even if it’s below 1MB and below 500px it still says error uploading image. even if i upload to photobucket and upload it to tumblr from there it still won’t accept it.

  • Chibi says:

    Please please please add apng support. Not enough programs support working with apng format but it generally produces much higher quality images. Apng images support full 24-bit color with its own transparency layer so no colors need be lost or sacrificed to transparency. Avoids the grainy look that images with more than 256 colors take on when saved as gif. Thank you.

  • Shrinivas says:

    It is a cool tool to make Animated GIFs.. impressed with your work, it helps bloggers to explain tutors in just one gif animation instead of bunch of jpg images.. Shared my thoughts about GifCam over here-

    Thank you for this great app..

  • mediochrea says:

    This is so insanely amazing. I will donate as soon is I can, this tool is really simplifying things for me. My only suggestion would be adding a “custom size” option, so you can just type in the height/width for the capture field and it will resize itself. Thanks again!

  • yoga says:

    Can you add an option to remove all of the delays?

  • L. says:

    Thank you so much for this! Perfect!

  • Barry says:

    Hey there :) I have an issue.

    When I open these GIFs I’ve captured via GifCam in an editting program like Photoshop I think they are ignoring the green-screen that GifCam implements. Because whenever I save it out after editing or preview the GIF on those programs, I can see white artifacts all over it, and they are occurring in the same positions that the green screen is in effect for.

    Heres an example of what I’m talking about:

    It’s probably some really easy transparency option that I’m failing to see, can you point me in the right direction? Much appreciated :) Oddly enough, this doesn’t happen in the GIMP, only Photoshop.

    Also another question. I used the “delete even frames” edit in gifcam, and of course it gets through the gif twice as fast. How do I automate it so that there is a delay between each frame that compensates for the speed difference? Many thanks in advance.

    • Isa says:

      some gif programs fill the transparent pixels with the previous frames pixels some programs don’t , I tried to open a gif file in Photoshop and I got the frames without green/transparent pixels (I don’t know if there is an option for that) ,but I see some people have problems with the transparent/green pixels so I’m going to add an option to disable it.

      I added a new way to adjust frames easily, i blogged about it here

  • Stewartisme says:

    This is awesome! You should add an option to show mouse if you could. That would be useful for tutorials or pointing something out.

  • Paul says:

    This is an awesome app~ Thank you

    And you speak Chinese and Arabic?

    By the way, how come there is no “about me” page…

  • L says:

    Option to capture mouse cursor as well would be grand.

  • Marco Polo says:

    Please put in something that makes removing frames less time consuming. like holding control and clicking, or an option to delete X amount of frames.

  • G money says:

    An option to add delays automatically when selecting “Remove even frames”.

    As it stands now, doing this speeds up the GIF unfortunately.

  • doworkson says:

    Duuude. Would it be possible to send beta releases to donaters? I just can’t wait any longer for these new features!

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  • juampa says:

    I was waiting for an application like GifCam. Easy to use, friendly interface. Can’t wait to the update!

  • Joshua says:


    Thank you for the great app, however, I must notify you of something. Are you aware of the site? That site also provides the download, together with a malware logger.

  • sleepy says:

    I really like this! A suggestion for the future would be able to output a PSD with no image compression, so that all compression could be done manually! The frame rate is also a bit low for my taste, but I really like this, super neat job! I don’t mean to sound too needy, I love this program!

  • Jessica says:

    There is another app named Youtube2Gif (
    It is very similar with GifCam. I don’t know which one was born firstly.

    In my opinion, Youtube2Gif is easier than GifCam in “Edit” Window. User-friendly adding texts and deleting/undo frames.

    But Youtube2Gif is not freeware. It pastes a watermark on GIF if you don’t purchase it. :(

  • A Happy Customer says:

    One thing I think would make this program a billion times better was if you could specifically insert dimensions such at 300×300 px so you can get a perfect size. Would be even more amazing if you could put this feature in.

    • Isa says:

      If you are not comfortable resizing GifCam to match 300×300 here is a tip: create a 300×300 gif file (in paint for example) then open it in GifCam, GifCam will match the gif dimensions size :)

  • Angelo says:

    Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads up/potential feature request.

    Above you’ve stated

    “33 FPS(0.03 second delay) maximum accepted delay in modern browsers, notice that some browsers doesn’t accept 0.03 delay between frames and round it to 10 FPS(0.1 second delay).”

    That’s not actually true.

    Some browsers, like Chrome, accept 0.02MS delays, and I make them pretty frequently.


    So, I just wanted to fill you in that browsers CAN do 0.02ms GIF’s, and now for the request, I’d love if you could implement it!

    I currently use Fraps at 50fps and import that into photoshop for creating GIF’s, but being able to use GifCam would be really convenient.

    Thanks for reading, and you’ve done some good work. Cheers!

    • Isa says:

      You are right :), even IE 10 accepts 0.02 delay, Firefox should accept 0.02 but I see it rounds back to 0.1
      I will consider adding 50 fps (0.02 delay) option.
      Thank you for mentioning that :)

  • GifMaster says:

    I always save my GIF’s as 256 colors, and my gifs end up turning out lower quality, even if I’m making a gif from an HD clip. How can I fix this?

  • Jana says:

    Great application! I just have one little question, can you make the next version with the option to adjust the opacity of the text? Thank you for making this wonderful app.

  • Jumendez says:

    Could you make a custom fps capture setting? 25fps (0.04 frame delay per frame) would be a better capture setting for non-Western media, since they use 24fps.

  • Joe says:

    Suggestions from a fan:

    -Ability to turn compression off. I’d like to be able to make higher quality gifs.
    -Text should have a basic few font/color options
    -There should be a file size indicator to make it easy to be under a required size limit

    As soon as you add these features – this program will be the gif making standard. Good work man!

  • asdfghjkl; says:

    Ummm, is this free? and how do I download it?

  • I love your application!
    The greyscale it saves to is really high-quality stuff too!

    One suggestion: make an option to save the recorded images as they are. I often want to add effects to images, so when I use your app, I make a gif first, then extract the images out, edit them, and then make the final gif. If you’d make it possible to save the recorded images as just images, that would be really helpful, and appreciated.


  • Stewartisme says:

    You should make an outline text option so it will be easier to read
    (White text, black outline)

    I’d love you even more!

  • PBK says:

    thanks for the update!! so great. threw u 5 bucks. :)

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  • Heisenberg says:

    I can’t seem to get any of the gifs I made to upload. I tried Photobucket, imugr, and tumblr. They are only 5 mb and the limit is 10. I don’t see why it won’t let me.

  • […] Si estas interesado en probarlo puedes descargarlo desde aquí […]

  • Vivek says:

    Feb app…
    I’ve never found such a easy to use GIF Creato..

  • J says:

    I have made some gifs but am unable to get them to upload to my tumblr! Am I doing something wrong? They show up motionless or not at all!!

  • Misterx says:

    Any plans for a Linux version?

  • Vlad says:

    Please add feature to crop in edit mode.

  • Verner Läll says:

    Nice program, good work!

    Could you add a “Follow cursor” function, that i can record the area around the cursor?

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  • […] 更多动画演示: […]

  • […] migliorate. Il software, giunto alla seconda release, è scaricabile gratuitamente all’indirizzo: […]

  • […] Il software, giunto alla seconda release, è scaricabile gratuitamente all’indirizzo: […]

  • a says:

    Thanks for such a great tool.
    High DPI support needed.

  • Kaixa says:

    when using GIFCAM, settings are 33 fps, quantize,
    when saving a gif, upon opening, the gif is messed up with transparency!

    what do!

  • lsajdkf says:

    Why when I try to add text the box shrinks the field of where I can move the text?

  • ferongr says:

    Very nice program. Until now there was no easy way for Windows users to quickly record their desktop to a .gif

    Is there any possibility to split processing into multiple threads?

  • pop-yo-hood says:


    That is an awesome application, thanks a lot for your work!

    I think it would be improved if you could add a way to force the capture of frames even if no change was detected between two frame captures. Currently it seems to only capture new frames when there’s a change since the last frame. This would help a lot for capturing videos from VLC, or MediaPlayer Classic (or other players) as it seems that your application do not always detect changes from these application (it must depend on the rendering engine they use I guess). If I switch to “Fullscreen” capture it can capture the video playing, which proves that the video frames can actually be captured by your application.

    So if you could force frame capture (on a defined FPS rate like 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 for example?), it would make it easier to capture things like this. Right now having to capture the whole screen and crop afterward which is a bit inconvenient.

    Thanks again for your amazing work, it really makes it easier to create GIFs ;)

  • anymoose says:

    Is there any way you could make it Ubuntu compatible? I would totally throw you some moneys and promote it where I can. Do you have any recommendations for linux users for a similar program?

  • CoolGuy01 says:

    Will this ever be usuable on Macs?

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  • 牛结实 says:

    牛结实用了都说好 惊叹,这么小体积的软件居然有如此多的功能,并且还能控制得相当精细,并且还是免费的

  • krussell says:

    Great app, much appreciated.

  • Friend says:

    This would be perfect for my uses if it had the following options:

    – Record at 24 FPS
    – Ability to accurately crop the whole image via the Edit button
    – Save gif with a colour palette greater than 256 colours for better quality

  • […] возникли какие-либо вопросы о ее использовании, то на домашней странице вы найдете подробное описание, усердно снабженное […]

  • Daniel says:

    I don’t know if you still keep up with comments, but I have a problem (unless it’s an intentional feature).

    If I try to capture full-screen resolution (1920×1080), it only captures to 122 frames (sometimes 123) and then stops. Smaller resolutions, it captures more, but I was hoping for unlimited capture no matter the resolution.

    Any help, or is this a feature to limit resource use or file size or something?

    • Isa says:

      Hey Daniel,
      Because GifCam uses the memory to store the recorded frames, I limited it to one gigabyte memory usage to prevent crashing or slowing down the system.

      • Tom says:

        Is there any way to disable this limit? I have 8 gigabytes of RAM on my PC. I can’t re-size the video I am recording so it stops halfway through.

        • Isa says:

          Version 4.0 has an option to store frames on hard disk instead of memory (Shift + New) will save recorded frames in Temporary folder.

          • Steve says:

            I’m using 4.5 and whenever I try to make a large GIF using the hard disk storage method it always gives me an error saying there’s not enough memory/space. I’m using 8GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Also, the edit button is greyed out so you can’t remove frames which is a crucial feature. Are you planning to fix these issues so we can create high quality GIFs with your program?

          • Isa says:

            Maybe there is no enough space in your “c:” partition where Windows is installed, gifcam saves frames in that partition.
            The edit button is disabled when saving to hard disk, because there are no frames for editing in memory.
            High qulity gif does not mean long/large size gif, it is better to use video-screen-recording software,
            but you may find what you want with other gif-screen-recording softwares, I wrote a list here

  • Артур says:

    В редакторе мне не хватает возможности скопировать (вырезать) фрейм, чтобы вставить его в другое место.

  • ali says:

    The payment by Paypal, but did not I receive the program

    • Kris says:

      The Paypal is just for donations. It’s not a purchasing button. The program itself is free and can be downloaded by clicking the link next to Download, which is above the Paypal button.

    • Isa says:

      Opps, did you make a donation by mistake :)
      as @kris said GifCam is free, The Paypal is just for donations.

  • michael kors australia says:

    your write very good!

  • Rui says:

    Would it be possible to add COPY & PASTE when adding text to
    the GIF, rather than having to type in the text? I am using this is learn a foreign language, and need to paste in the
    phoenetic script rather than type in each letter, for example:

    si – tam´bjen reθi´βi el ko´xin

    Thanks you!

  • Mighty says:

    I don’t understand why it’s stopping while I’m recording.
    Is there a timelimit on how long gifs I can make?

  • ejay says:

    sadly it creates slomo gifs for me :( Not sure if I’m missing something. I tried creating a 5 seconds 250 x 250 pixels gif @33fps with 250 colors, it went bit ok but the file size went to 12MB :( Given all the positive comments above, I think I’m doing something wrong. Will be glad to get it working.

  • jerry says:


  • uncola says:

    Doesn’t seem to omit the cursor in hexchat.. works otherwise.. maybe it’s because hexchat uses gtk? no idea

  • […] GifCam | BahraniApps Blog […]

  • ぺこりん says:

    wonderful, marvelous

  • opalhat says:

    Why is there not an option for 24fps? That is the most common fps of anything but it’s not an option…

  • […] are free GIF creation tools, like a desktop app called GifCam, but there are many other tools out there for making GIFs on the web or on mobile like imgflip, […]

  • […] GifCam is an app that can record anything that is happening on your screen. The app works like a camera that hovers over all your open windows. Just move it over the desired location, adjust the size of the frame, and record the desire area. Bahrania Apps gives a pretty great run down of all the simple but powerful features which include automatic frame delays when the app detects identical frames, as well as using transparent pixels to only capture the changing pixels from frame to frame, all of which helps reduce the size of your overall gif file. No one likes to wait for your gif to load onto their screen. […]

  • Jill says:

    What about us MAC users? I would love to use this ap!
    Let me know when you make it for mac!

  • Nosgoroth says:

    Donated $5 as thanks for the amazing software, keep it up!

  • toasthaste says:

    Oh my goodness this looks amazing! It’s going pinned to my taskbar next to the snipping tool :D

  • lemon curry says:

    Absolutely briliant progam,
    Ive yet to find a commercial app that properly supports GIF animations.
    Most just create each frame as a FULL gif image and FIXED frame rates.
    GIFcam can create a 350kB file instead of a 4500kB file with the same quality as our commercial software.
    The ability to capture GIF straight off the screen is so vital to us.
    We run an online business where 90% of our visitors are on very slow internet services.
    We need very small file size for instructional videos.

    There are a few bugs however.
    1. The Green Screen shows up in the last 10 frames or so of the video.
    2. It would be good to be able to set the “Green Screen color to white or transparent.
    3. Need to be able to manually set the number of colors in the Save and to be able to set the dither level.

    Great app, great concept.

  • Marcos says:

    Nice update. Please include recording at 23.976 on the next!

    • Isa says:

      If you chose 33fps to record a video less than 33fps then all the frames will be recorded (GifCam doesn’t record duplicate frames instead it adds delays till there is new action in the recording area , you can say GifCam will adapt to the recording area fps, if the GifCam fps is more then the recorded fps).

      Then if you want a 24fps gif, you can change all frames delay to 0.04 second (1/24=0.04).

  • Musab says:

    where is download link

  • Keith says:

    I really like the yoyo effect, but it has a problem. At the point the yoyo starts, all the yoyo frames are saved at 0 ms (zero ms). I can fix it easily loading it into GIMP and reset the frames to the proper speed, but GifCam should do this automatically. [Running on Windows 8]

  • Talia says:

    For some reason, whenever I try to open GifCam it doesn’t open. I’ve tried running it as administrator, right-clicking and opening it, etc. :(

    • Isa says:

      I guess the problem is in your machine, are you able to open other EXE files or it is just GifCam?maybe you have a utility or other application blocking it, I can’t tell exactly what is the problem, if You receive errors, or nothing happens when you start an .EXE file there is a Microsoft Fix it tool to fix .exe file not running problem for windows vista,7 , hope that help.

  • DM says:

    Good lord, but this is such a simple but comprehensive gif tool! It seems all my years of fighting with gifs manually are behind me. Thank you so much!

  • Josh says:

    Outstanding bit of kit, really enjoy making gifs !

  • Ross says:

    Thanks for this great tool

    I have a couple of feature requests

    1. Could you add an option to duplicate a frame.
    2. Adding a free hand drawing tool would be nice too

    • Isa says:

      Thank you Ross :) , I see adding a hand drawing tool is nice for illustrating and adding notices, but what is the point of duplicate a frame?

  • 一丝 says:

    1.I hope to provide hotkey controls to start, pause and stop.
    2.You can specify the size of the recording window.
    3.You can hide the window itself, especially when recording full screen.
    4.You can insert frames, used to do the tutorial in the middle of switching screen.
    5.Increasing the profile, the user’s own record recording habits.

    Very much looking forward!

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for the suggestion list :)
      for the hotkey controls you can use spacebar to start, pause and stop recording(GifCam has to be activated to receive the keyboard inputs), the other things you mentioned can be done manually, I will try to make things more easy in upcoming versions :)

  • Mayheim says:

    Is there a way to saves the frames without the green screen? Sometimes it messes up, saves one of the green frames in the middle of the animation and then it takes a lot of editing in photoshop to fix.

    • Isa says:

      Yes there is, press “shift + save” to disable green screen, if you are using Photoshop it is better to export your record as AVI then import it in Photoshop, because you will get uncompressed frames, higher quality frames to work on :)

  • Charlie says:

    It used to be working fine but now when I import the gif (which is fine itself but too big, which is why I’m editting it in photoshop) it messes up. The background is transparent for some reason and not sure how to fix it, any help?

  • […] GifCam is a small capturing programm which grow to a powerful tool. You can download it here: […]

  • Dida Carruthers says:

    A really incredible and AWESOME program!!

    Thank you!

  • Ek says:

    Hey I’ve been having trouble saving my gif? Everything works perfectly with the program, but as soon as I try to save the gif onto my computer, I get a notification that reads that the program has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution. Any advice?

    • Isa says:

      Maybe it is an administrator issue (right click on gifcam.exe/run as administrator), but more likely you have a third party application cause this problem, get rid of bad softwares from your machine or do a clean installation of windows :)

  • J.Miyake says:


    This is very useful software.
    I use it to make a gif image to upload in tumblr.
    Thank you very much.

  • Asker says:

    it doesn’t work, don’t know what’s wrong. after click the REC button, the frame number show “frame 1” , and it doesn’t change. I just thought maybe there is software or setup conflicting with GifCam, but I don’t know what it is . PS: realy really wanna to use this practical little software , everybody else can use it but me, sad……..

    • Isa says:

      You mean it doesn’t record at all?
      because frame number just change when there is an action (difference between previous recorded frame and current recorded frame), GifCam doesn’t record duplicate frames instead it adds delays till there is new action in the recording area to reduce gif size.

    • Thevenin says:

      I am running a 64 bit Windows 8 system, and I had this same issue for a while when I was trying to make gifs using Media Player Classic 32 bit. I tried two things. First, I tried right-clicking and disabling the Compatibility for Windows 8 option. That didn’t seem to change anything. The second thing I tried might shed light on this issue; I tried to record my gifs using a 64 bit media player instead of 32 bit and it started working. For some reason unzipping the .exe onto a 64 bit system and trying to record 32 bit media is causing problems.

  • Ilari says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a software like this for ages and I finally found yours. It works perfectly and file sizes are just ridiculously small. Keep up the good work! :)

  • […] By the way I made that gif with this excellent tool called GifCam. […]

  • hERAN says:

    Serious gifcam problems here

    Using gifcam with Widows 8. Please help. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • hERAN says:

      if you get this working i’ll throw you a donation i swear

    • hERAN says:

      I found a “solution.” On my Windows 8 install GifCam does not work properly in 1920×1080. Forcing 1024×768 fixes things. Not ideal but it works. You fix this and there’s a donation in store for you. I’m talking double digits.

    • Isa says:

      I guess it is a screen scaling problem, Right click on GifCam.exe/Properties/Compatibility/Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

  • Viktor says:

    stop take dollar bill st

  • TommyTucker says:

    Great piece of software
    Any plans to allow people to input their desired FPS and record at that FPS?

    • Isa says:

      Maybe, but i think giving fewer options is better (33 high fps, 16 good fps and 10 reasonable fps ), actually in GifCam the fps is an interval to check if there is a new frame to record (because GifCam doesn’t record duplicate frames), so GifCam will adapt to the recording area fps like when recoding 24 fps video with 33 fps.

  • name says:

    yes, this is something that the user should decide. sane default values for users that don’t know a lot and proper instructions will solve the problem.

    thank you Isa for gifcam.

  • name says:

    another thing. the mouse pointer is not captured. i have windows xp service pack 3.

    • Isa says:

      I can’t think of reason, capturing mouse cursor should work on all windows versions, except if you are recording from a specific program that doesn’t change mouse cursor natively, some programs hide mouse cursor and move an image with the mouse coordinates.

  • Rich89 says:

    2$ for you, thanks!

  • Oto says:

    Thanks for great program tried it out. Only one question for now how to later join/merge/combine the gifs together in one animation?

  • Brandon says:

    I found a similar program to Gif Cam called Giffing Tool. Check it out maybe get some ideas for what you can add to gifcam.

  • bigbigboy says:

    good app,very wonderful I know the sofe author is a girl .can you send a photo of yours
    to my email ? I will very thank you ,

  • name says:

    the cursor isn’t being captured.

    for example, LICEcap captures the mouse cursor.

    • Isa says:

      Is that only happen on windows xp sp3?
      I don’t have a copy of windows xp sp3 to check what is the problem? do you check capture cursor before recording? in windows xp there is no split button, you have to right click on Rec button and check capture cursor before recording.

  • ellen says:

    i’m sorry, i don’t get how to resizing the final gif… of course i press the edit and then resize, new window at 100%…and now? If i click on it i’ve some error buttons
    (win xp sp3)
    thank you

  • Dave says:

    If I get a 30 frame gif but want to delete frames 13 through 25, can I delete them all at once or does it have to be frame by frame?

  • Maple says:

    Hey Isa,
    Gifcam is an amazing program, but there are some issues that I think really need fixing!

    – Gifcam records at a frame resolution which is smaller than what the Gifcam window size is/says.
    – Gifcam saves at an FPS rate that is faster than what it recorded. (The resulting .gif loops faster than the original content.)

    These 2 problems are particularly annoying when trying to capture things in their precise original form.

    I’m more worried about those two problems, but if beyond them you get around to these suggestions, I’ll be extra happy:

    – Allow for a the frame size to be typed in.
    – Allow for a custom FPS rate.

    As I said, you have an amazing program. I want to keep using it, so keep up the good work!

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for the suggestions :)
      -I don’t see a resolution problem on windows 8,7, I guess you are using windows xp or vista (I haven’t done much tests on both).
      -GifCam adds automatic delays till there is a new frame to record(gifcam fps is an interval to check if
      there is a new frame to record,somehow it is adoptive to recording area fps), you can fix gif speed by pressing shift and drag frame delay.

  • Asher says:

    Hello! When I first tried to create a gif on my laptop it worked well, but my laptop kept freezing (not because of your app, but because my laptop is pretty old). For this reason, I tried using my sibling’s laptop, but when I try to gif things on it the actual gifcam window appears in the shot and I don’t know how to fix this.

    • Isa says:

      That’s because of high-dpi display, Right click on GifCam.exe/Properties/Compatibility/Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

  • max says:

    Is there a reason why GifCam isn’t compiled with the LARGEADDRESSAWARE-flag?
    This would allow longer and bigger GIFs.

    • Isa says:

      With big memory usage the system is getting slower and may crash, so I gave it one gigabyte limit, I’m going to add an option to save the recorded frames temporary on harddisk instead of memory.

  • Skullball says:

    Hello sometime when i try to resize a gif i get this error “Access violation at address 0045F9B6 in module ‘GifCam.exe’. Read of address 00000030.”

    • Isa says:

      It means gifcam tries to write to memory that’s not allocated to it, this error has never appeared to me when resizing, in which scenario you get this error?, it could be a memory faulty, try to run gifcam on different machine.

  • Marie says:

    I made a gif and wanted to upload it on tumblr. In the preview everthing worked but after uploading it doesn’t move anymore. I do something wrong but I really don’t know what. So if someone could help me I would be very happy haha.
    Apart from this that app is absolutely fabulous!

  • Glenn says:

    This is by far the greatest (and easiest to use) gif creator I have EVER used. Unfortunately, for the past day or two, when I am trying to save my image, the program freezes when it is at about 98% and doesn’t respond. Any ideas why this would be happening? Much thanks!!

    • Isa says:

      Can’t tell, but If it was working before then it is likely that you have problem in your system, try “System Restore” System Restore can return to a time when everything was working fine, or do a fresh install of windows.

  • Robert says:

    Hi, I just started using this awesome tool. It has pretty much all features I could wish for (except for exporting all frames as a series of complete PNGs, but I guess that’s beyond the scope of this application).

    However I found that one thing is very unintuitive: Changing the size and delay by right-dragging is fine, but it’s not obvious at all how it works. No UI element saying “drag here” or something like that. I thought the resize feature is broken because I tried resizing the window like you would do with other applications and it didn’t work.

    • Isa says:

      I agree it is not obvious to drag labels, but once you know about it (i made some gifs tutorial on this page) it becomes fun and obvious :), I thought about changing the cursor shape when hovering on a dragging area, but it didn’t look good, some apps and games explain their functionality just for the first use, because adding instructions takes space and becomes annoying over time.

      • Robert says:

        Fair enough, and yes the tutorial explains that you can drag the label. My beef with that is that it isn’t obvious at first sight, and it’s not a common UI functionality either. For a while I thought the resizing feature is broken / not yet implemented :)

  • Nick says:

    This looks like a pretty cool application! Do you ever plan on releasing the source code?

  • Dylan Taravella says:

    How do I make the words only appear on some frames?

  • Orpheus says:

    When i delete even frames, the gif becomes faster, how to solve that, so my gif stays at the same speed?

  • […] GifCam | BahraniApps Blog […]

  • Jacques says:

    Some of the gifs I’m making are glitching.

    I recorded that from MPC. I tried VLC too, but the result is the same.

    • Isa says:

      These glitches(green pixels) work like green screen to reduce gif file size, in some cases they are not working nicely, You can get rid of them by pressing shift while clicking save :)

  • Sam says:

    Fantastic app – did exactly what I needed, no bugs, no fuss. Perfect for making animated user guides for software/websites.

    Thanks for making this! Have sent a tip :)

  • km2 says:

    i would be great if i could flip horizontal keep the work! you doing great thanks for this!

  • businessman says:

    why dont you sell this app???
    you sure could make lot of bucks,

    for what ever reason, i just respect you so much. o7

    BIG THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Zack says:

    When ever I re-scale the size of the window it wont record, but if I leave it as is when opening gifcam it will work fine.

  • shaheen says:

    So many cool features, for which other developers asks money, are for FREE..!!!! that’s awesome…. HATS OFF TO YOU.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shane says:

    I have a problem . Cinemagraph is not working for me. I drew some lines and filled it, i opened preview. but it showed green lines as white lines and there werent any cinemagraph effect. It’s still same after saving as gif. ?? :(

  • shane says:

    Problem while exporting to AVI.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: GifCam.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 52aef079
    Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16695
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4cc7ab44
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00046362
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: e8ad
    Additional Information 2: e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863
    Additional Information 3: e8ad
    Additional Information 4: e8adce1c2b9e7be834b4063ac3c53863

  • MDude says:

    Well, the first thing I tried to do with this is record a CA I made in MCell, and the default color for live cells is the same as that used by the green-screening. That did not work out very well. While I can change the color of the cells, I’d like being able to choose the color GifCam uses for screening.

    • MDude says:

      Oh, sorry, I didn’t read the comments and thus hadn’t noticed where you mentioned that holding shift cancels out the green screen effect. Now it saves nicely, and it actually works very well with MCell, since I can go back and forth pressing space to capture individual frames so as to avoid the flickering effect MCell has when running. One problem, though, is that the captured area is a bit smaller than the window. I specifically sized it to 140×140, but the resulting gif is only 132×132, cropping edge of the board. I’ll try to fiddle with it later to see if just giving it some extra space works, but it’d be nice if the x by y numbers in the window frame were more accurate.

      • Isa says:

        There is no problem with gif dimensions on windows 7 and 8, I guess you’re on Windows XP, there is 8 pixels different(not sure yet) between Windows XP and Windows 7,8 that is because the window edges become thicker since Windows XP, I will try to fix that on the next updates :)

  • Seeker says:

    Amazing app!
    I’d suggest adding an option to save a gif with uncompressed frames…it will result in very big sized gifs, but for short gifs or to further edit them in other programs(Photoshop and such) it would be perfect.
    Also, i have some propblems when i try exporting to AVI, as it either create a video showing a single frame through the whole video duration, or just the very first frames(jn a very bad quality) and then a single one for the rest of the video.

    • Seeker says:

      And why not, adding an option to save all the frames as single uncompressed images.

      • Isa says:

        The gif format is only allows a separate palette of up to 256 colors for each frame you can’t change that :), i don’t know what cause your avi exporting problems, it works fine on my machine.

  • Evelyne Lachance says:

    I want to use GifCam to do very short gifs that show some features of the software I’m documenting, and I started by testing a capture of “docking” features – dragging a tab from one location to the other.

    Unfortunately, the “greyed out box” that displays where the dockable window will appear doesn’t show in the captured gif. It does capture the changes in the cursor and shows when the tab is actually moved but now the box showing where the tab will end up.

    I’m assuming this is a side-effect of your detection of changes so that the gifs are smaller. Note that the software is built in Java (eclipse), I’m not sure if it can really be fixed…

    • Isa says:

      If the cause of the problem is the detection of changes (green screen), you can disable it by holding shift + clicking save button. if some parts or all your software can’t be screen-capture or screen-shot for some reason, try running your software from virtual machine window and capture it from outside the virtual window, hope that help :)

  • Joey says:

    I’m trying to record a video that’s 1 minute & 33 seconds but it only goes up to 17 seconds. Am I doing something wrong or is that the limit?

    • Isa says:

      GifCam uses the memory to store the recorded frames and it has 1 gigabyte memory usage limit to prevent crashing or slowing down the system, for a long gif try LICEcap application, it records directly to hard disk.

  • Atanas Kindekov says:

    Hello Master
    I am writing to you because I admire your work in creating this small but very useful program
    GifCam. My job is not commercial and is motivated from a hobby that was originally associated with the creation of presentations using PowerPoint, then the creation of videos after conversion .
    GifCam initially used for the wording . Obtaining good. But I thought that if I put in the framework of GifCam activated on presentation and change slides manually, violet Frame can I get a gif, which remains the only Edit to ask the time of each layer of the image
    individually . It worked ! If somewhere in the presentation I made a mistake , I go back to the stored presentation straighten error and again GifCam records. So I do compilation which I had never before dreamed I could do. It gave me joy as a child .
    I’m 71 years in this occupation still find some opportunity to be useful to others and ourselves.
    And now to share my next dream with you:
    Naturally gif images to be in a continuous cycle. Leaves me thinking that it may be possible by placing the cursor over it it stops , and when the cursor shift to continue the cycle. Call it mode : start – stop . In this case , one would be able to read the text or image appropriate to their individual Capability .
    Besides the letter which will translate using Google, because I do not know one English word and I’ll send two attachments to demonstrate the result of my work with the help of your program GifCam.
    I wish you health and success in your work.
    Sincerely : Atanas Kindekov

    • Isa says:

      Glad GifCam helps you in your presentations,
      so you are 71 years old and you make some gifs, that’s lovely :)
      bless you, and i wish you health and happiness.

  • Atanas Kindekov says:

    I do not know how to send two files

  • BB says:

    Love this program but it doesn’t seem compatible with Windows 8. Hope there is a fix for it?

    • BB says:

      May not be Windows 8 after all, but might be the service pack 3? What is happening is I record a gif and go to save it and the little progress thing shows up but doesn’t show the green progress bar showing that the gif is saving. and when i go to view the gif it just shows up all white.

  • WIllem says:

    I would like it if the resize function showed the pixel dimensions of the image and not just the percentage of scale. It would be even better if you could input a pixel length or width and the image would scale to meet that dimension.

  • Ignacio says:

    someday you can make a gifcam for linux?

  • Anonymous says:

    It won’t work, and I don’t know why. I deleted it then downloaded it again, and it won’t work. I’m running Vista. It only shows the first frame when I open it up to view in a program. It won’t upload to imgur, either, so something is wrong.

    • John says:

      Same problem. Running XP. When REC is hit while video is playing only Delay continues to track, frame does not. Only one frame is saved, and it is offset from where the GIFcam is overlayed on the video.

      • John says:

        Made some sort of progress. I was using NERO to view/edit video. GIFcam was having problem as described. I tried REALplayer and it appears to at least be tracking frames, although splotchy green sreen throughout?

        • Isa says:

          This is because of the technique the video player is using to put the video on the screen, video can’t be screen-capture/screen-shot if the video player uses hardware acceleration (three is an option to turn that off & some software can grip graphics from GPU like Fraps).
          You can disable green screen by by pressing shift + save button click.

          • Anonymous says:

            Did shift+save button, didn’t work. Preview shows it just fine, but it won’t work when saved…

          • Isa says:

            Holding shift+save is for disabling greenscreen what “Won’t work” means? do you get a gif file? can you open it in internet explorer?

  • Andy says:

    Love this app. Any chance you could add an option to enter lower frame rates for screen time lapse recordings? Eg: every 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds ?

    • Isa says:

      You can use “Frame” button to capture frames manually and/or you can change the delays between frames (shift+ drag delay label).

  • O_O" says:



  • Akai says:

    Very nice app. Good work. :)

    I was wondering, if it would be possible to include a “export all frames/selected frames” feature in the future? You open a gif (in GifCam), click on edit and then, when it switches to all frames, there should be a button like “export frames”.

    It would make it easier, to edit those frames in a different program, while still maintining the same resolution of that gif.

    Just a suggestion. :D

  • sat says:

    Best gif easy maker program

    But in windows 8 dont work for me, when i use in windows 7 yes

  • makoto says:

    was wondering if you can implement True Color GIF image? Is that possible?

    Looking forward to it.

    I would say your tool is the best so far in terms of simplicity but “giffingtool” software has a way improvement in quality. I’m waiting for you to release the opensource with patience. There’s always room for improvement.

  • shaun says:

    This program is fantastic! There are two things I would like to see:
    1) More advanced green-screen drawing tools: Rectangles, ellipses, bigger pen-size.
    2) Being able to “dock” to a program so that I don’t have to size it correctly manually.

  • matt says:

    Hi, the app works great, really useful for my workflow. One thing that’s causing problems for me though; if i have any 100% green that I’m capturing, gifcam treats it as part of the greenscreen area on export, wiping the background. If I look at the captured frames in edit mode I can see that they’re correct, if I disable the greenscreen mode. Would be great if you could find a fix for this!

  • Sofía says:

    This is the best app ever, it’s just perfect. Thank you and keep the great work!

  • Dayv says:

    Just wanted to say, that this is absolutely amazing. It’s so, so easy to make gifs with this AND it has awesome features? Nobel prize candidate for every category. Seriously though, if I weren’t such a greedy-butt who’s also totally broke (student) I would love to donate. I hope you find a hidden treasure chest with lots of gold and a cute lil’ puppy. Thank you!

  • […] GifCam is easy and fun animated gif making app. GifCam has a nice idea where the app works like a camera that stays on top of all windows so you can move it and resize it to record your desired area.  […]

  • Dave says:

    Didn’t have time to read all the comments. :) Can I gif just photos taken in burst mode? Usually 10 pics in a burst. Used google+ for some but it couldn’t handle a strobe effect at a concert. Thanks!

  • Eugene says:

    Very nice program, Thank you!

    Memory consumption restriction is just amazing, though it would be good to be able to turn it off when one needs to make long gif (currently it just stops recording) or disk data dropoff alternatively would be also a good feature.

    Realy amazing tool!

  • Eike says:

    Great tool, used it to demonstrate progress on developing game features. But I am now having troubles with another game where I wanted to use this capture tool: When I capture the game session, the compressor seems to get confused with the transparency and the result looks like this here:
    I don’t know what kind of effect is causing this, but I think it’s related to the colors I use in the game – but that’s just a guess…

  • Qiancang says:

    Wonderful software! I often use it to record my XWidget widgets animation.

    the new features in ver 3.5 seem not work for win 8.1

    1. when I scroll (or Ctrl+scroll) my mousewheel in edit window, nothing happens.
    2. how to use GreenScreen Paint fill? I drew a circle, and then press ctrl+click outside the circle, the outside area was not filled, and it was a dot that left on the frame.

  • Dave says:

    I get no recordings but the front screen gives just a delay unless it’s from a site.
    If i want to record from a disc, I get the delay

  • Dave says:

    I should also say it did work from discs a few months ago but not now.

    • Isa says:

      I guess that’s because your video player uses hardware acceleration to put the video on the screen, video can’t be screen-capture or screen-shot if the video player uses hardware acceleration (there is an option to turn that off & some software can grip graphics from GPU like Fraps).

  • frnky says:

    This… “Green screen” thing kinda doesn’t work for me very well. The green stays green for some reason:

  • JuggernautOfWar says:

    When I paint a green screen all I see is white where I paint. No frozen part of the image like in the demonstration here. The green screens works as an eraser it appears.

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  • Jonathan Linat says:

    Will it be available on Linux in the future ? Is there an alternative ?

  • […] découvrir toutes les possibilités de GifCam, c’est par ici. Et pour le télécharger, c’est […]

  • Josh says:

    Awesome job!

  • […] GifCam | BahraniApps Blog […]

  • dave says:

    Gifcam keeps crashing when I try to export to AVI. Any ideas? I am on Windows 7.

    • Isa says:

      Export to avi feature depends on avifil32.dll file, which comes with windows so maybe this file is corrupted or missing from your machine..

  • bar says:

    I read about GifCam on Reddit. This is an amazing tool. The only thing I feel that is missing is the ability to choose an existing video file on my PC and turning it into a GIF.

    • Isa says:

      There is a lot of video to gif software out there, but it’s nice feature to have in gifcam, I can’t promise, but I will work on this feature someday :)

  • Maple says:

    Hey Issa.

    I posted here before (ctrl+f maple). I’m running windows 7 and I’m telling ya, the resolution that the gifcam window says it’s recording is not the size it’s recording! Record a gif, at, say, 300×300 pixels. When you save it, then right click on it → properties → details, you’ll see that the dimensions are 292×292 instead of 300×300. Gifcam seems to crop 4 pixels off each edge…

    Great program. Keep it alive!

    • Isa says:

      Resolution works fine on my windows 7 professional edition(also windows 8.1 professional edition) maybe the cause is some windows configurations, themes or different windows edition?

  • Maple says:

    Hey Isa,

    Sorry I misspelled your name before!! Another super handy feature to have would be deleting frames from point X to point Y (in other words, a series of frames in the middle of a .gif, instead of only being able to delete a bunch of frames from each end).

    Keep it up!

    • Isa says:

      Isa, Issa and Essa all are correct spelling for my name :)
      It is good feature to have, I will try to add it in one of the upcoming versions.

  • Casey says:

    Hello Isa,

    Thanks for the great program. I have the latest version but am getting a bug where the GIF has the green screen when I save or preview even if it is turned off in the edit settings. Have you seen this issue?

    Thank you–


  • Casey says:

    I have done some more testing and it appears the “edit” options do not reset properly.

    Turn on yo-yo
    render preview
    edit, turn off yo-yo
    render preview
    yo-yo is still occurring even though it has been turned off.

    This may be what is happening with the green screen. Once you turn it on, it cannot be turned off again because it is being saved in the preferences somewhere.

    Thanks again–

    • Isa says:

      Hello Casey,
      Some of these features are not turn on turn off options:
      yoyo adds reverse frames, to remove the yoyo effect delete half the frames.
      “show green screen” option is just for preview, to disable green screen hold shift when you click save button.

  • […] GifCam | BahraniApps Blog […]

  • Kasey says:

    Hi! I love this app, great job! However, I’m having a slight problem opening it up in Tumblr. I know previous people have commented about how the gif doesn’t move once posted-that’s my issue. It is under 10 mb and I have resized it multiple times so that it only has 500 pixels (or less) on the longest side. However, it still will not move upon posting. Do you have any ideas why this may be?

  • bleed says:

    Hey I love ur app, could u do this with WebM support? (instead of .gif, webM for 4chan and another websites). Thanks in advance. Waiting for your reply :)

    • Isa says:

      For now you can export to avi, although gifcam is not written to be screen video recording software, for example gifcam doesn’t record duplicate frames and it adds variety of delay for each frame (video should have the same delay for all frames), it is better to use video screen recording software.

  • david says:

    awesome app thank you, very easy to use, cause I hate photoshop frame crap and others .avi exclusive software.

    • Isa says:

      Thank you :), also Photoshop is good for image-editing gif frames (adding filters, dithering, tweens animation frames…)

  • JediASU says:

    I LOVE GIFCAM. The approach is brilliant and has made it so easy to create animated GIFs. Keep up the great work and you have a fan and customer for life!

  • Nessy says:

    Hello, I had to use a proxy server to visit this site from the Philippines. I just wanted to tell you about it without posting here (but I can’t find contact info anywhere on the site ;w; ). I wanted to say that this tool is really useful and I wanted to donate! But I don’t trust any proxy server redirecting to paypal or somewhere else. Thank you <3

  • Mayheim says:

    Do you think you can make something similar for the webm format?

    • Isa says:

      There are video codec libraries out there,
      Maybe one day I will write a video-recording software with many output format.

  • liukp981 says:

    GIFCAM is so great that i want to make all my video as gif things,good job!!

  • Someone says:

    This is a wonderful software…very well done and with GREAT features.

    I would like to suggest 2 features:

    1. An option to export frames as images (jpg/png/etc) instead of a gif. So a gif of 20 frames could be saved as 20 different PNG or JPG files.

    2. An option to crop (all the frames or just 1). Gifcam allows to rezise, an option to crop would be great, allowing users that recorded an area that was too big only choose an specific area to keep, discarding the rest.

    I like gifcam, these days its rare to see a software this well made and that is not super complicated to use.

  • Ayu says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing program! I use it for all my giffing needs. =) A few suggestions:

    1) True black outline font. Currently there is only the option of a black shadow, but a font that would show up on everything (e.g. white or yellow text, full black outline) would be extremely useful

    2) When resizing, show the size by pixels. Currently it’s possible to resize by percent, but it takes trial and error to resize to the exact dimensions wanted

    3) There is an error when adding text. For example, if I wanted to add text from frame 0 to 6, I would start on frame 0 and then drag to frame 6. However, if I overshoot and accidentally drag the mouse to frame 8, trying to fix the problem by dragging back to frame 6 would not work.

    4) Quicker frame deletions. Sometimes there is a need to delete multiple frames in the middle of the gif, and the process becomes tedious. A keyboard shortcut or option to delete from frame x to frame y would be helpful

    • Isa says:

      1) If you have “outline font” installed in your machine, you can use it in gifcam, and change its color.
      2) I agree, showing the size in pixels+percent is better.
      3) I see no error, I can drag back and forth, if you mean after closing “Add Text Window” then you can’t go back and erase the text.
      3) I agree.
      Thank you for your suggestions :)

      • Ayu says:

        Thanks for the advice! I have a quick question, if you don’t mind. I tried installing an outline font, but when I use it in gifcam and try to change the color, it changes the outline color instead of the inside white color. For example, I want a yellow font with black outline, but I end up with a white font with yellow outline. How do I fix this? Thanks again!

  • berin says:

    Im sorry if this has been answered already, but its not compatible with windows OS X. any suggestions?

  • Keyboard_NOW says:

    Thanks for your effort on the application,it helps me a lot!!
    Love your website cause of it’s so cute..

  • Kanegasi says:

    Could we get a “no change” save feature, as in no color change whatsoever, or is there a way to do this with the custom feature? I did a test and a zero-snap setting is the same fuzzy image as quantize.

    • Isa says:

      Gif file format has a limitation of 256 colors for each frame, if the frame has more than 256 colors then a color reduction algorithm should be applied.

      • Kanegasi says:

        What I don’t understand is that I’ve seen really high quality gifs that look exactly like the source. Is this just extremely efficient 256 reduction or was I looking at an apng without knowing it?

  • Kanegasi says:

    Could we get an option to cut a specific range of frames? For example, I want to make a gif of several quick scenes of a movie and the only way to do this is to record, then stop as the scenes come up. The issue I’m having, especially recording at 33fps, is having to manually delete, one-by-one, the frames I don’t need inbetween the scenes.

  • Kanegasi says:

    Yet another suggestion, last one I have for now. Could we get a toggleable crosshair in the middle of the recording space? There’s been a decently popular trend of “stabilized gifs” where a gif is redone using something in the picture as the focal point, causing the old frames to flail about in the space of the new gif. Having a crosshair in the middle of the recording space would make these gifs very easy to make.

    Here’s an example of what a stabilized gif is:

    • Isa says:

      Nice effect, maybe I’m wrong but I think this is two layers (panda image-with transparent background- and background image) the panda is static and the background is swinging, I think this effect is done manually with Photoshop or similar software, other “stabilized gifs” are frames moving over black or White background.

      • student says:

        Even though it’s fine the way it is, would adding a simple crosshair in the middle be sufficient?

        I’m sure the crosshair won’t be recorded into the GIF itself, but just having the crosshair in the program seemed good enough for me.

        • Isa says:

          To make a crosshair without it being recorded with the gif, we need to record from specific window instead of recording from the screen, because the screen has a crosshair on it, we don’t know the user target window and recording form multi windows will not work, so no practical and straightforward way to add a crosshair.

      • Kanegasi says:

        I can imagine it being done that way, but the easiest way I’ve done it is with gifcam. You try to center what you want the focus to be, then click the frame button. Do this for every frame of the gif you’re stabilizing. Granted, the panda example I linked isn’t a good one since you can’t tilt in gifcam. Here’s a better example with no tilting:

        There is some post processing by making the background transparent, but creating it is as simple as centering gifcam frame-by-frame.

        • Isa says:

          I get what you mean, I think this effect works either by centering an object over background image or over white/black background.

  • vinay says:

    This is what i was looking from very long time. Thanks for such a wonder full tool.

  • Manuel says:

    Great tool. Would be nice if you could select the “green-screen” color. I am trying to capture console output which uses the bright green used in GifCam for this feature and therefore makes it unsuable for this case for me :(

    • Isa says:

      For now you can hold shift+save button to disable green-screen, but then you will get a bigger gif file size, I will try to fix that on the upcoming versions.

      • Manuel says:

        Thanks, much appreciated :) (altho a simple color select from like 3-4 colors would be enough, like green, magenta, blue, red).

  • Ruben Nicolas says:

    Hi Isa,

    I don’t know very English.

    For some reason Avast says that your website contains something malicious, I turned it off to access the web.

    Thanks for this great program, I have created a series of tutorials on how to create and edit images Gif with GifCam, Photoshop and other …

    I’m Spanish, gracias por GifCam :D

    • Isa says:

      Hi Ruben, nice to have a Spanish comment :),
      Something malicious in this website?? this website is a WordPress blog, maybe the version I’m using has problem, I just updated it to the latest version.
      Thank you for making GifCam tutorials gracias :)

  • Phạm Khánh An says:


  • SpartanDonut says:

    Feature Request: Globally add delay to all frames. This would be handy so that when I “delete even frames” I can add delay back in to keep roughly the same animation speed. Awesome app!

  • Elise says:

    Hi there!

    This is a fantastic program and has been super helpful, but I’ve found that if I try to set the gif frame at anything over 350×350, the frame freezes and the gif only saves as a white square. :( Am I doing something wrong?

    • Isa says:

      First make sure have the latest gifcam version 3.5
      It is more likely a machine problem, low memory or background software Interrupting screen recording, to check that try running gifcam from windows safe mode, or from different machine.

  • student says:

    Are you still updating GifCam?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how much time left for me to record a GIF at specified resolutions.

    I’m a bit sad to learn from the hard way that there’s a recording limit. Isn’t it possible to pause recording, then flush all the memory used to hard disk, clean and re-allocate the memory footprint, and finally continue recording from where it was last off?

    Keep at it, and I hoped to see more from GifCam. Yay!

    • Isa says:

      An option for saving frames to hard disk is coming, although saving to hard disk may slow the recording speed it depends on hard disk data moving speed.

  • hayleigh says:

    how do you convert these files to .gif? I have a few in .avi but I can’t upload them onto any social media because they only accept .gif me please?

    In a update, option of uploading in .gif file would be easier than having to hunt a website down..

    • student says:

      Try Imgur, one of the most popular and better alternative to all image hosting websites.

      Imgur is backed by Reddit, so they are good at handling massive traffics.

    • Isa says:

      – Yes imgur is good gif hosting.
      – GifCam doesn’t convert avi files it works as gif screen recorder.

  • Monica says:

    I love this program. As a beginner in gifs making I find this program simple and awesome!!

  • Binocular222 says:

    2 things needed:
    – Keyboard shorcut to start/stop
    – Hide the GUI during recording

    • Isa says:

      -Enter or space will start/stop recording (GifCam window should be active).
      -I think hiding the GUI is not good idea , the GUI shows information about the number of recorded frames and delays, it gives the user mouse interaction, and it gives GifCam the familiarity camera feel.

  • Binocular222 says:

    – Hide the GUI during recording (and show a thin retangle border representing captured region)
    – Should be an ini file to store settings (i.e: capture cursor, 10fps, last size…)
    – “Edit” should have “arrow” to insert

  • Mike says:

    i posted about this app on tumblr and it absolutely blew up with over 1k notes in under an hour.
    i hope your site doesnt crash omg

  • Kiera Enns says:

    This looks amazing and perfect!! But is it only supported by windows?? Will a Mac version be coming out anytime soon?? Cause that would be awesome!!

  • Beth says:

    So… No Mac version?

  • Sophie says:

    Will a mac version be coming out soon? Will it be compatible with versions before Mavericks? This looks great, but it would open your horizons to get it on mac!

  • Jonesy says:

    this is gonna change my life

  • Scoots says:

    Love the program and we all thank you so much!

    Two issues and suggestions:

    1: People discuss the program sometimes not advancing the frames past 1. I have experimented with different medial players, full screen, etc. What I have found is that when this happens to me, the program is simply reading the different video frames as being too similar and thus does not progress. If I then zoom the field to part of the video where the most movement is occurring, the frames begin to capture. I don’t end up with the Gif I want, but at least I can see what the problem is.

    Suggestion–Have a force capture option that will record frames even if the program does not see any difference between frames in a video. Less efficient, but will solve this particular issue when it comes up.

    2: When you edit a capture the results sometimes end up too choppy because you needed to remove another frame or two, or you removed too many. If it’s the latter, then you can’t get those frames back. One option we now have is to save the whole captured Gif unedited. Then if you don’t like your edit you can open the original save and try again.

    Better Suggestion–Put in an undo button if possible on the next version.

    • Isa says:

      thank you for your comment and suggestions.
      1: GifCam adds automatic delays when no changes happen, maybe your video player uses hardware acceleration to put the video on the screen, video can’t be screen-capture or screen-shot if the video player uses hardware acceleration (there is an option to turn that off & some software can grip graphics from GPU like Fraps).
      2: Undo means keeping all frames in memory, removing them from edit window when deleting but keeping them in memory(or in hard disk) to retrieve them back.

  • Anna says:

    Hi, I’m trying to download it, but all it does is open up an application in my downloads that I can “extract” but extraction does nothing, and I can’t open the application itself. Running Windows 8. HELP!

    • Isa says:

      Maybe you have a utility/third party anti-virus or other application blocking GifCam from running?
      Check if the issue occurs in safe mode.
      Are you able to open other EXE files or it is just GifCam?

  • Jessica says:

    Is it possible to make it compatible with Safari?

    • Isa says:

      You can record gifs from safari, and all other browsers, If you mean safari on Mac , gifcam is windows application you can’t run it on Mac.

  • Josefine says:

    Can it be right that it do not work on mac product? I can’t open the program on my computer, how can I open it then?

  • Franky says:

    apple version???

  • nic says:

    the program looks great. A lot of people would appreciate a program that can make gifs so easily, perhaps you could expand your reach by formatting it for Mac or maybe even as a chrome extension.

  • D says:

    Hey, I just ran some scans on the zip file of GifCam that I downloaded directly from this site, and and are both giving me one red flag each. Is there malware attached to this file?

  • shacool says:

    Verygood,gif soft!

    In “add text” ,you can set “form frame xx to frame xxx”?

  • Sylvain says:

    * When I’m capturing something at the very right of the screen, then the buttons disappear, I cannot seem to be able to click them anymore because I don’t see them. Of course, wherever they’d be (TOP LEFT, BOTTOM, RIGHT), the same could happen. A keyboard shortcut might help. or maybe dissociate the main capture window from the toolbar.

    * I often forget to go in Edit mode to clear previous recordings before starting a new one. I sometimes ended adding frames to a previous, unrelated capture. Maybe different buffers, or a more straightforward command^ to clear the buffer, could be an improvement.

    ^ I usually click on Edit first, then I rewind the animation, and finally call Delete From This Frame To End.

    • Isa says:

      *Enter or space will start/stop recording (GifCam window should be active).
      *In Windows GUI “New” was/is always the command to close clear and start new tasks, if you forget to click new, you can go to last old recorded frame and chose “Delete from this Frame To Start” .

  • Ivette says:

    I don’t understand how to save a gif. If I click export from AVI it says the program has stopped working.

    • Isa says:

      Just click on the big save button, the save button drop list is for color reduction options, less colors means less gif file size.

  • princess says:

    When i record full screen, the resulting gif always captures the gif cam. how can i make it not include the gif cam in the gif? (just got the app, but other than this its perfect)

    • Isa says:

      Princess! a work around solution would be to minimize gifcam window, after that delete the frames that have minimize recording.

  • Ashen says:

    I downloaded this, and upon using it and previewing the gif, I was very happy.
    However, every time I try to save, I am met with a window that tells me that gifcam has stopped working, and then I cannot save my file.
    What’s wrong?

    • Isa says:

      Can’t tell exactly, try to run gifcam as administrator (right click on gifcam.exe/run as administrator), maybe it is a system problem, Check if this issue occurs in safe mode, or run gifcam from different machine or do a clean windows installation.

  • pi315 says:

    Amazing software, just one problem though :C.
    It seems that the window that the program records isn’t properly synced with the area that the program says its recording, so it records off centre to the view-area-thing.
    Link to example:

    It works perfectly if I change my screen resolution down from 1920×1080 to 1280×720 but I’m not sure what the problem is and what I can do to fix it.

    Thanks in advance :D

  • vegita625 says:

    Hey, so I have a request: the capability to insert an image as a frame (or set of frames). Example: Upload Image1.jpg as frame 1, Upload Image2.jpg as frame 2, Upload Image3.png as frame 3, etc. If it’s already there, I’m not finding it.

    I could see this being like someone recording a GIF like a cam, then inserting a quick text blurb like “Watch what happens next” with a quick image done in paint or similar.

    My personal example’s a little different: Battling Size vs. Image Quality in original creations frame-by-frame without being impeded by the size of one’s screen. I used to do several GIFs using old Photoshop, and I took one image that I had to dither to hell or it’d be several MB’s, making concession of quality vs. size… I opened that old PSD document, captured each frame individually pre-optimizing via the Frame button, and the coloring was *exactly* as I intended it, and the size was a few hundred KB’s instead of MB’s. If I could do the same thing via uploading an image, instead of capturing it like a cam, I could see this being one of the best ways to make good-looking GIFs outside of screen-capture, as well, across the board… and it feels like you’re almost there already.

  • hanils says:

    I’m waiting “CROP” feature which will reduce file size.

    GifCam is the best.


  • Oriane says:


  • gail says:

    hello! excellent app it seems to work great, but I can’t seem to save the gif with the text over top, it just saves the original gif, what am I doing wrong? also, are these gifs compatible with tumblr??
    thankyou!! great work!!

  • Drager says:

    Hello! this app is really useful. I would like to suggest adding an accesskey to start/stop recording. It will be faster and more convenient. As you know, this app will record its own window when choosing full screen mode, so I would like to suggest auto hiding the GifCam window when choosing full screen mode. Thank you!

  • SY says:

    This is good.

  • OMG says:


  • Just a casual dog says:

    This program is amazing but i want to cut out a part of the gif and make it transparent, is there anyway i can do that?
    I tried to open in layers in gimp but i think the green screen is causing parts of the gif not to show up
    Nonetheless an amazing program :)

    • Isa says:

      Cutting gif parts will be in upcoming versions/
      You can disable green-screen by holding shift+save button, then import it into Gimp.

  • ep says:

    This sounds great, but is it just me or am I not seeing a big “download” button? Where do I click to get this great GifCam software?

  • Chris says:

    Do you think you could add alignment settings for adding texts? I have trouble placing texts in almost the exact same area for different frames and it gets a bit uneven and it messes with my OCD (heh sorry :p).

    • Isa says:

      Aligning text to frame is good idea, maybe keeping the text to its last position and adding align horizontal, align vertical options, i’ll try to add that, thanks for the suggestion :)

  • Manuel says:

    Hey, thank you very much for updating GifCam with my request for alternative green-screen colors! Much appreciated! Will donate a few bucks :)

  • Giraffestock says:

    An option to upload to imgur/share to reddit (/r/gifs) would be amazing! Thanks for just a great tool!

  • RupeeClock says:

    Amazing little app, all it needs to really polish this off is a cropping tool to work alongside the resizing too.

    In case you accidentally capture a bit too much space, or you just want to make a smaller icon sized GIF.

  • Wolf says:

    I really like this program but there’s a bit of a problem

    The first time I used it I made like 2 gifs and it worked fine but then I made some more and when I posted it to Tumblr and its take a while to load and when it shows it pauses for a second then goes but if I post it its just the first frame. Iv’e tried downloading it again a few times it didn’t work, so then I tried again and it only worked the first time meaning I only made 1 gif. I tried to see what was the problem but I don’t know what it is… :/

  • Jimmy says:

    You should seriously consider open sourcing the code on github, I think there will be great dev support. :)

  • lee says:

    Thank you :)

  • gghhj says:

    what about adding ability to combine 2 gifs

  • Anirudh says:

    You app simple and perfect for now, but when I am trying to capture full-screen GIF I need to minimize GIFCAM otherwise will record GIFCAM framework which is pointless… Or am I doing something wrong?

    Overall Good Job… $2 coming through..

    • Anirudh says:

      and Please add a feature to check application Update

      • Isa says:

        for now no way but to minimize gifcam window, it’s just one click :), but I’ll try to make it easier maybe by forcing gifcam to minimize itself when full screen option is checked.

        Adding check fro update feature means a lot of server request and overload, that may lead to bring my website down :)

  • shaun says:

    Woo! Great update :)

  • Norske says:

    Great tool! Greenscreen feature is nice, except it seems incompatible with cursor recording. I always get a “ghost trail” off cursors as I move the mouse across the screen. They don’t show up in Preview or with Ctrl+Save. I can’t use Ctrl+Save because the files become too large. I have tried different colored cursors as well and they all cause the trail of cursor images across the screen. The background is white, so the contrast between the cursor and background should be very high and clear. I am not sure why the green screen logic can’t cleanly remove the previous cursor image when creating the next image in the gif.

    • Isa says:

      I see no problem when recording cursors, do you get “ghost trail” when previewing gifs in gifcam, maybe you are previewing gifs in old version of Internet Explorer , old Internet Explorer browsers (9 and less) has artifacts problem when previewing gifs.

      • Norske says:

        Ah! You are right. I was using IE10. It was causing the issue. Chrome looks fine. Firefox only leaves a very slight trail.
        Thanks for the help!

  • Sumit says:

    It is a great tool. But I found out there is no undo or redo function.
    will there be undo/redo in the future

  • Isaac says:

    TTT H H A N N K K SS !
    T H H A A NN N K K S !
    T H H A A N N K K S !
    T H H A A N N K K SS !

  • Mike says:

    i cant see some new features in gifcam
    First i downloaded gifcam from cnet. I ran it and saw this
    Then i dowload from this page and ran it.
    But its still the same
    There is no this features
    Whan can i do for solve this problem?

    • Isa says:

      Mike! I guess you are on Windows XP, Windows XP doesn’t support “split button” natively so right click on the Save/Rec buttons to get the options menu.

  • WebMSupport says:

    Please add WebM support option. Much better than an AVI option.
    GiffingTool is going to be competitive due to the fact it can make webm.

    • Isa says:

      The reason for choosing avi format is because avi format is part of windows system (avifil32.dll), it doesn’t require separated file or encoding library (making gifcam portable), GiffingTool uses FFmpeg.exe file for encoding WebM (FFmpeg.exe is an open source library for encoding/decoding almost any video format) FFmpeg.exe is 11 MB in size, but maybe i will support it as separate plugin.

  • Yuanyuan Yin says:

    Thanks for your work,it is so good.

  • Boyd says:

    Hi. Great App but I’ve noticed an issue when posting to tumblr. The gifs work on the hard drive and appear to work before posting but after being uploaded a number of the gifs appear to freeze. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome. Do you know of any reason why this might happen?

  • jndy says:

    Thank you great app!
    I want options that input window position and size with keyboard, and save those settings.
    Sometimes I need pixel-accurate capture.

  • leroy says:

    my english ist good ,only say that,its great!


    内心太激动了,,总之非常的感谢,加油,enjoy work!

  • joe says:

    Wow! this is amazing!!!

  • Manz says:

    Question: Can you add option to save GIF every 2 (or X) frames? (delete odd frames)

    Great job! :)

  • Cho says:

    Hello. My name is Cho. I’m using this program very useful. FX designer is my profession. When I add a save feature 0.8FPS halgeot happy. I would.
    Thank development.
    Be happy every day. ^^

  • Alex says:

    Hi! Help me, please! Can you tell me what i’m doing wrong?
    I put the app like this
    Push Rec and then stop.
    But the GIF appears like this :(
    With part of the frame and only part of picture needed.
    Why is it happening?

    • Isa says:

      That’s because of high-dpi display, Right click on GifCam.exe/Properties/Compatibility/Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

      • Alex says:

        Thank you very much, Isa))
        Your app is almost the best I saw among gif-creators) If it is possible to add some saturation and contrast settings like in iWi cnvrtr, then GifCam will become the best gif-app ever)

        • Isa says:

          Thank you Alex
          hue, saturation and contrast are good features to have, controlling colors and reducing pixels discord leads to good quality looking gif, I will work on that someday.

  • VW says:

    ►How do I open the keyboard inputs window?
    ►How do I change the transparency color from green to orange?
    (you show a menu example above, but how to call it up?)
    ►What does the Custom setting do?

    Thanks for any answers.

  • Jc says:

    My problem is that I set it to record at 33 fps but when viewing the gif it is at 9fps?

  • Ian says:

    What a app! Thx!!

    And it’d be better to add ‘Rec shortcut key’.

  • Michael Samuel Miller Jr says:

    Not sure if I’m doing this right…
    I capture an animation frame by frame and then saved it as a .gif. What I’m aiming for is an animated picture (not a AVI video) that I can upload to my Facebook cover photo for a page I manage. Is this possible? Thanks!

    • Isa says:

      Yes, you created a gif file format, but Facebook does not currently support the animation feature of the GIF format. You can upload a GIF file, but it’s displayed as a static image of the first frame.

  • Vladimir says:

    Tnx for GifCam!

    Please fix a small bug – if I choose existing gif-file for saving or enter filename with extension via keyboard, app adds an extra .gif extension ( like file.gif.gif ).

  • VW says:

    Does anyone happen to know answers to:
    ►How do I open the keyboard inputs window?
    ►How do I change the transparency color from green to orange?
    (you show a menu example above, but how to call it up?)
    ►What does the Custom setting do?

    4.0 LOOKS great … but I’m unable to use its features.

    Thanks for any help.

    • Isa says:

      Sorry for my late reply…
      keyboard inputs and changing green color are on the right click popup menu
      click Edit-right click on any frame – a popup menu appears with all the editing features.
      “Custom” allows you to manually reduce colors, less colors means less gif file size.

      • VW says:

        Thank you for the answers.

        Re: change the transparency color from green to orange

        Would it be possible—in a future release—to change that color before making a recording? Couldn’t that eliminate the need for editing in many cases?

        Just a thought.

        • Isa says:

          It’s possible to automatically detect which color is not available to make it the transparent color, but checking all frames pixels to detect which color is not there is a little bit slow, that’s needs some tests and performance tuning.

  • Imry says:

    This is really neat!

    I’m having one problem with it – it’s autocropping too much. I’m trying to take a gif from a game with a black background, and I want some of that background in there. No matter what I do, I can’t force it to include the background in the gif :(

    Still, it’s a solid 9/10. *drops some change in tip jar*

    • Isa says:

      9/10 is nice, Thank you I appreciate your support :)
      I’m going to add a cropping option to the next version, with cropping option you can record bigger area or full screen then crop it after that.

  • jpvaliquette says:

    Gicam! Rarely I’ve seen a software so well done, this is just art coding.
    M.Office should take lesson from you !

  • 1234 says:

    I am a Chinese,I am not good at English,So, I hope to have Chinese Webpage, thank you.

  • Jaroslav Stehlik says:

    Yay! I just sent you 2$ :) It is awesome!

  • Jamilla J says:

    GifCam is amazing and I use it all the time
    And when I do frame by frame gifs they work when i post them on tumblr,
    however when I just press record to make a gif of a video clip they appear as a screen shot on tumblr— every time.
    I have tried to do a lot of things to fix it and i was wondering if you may know why this is happening…..

  • Alex says:


    A bug report. Sorry :)

    Take a look at this capture – – and pay attention to ghosting in the right window when it’s scrolled and when it’s closed. What happened here is that this was captured against pure white background and the background of the right window was also right. Then GifCam quantized background white into #F8F8F8. Then it proceeded to compute the frame changes and used, incorrectly, pre-quantized background as a filler – it used #FF instead of #F8 -> the ghosting.

    I’m a system programmer by trade and I’d be happy to help. Just shoot me an email.


    • Isa says:

      Thank you for taking your time,
      I can’t call this issue a bug, it is barely a side effect of the quantize algorithm,
      quantize algorithm nearest the white background with light shadow of the edge of the window.
      this algorithm is part of TGifImage library which gifcam use to encode gifs.

  • Kyon says:

    Wonderful program and definitely recommended! You’ve done a great job! :D

  • tsal says:

    Thanks for the new crop feature.

    It’s working great.

    You are my hero!!!

  • Spencer says:

    GifCam 4.5

    The new features look good, but the preview size still shows as powers of 10. Is that intended? Also, I know there are custom colors now, but can you add 128 and 64 color presets? Another thing, is it possible to add a “Perceptive” color-matching algorithm like Photoshop offers? It allows many gifs to have reduced colors, but be less noticeable since it uses colors that are more receptive to the eyes. Thanks!

    • Isa says:

      Because power of 10 is friendly, but I guess the best is to show bytes size with power of 10 size in the next release.
      Photoshop has many powerful tools for editing gifs, I will see what i can do to bring these tools to gifcam, thanks for the comment :)

      • Spencer says:

        Ah, thank you. Preferably it would just show it in megabytes, i.e. 5.1MB, 55.1MB, 500.1MB etc.

        Also, I cannot get the “Export to AVI” function to work. Everytime I try, it produces a 0-byte file that can’t be opened. Is this feature working yet?

        • Isa says:

          Something like “1.52 MB (1,603,584 bytes)” would be good and accurate.
          I don’t know what cause your avi export problems, it works fine on my machine, export to avi depends on avifil32.dll file which comes with windows, so maybe this file is corrupted/conflicting/missing from your machine.

          • Spencer says:

            I tried it on another computer and it worked fine, so it must be my computer. That file must be missing or something. I will have to investigate.

            And yes, that format would be good. :)

  • Ingo says:

    Great program!
    But is it possible to remove green screen, a green screen erase tool maybe?

  • Leroy says:

    Thanks again !this software is very nice ,I have a suggest,can you add one function that can save the gif picture into memory at the “save” menu!and I can paste that into others software, just a suggest :D

    英语不好,不知道作者明白了没有,,中文在说明一下 :) 我希望在保存菜单下,能够添加一个保存到内存的选项,这样在其他软件中,诸如twitter,QQ等,就可以直接粘贴来完成了,而无需另外加载,只是一个小建议,再次感谢作者,加油!

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for the suggestion Leroy,
      Copy and past is common for texts and bitmaps, it is possible to put animated gif or any data in memory clipboard, but when pasting we need a software that is programed to read and output clipboard memory data as an animated gif image.

  • Nothing says:

    Awesome! I just wish I could use it in on my laptop, any plans for Linux/Ubuntu?

    • Isa says:

      I have no experience coding for Linux, but maybe someday :)
      I haven’t found a good alternative to gifcam for Linux, but you can run it under LinuxWine.

  • HyeongDuck says:

    This program is very amazing!
    Very easy to make gif
    I love this program!!

  • vectra says:

    Nice Work!

    Bug and Suggestion: 1. file of 12.56MB display 1.256E4MB in preview window, which is wrong. 2. Hope support more recording frame rate, 2 or 5 fps is useful in creating extreme small size of gifs. 3. Hope a shutcut key to “Frame”, so I need not interrupte my recording. 4. Open a 1346×752 , 184KB , ~230 frames gif file, display a “Not enough memory…” error in edit window.

    • Isa says:

      1.The gif size in the preview window is formatted as power of 10 number, more friendly formatting like “1.52 MB (1,603,584 bytes)” is coming to the next version.
      2.You can keep deleting “even frames” and increasing delays until you reach your desired low fps
      3.Activate “Frame” button and press space/enter for capturing a single frame.
      4.When opening a gif file, gifcam reads each frame as bitmap image (uncompressed map pixels), one frame of 1346×752 pxile = 3.86 MB that’s huge for 230 frames.

  • David D. says:

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this app! I do have an issue with editing the “Green Screen”. Whenever I erase something from one frame, it carries over to all the following frames. any chance we can get a toggle for this, so that it can affect only a single frame??

  • Imry says:

    OMG! The new crop feature is just what I wanted! Thank you!

  • Trax says:

    I wish GIFCAM has an updating feature, to keep the program up to date and won’t let me miss a single update!

  • Kanegasi says:

    I would like to report a bug, or hopefully an overlook in the design. GifCam stops recording when the program gets just under 1GB of memory usage and also errors out when saving big gifs if the program reaches 1.8GB of memory usage.

    Any possible way to disable or fix this limitation? Thanks.

    • Isa says:

      GifCam has 1 gigabyte memory usage limit to prevent crashing or slowing down the system, but there is an option to store recorded frames on hard Disk instead of memory: Shift + New will save recorded frames in Temporary folder:

      • Kanegasi says:

        I appreciate this hidden option, but is there any way to still edit the frames this way? Even if I save the large recording and reopen it, I’ll still run into the memory issues.

      • Kanegasi says:

        If it would be possible, instead of my previous comment of editing disk-saved frames, I would like an option to disable that memory limit, with the limit enabled by default of course. It’s frustrating trying to save a big gif when the memory error pops up near the end of the progress bar.

        I appreciate your concern with slowing down or crashing some systems, but that is an extremely minor risk I’m willing to take since most 32bit programs can blow past the disabled 3GB limit on 64bit systems just fine.

        • Isa says:

          I’m thinking to add “advanced options window” for setting memory limit and fps, but you may find ScreenToGif suits your need, it uses hard disk for storing frames and comes almost with all gifcam features.

          • Kanegasi says:

            After trying Screen-to-Gif once, the first thing I noticed is that it blindly records, even if the recording area doesn’t change. It does not have the smart “frame change” GifCam has.

            Your app is fantastic. I hope you implement something for the memory limit, either a changeable option or just a separate download without the limit. Thank you for the replies.

          • Isa says:

            Thank you for the feedback, I’am thinking to add “advanced options window” for setting memory limit.

  • Adnan says:

    Salam Isa,
    Are you planing to add the following:
    1- the ability to import and convert a sequence of images to GIF
    2-increase the FPS, even as a beta (it will be good to see GIF files with their max potential even for personal use , and i know it may not be supported by most websites or browsers)


    • Isa says:

      Wa-alaikum-assalam Adnan :),
      Thank you for the suggestions, I will consider adding them to the next release,
      other gif-screen-recording software have your requested options I wrote a list here:
      but in general you will not get a perfect smooth recording with any screen recording software, because recording with high fps rate will add more overhead to the system and slow the recording.

  • Alessandro says:

    Hi Isa! Great tool! In my demos I use PointerFocus to highlight the pointer and the clicks. But GifCam does not seem to be able to record it. Will you confirm? Any suggestion? Thanks and keep up the good work :)

    • Isa says:

      Hi Alessandro :)
      I just downloaded PointerFocus and tested it with gifcam on windows 7, it works I’m able to record highlight cursor and mouse spotlight without any problems.

      • Vitali says:

        Hi Isa
        I’m a fan of your tool and its simplicity.
        I’ve seen possible use cases for your software in the company i work for and although you state that its totally free, i just wanted to make sure that it’s also free for comercial use.
        Is it?

        Thanks in advance

      • Alessandro says:

        Hi Isa, thanks for your feedback. I use Windows XP SP3 and confirm that gifcam does not record PointerFocus. At this point I guess it’s an OS issue. Do you have any tips to fix it on XP? Thanks.