RecButton is one button tool for capturing screen + (speaker audio or microphone or mix of both), it’s like Windows snipping tool but for capturing video & audio.

Key features

  • Options for 25,30,60 FPS
  • Capture audio from speaker(loopback), microphone, mix of speaker & microphone, and mute.
  • Camera option.
  • Video Quality option.
  • Portable and ready to capture your screen, you can even run it form external hard disk or flash stick.
  • Simple, initiative, native user interface!

Responsive animation

Recbutton deliver a subtle animation when it’s busy or mixing audio to keep users informed about capturing process, 3 dots animation when busy and percentage progress when mixing audio.


Recbutton works on Windows 10, 8, 7 more & faster system resources better & smother video capturing.

Versions History

Version 1.0 (Jan 28 2019)

  • first release.

Version 2.0 (July 5 2019)

  • version 2.0 is more stable and reliable,  it uses a limit amount of memory (RAM), and writes all the captured audio & video directly to the disk.
  • comes with camera option.
  • captures high quality microphone sound.


Download the free version 2.0 13.7 MB  (just extract the zip no setup or install needed, you can even run it form external hard disk or flash stick).

Also you can get it from Microsoft Store:

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56 responses so far

  • craigz says:


    I just bought the premium version because I love GIFCAM so much :)

    And for some RecButton it only records one second and then stops and asks me to save?



    Windows 10

    • Isa says:

      Hello Craig,
      Sorry for that problem, I guess you need to run RecButton as administrator (right click on RecButton.exe then run as administrator), let me know if that helps, I guess if RecButton folder is inside a limited accessibility folder or path, it needs to be run as administrator to write files, I updated RecButton and make it write the temporary captured files in %LocalAppData%\RecButton instead of writing inside its own folder to make it run without administrator privilege, I emailed you the download link, thank you for buying RecButton, I hope you like it).

  • patomolina says:

    Can in some future capture at 24 fps?
    I send you an email but you do not answer me :(

    • Isa says:

      Sorry for not answering your email, I had technical problem with my website email. I don’t know, maybe in the next update I will add a custom FPS option.


    I payed money for full version, 3.5 USD by PayPal.
    But, no information.
    How can I use it.

    yoshy from Japan.

  • Sullivan says:

    This could use a better microphone recording tools like in audacity, otherwise its really good program and can recommend it.

  • S says:

    This software is pretty comfortable and I like it.
    I paid 3.5 dollars for PayPal the other day.
    But the limit is not lifted. What should I do?

    from japan.

  • Marek says:

    If I filmed through the camsta studio, the sound in the video was fine. The microphone is set to the correct error in my microphone.

    And please, why, if I’m recording through the button, is the background noise of the video rustling and how to fix it?

    I am Slovak my englis speak is no very good :)

  • Marek says:

    If i only record through -REC-BUTON- background sound in video is noisy.

    The microphone is set correctly.

    i have 2 microphone.

    How to fix noise?

    • Isa says:

      Hi Marek, RecButton records raw microphone sound, it does not filter the sound like Camsta studio, you can eliminate background sound if you have noise cancelling microphone, also you can reduce background noise from Windows by reducing microphone boost level.

  • Hideo Nakamura says:


    free ver. から full ver.へpayしたのですが、full ver.アップグレードされません、
    pay pal より支払いのみ行われていますが、full Ver.へのアップグレードまたは

    • Isa says:


  • makoto says:


  • makochyu says:


    I paid 3.5 dollars for PayPal today.
    After paying, however, I cannot be redirected to RecButton full version download page. Please emaile me the download link.

    from Japan.

    • Isa says:

      Sorry about that, maybe it’s a PayPal issue or a browser issue , anyway I sent you an email with the download link,
      Thank you for buying RecButton full version, and I hope you like it :)

  • J says:

    Hello, RecButton is excellent, but it does not work for my workflow because it does not display the resolution of the selection area as you select, which needs to be exact for my purposes.
    If you are able to add this one feature, I would be happy to buy.
    Thank you!

  • AZ says:

    Hi can you sell this product via gumroad?
    it will be instant grab for me

    reason i want in gumroad so everytime you update the program i just check it your
    gumroad product

    i also like to see popular formats like especially ( GIF , WEBM )
    Why ? i find drawing a border is much cleaner in recording stuff

    while the gifcam exist i sometimes accidentally press the border window and press space and it stop

    Here are some request id like to see in future
    Set Dimension Border , Record certain window , Record in Full screen

    • Isa says:

      I don’t know about gumroad? but I will try to publish my apps to different software stores, I tried to submit to Humble Bundle but it’s tedious and a lot of requirements, tax verification and documents, I will try to dedicate time and energy for that, for now you may like to try similar screen recorders that have some of your requests I wrote a list here

      • AZ says:

        i already bought it and loving it ,

        gumroad is easy to setup and the buyer can download the files on library files so they have easy access for updates or if they lose the app they can redownload it easily

        alright how about to remember the last setting use ?

        well actually the screen recorder is simple and has cleaner ui
        i just wish gifcam interaction is similar recbutton
        ( select border then record )

        thats why im requesting if you can add additional save format for recbutton like WEBM , GIF

        • Isa says:

          Thank you for buying RecButton, I may add more encoding options in the future updates, but the reason for choosing MP4 format, is because mp4 is popular format and it’s supported by many playbacks and video editors. I’m going to publish version 2.0 very soon, version 2.0 enhances the stability and the quality of the recording process, also it has an option for a capturing from a resizable camera window.

  • Alex N. says:

    Hi, I just bought the App on the microsoft store but for some reason i can’t download it. Is it possible for you to send me a download link (I have my paypal receipt if you need to see it).

  • Bob says:

    Hi I ‘ve also bought the full version where to get it ?

    Also please add somphting to start the rec manually after window selection.
    Cause actually its not easy to take the right moment.


    • Isa says:

      Hi Bob, after paying, PayPal should redirect you to RecButton download page, anyway, please write another comment with your real email, so I can send you the link.
      When making a selection you can hold the mouse button and release it at the right moment.

  • Bob says:

    Oki here is my mail, I’ve seen no links after paypal.


  • Syuhei Saito says:

    paid for you via this site (not MS).
    Please unlock for me.

    • Isa says:

      Hi Syuhei Saito,
      there is a full version and a free version, I sent you the full version link 5 days ago, I hope you like it, ありがとう :)

  • Sullivan says:

    Would it be possible to add some of the features from the vclip to this?

    such as selecting the recording area before starting to record so one could get exactly the pixel sizes for the video frame.

  • MuRong says:

    Hello, can you add the save settings to the local in the RecButton? When you restart the software again, you will not be able to set the software again. Thank you.

  • makoto says:

    I purchased with PayPal, but I couldn’t download it.
    Please tell me the solution.

  • Akie Munakata says:

    Dear Mr.Isa Ali
    My name is Akie Munakata.
    I like RecButton.
    I paid 3.5 dollars for PayPal the other day.
    But the limit is not lifted. What should I do?
    Please contact us at earliest convenience.

    from japan.

    • Isa says:

      Hello Mr.Akie Munakata, greetings to Japanese people :)
      after payment PayPal should take you to the full version download page,
      I emailed you the link, thank you for buying RecButton :)

  • Otonasi Sanoto says:


    I wanted a full version.
    So I paid $3.5 via PayPal.
    But nothing happens.
    What should I do?

    from Japan

  • yohohox says:

    Are there any other payment methods?
    I can not use PayPal

  • Anon says:

    Hi! This is a very nice tool. I was just wondering, what is the difference between the free version and the full version? Thank you!

  • yohohox says:

    You have several errors in the program. if the user has 2 monitors, the program does not appear in the center of the screen from which it was launched. and also if you record on the second monitor, the video will be recorded on the first monitor

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