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Nov 09 2014



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GifCam 4.5

Oct 10 2014


  • Crop: with the nostalgic “Marching ants” selection effect.
  •  Hue And Saturation: Because saturation and shading of two colors generate “good quality looking” gif.
  • Other Fixes and Changes:

-Fixing double extension “gif.gif” file name problem.
-Renaming “yoyo” option name to “add reverse frames”  clearer function name.
-Removing “Add 0.1 Sec Delay” and “Remove 0.1 Sec Delay” options because the right click edit menu is getting bigger and adding delay can be done more practically by dragging delay label or from “keyboard input” window.
-Fixing dragging delay stops.
-Centering all windows to main GifCam window.
-Fixing power of 10 gif size in preview window.

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Paper Toys Factory 1.0

Jul 30 2014



Paper Toys Factory 1.0 is available for Windows and MAC.

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GifCam 4.0

Jul 11 2014


GifCam version 4.0 comes with the three most requested features:

  • Change green-screen color: To prevent conflict between recorded colors and green-screen color.
  • Keyboard Inputs: GifCam has only a mouse-centric interface with Keyboard Inputs window you can type some values (delay, resize and delete from to).
  • Option to store frames on hard Disk instead of memory: Shift + New will save recorded frames in Temporary folder:


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May 06 2014

wigglegiftile WiggleGif is fun little tool that gives your images 3D depth effect, this effect produces a revolving feel as you watch it, originally this effect is generated by taking left and right or different angles pictures and flipping fast between them, WiggleGif generate this effect from one image by manipulate its pixels using monochromatic map. The sense of depth from wiggle 3D images is due to parallax and to changes to the occlusion of background objects.

Below are some examples created with WiggleGif:





WiggleGif is available on windows store give it a try:

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