RecButton is one button tool for capturing screen + (speaker audio or microphone or mix of both), it’s like Windows snipping tool but for capturing video & audio.

Key features

  • Options for 25,30,60 FPS
  • Capture audio from speaker(loopback), microphone, mix of speaker & microphone, and mute.
  • Video Quality option.
  • Portable and ready to capture your screen, you can even run it form external hard disk or flash stick.
  • Simple, initiative, native user interface!

Responsive animation

Recbutton deliver a subtle animation when it’s busy or mixing audio to keep users informed about capturing process, 3 dots animation when busy and percentage progress when mixing audio.


Recbutton works on Windows 10, 8, 7 more & faster system resources better & smother video capturing.


Download the free version 1.0 13.7 MB  (just extract the zip no setup or install needed, you can even run it form external hard disk or flash stick).

Also you can get it from Microsoft Store:

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  • craigz says:


    I just bought the premium version because I love GIFCAM so much :)

    And for some RecButton it only records one second and then stops and asks me to save?



    Windows 10

    • Isa says:

      Hello Craig,
      Sorry for that problem, I guess you need to run RecButton as administrator (right click on RecButton.exe then run as administrator), let me know if that helps, I guess if RecButton folder is inside a limited accessibility folder or path, it needs to be run as administrator to write files, I updated RecButton and make it write the temporary captured files in %LocalAppData%\RecButton instead of writing inside its own folder to make it run without administrator privilege, I emailed you the download link, thank you for buying RecButton, I hope you like it).

  • patomolina says:

    Can in some future capture at 24 fps?
    I send you an email but you do not answer me :(

    • Isa says:

      Sorry for not answering your email, I had technical problem with my website email. I don’t know, maybe in the next update I will add a custom FPS option.


    I payed money for full version, 3.5 USD by PayPal.
    But, no information.
    How can I use it.

    yoshy from Japan.

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