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GifCam 2.0 is here :)

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  • Brandon says:

    The new features are awesome! Thanks for making such an awesome app. I’ve been Making alot of gifs for alot broadcasters on and they love the gifs I make and I’ve told them and their viewers about gif cam and those who used it love it and joined in the gif making fun. :D

  • Michael says:

    Awesome, however, the ‘Open’ function does not seem to work properly. When I attempt to open a premade animation, I get this error:

    Adding the application to Kaspersky’s Trusted list did not help. I also temporarily disabled the Kaspersky software thinking there was a conflict there. This did not work. :(

    Also, on Windows 8, when this version is ran for the first time, Windows SmartScreen pops up. Maybe you can contact Microsoft and let them know this is a safe application.

    • Isa says:

      It seems you are trying to open a corrupted gif file (GifCam 1.0 has a bug that generate a corrupted gif files).
      To fix that corruption open the corrupted gif with other gif editors like Microsoft GifAnimator (free and old gif editor) then save the gif again.

      I will see what I can do to pass Windows SmartScreen warning,
      Thank you :)

  • Edge says:

    The framerate is awesome! This is the program I’ve been wanting! Donated 10 to you for your work, good sir!

  • Brandon says:

    One thing. If you open a gif with a transparent background and save it, it loses its transparency.

    • Isa says:

      When you open a gif file, GifCam patches the transparent pixels with the previous frame’s pixels so with that you can see the full frames in the edit window, show and hide transparent/greenscreen pixels and save the gif file with transparent or without transparent pixels (save + shift).

  • Michael says:

    Oh, any plans to create a 64-bit executable? I have 16 GB of RAM and I’m only able to utilize a fraction of it. :(

  • Scott says:

    Great job, Isa! The framerate option is superb, just what we needed! NeoGAF is going to have a ball with this during E3.

  • Thanks for the new version.

    1. It appears that if I have a filename “Test.gif” in the Save Dialog box, GIFCam blindly adds another “.gif” on the end of it, making the filename “test.gif.gif”?

    2. For the SmartScreen issue, the only way that you’ll be able to get around this is to build reputation. The best way to do that is to sign your code and have a lot of people run it. I wrote about this here:

    3. A 64bit version would be neat. Delphi XE3 can compile targeting 64bit.

    • Michael says:

      I personally like the idea of a 64-bit executable not necessarily because I will need to create huge GIFs, but from a quality perspective, I like to start out with large files first so that minimizes artifacts and whatnot during the reduction stage.

      Also, the ability to natively resize any GIF natively would be fantastic for achieving this. I currently use for downsizing large files, but it doesn’t copy the frame rate correctly if I use 33 FPS. If I make one from a game like Mortal Kombat, for example, the website’s conversion algorithm seems to struggle with 3D animations, and I get several black artifacts during the animation.

      GifCam itself appears to do an excellent job with pretty much any type of video that I throw at it with very little compression artifacts. Any artifacts that might be there are most likely a result of the source and not the program itself.

    • Isa says:

      @Eric Lawrence
      1. “gif.gif” needs to be fixed.
      2. Helpful and instructive article thank you :)
      3. I agree 64bit version would be neat, the 64-bit development features are included in Delphi XE2 and later versions.

  • Brandon says:

    Auto Adjust delay when you “delete Even frames”. Whenever I delete even frames in edit mode the delay for frames stays the same but since there are half the number of frames the animation goes twice as fast.

    • Michael says:

      Doesn’t it go twice as fast because frames are missing after you delete the even frames?

      • Brandon says:

        thats what Im saying. The delay should be auto adjusted if you delete every even frames so It goes at real speed instead of twice the speed.

  • Brandon says:

    Tip for those who want to resize their gifs but don’t have software. First record your gif. Next you open the gif in a web browser (Firefox Chrome etc). Then you resize the window, the gif should resize to fit the window. Just resize the window until the gif is the size you want it. Finally rerecord the gif and edit cutting any unneeded frames and save. Hopefully the next update will include a resize option but this is a small tip for those who wish to resize their gifs.

    • Michael says:

      Seems like an okay workaround if you can manage to start recording exactly when the animation starts.

      • Brandon says:

        Just click the edit button and delete all the frames before it stars and all the frames after it ends. If you right click in the edit box you’ll see “delete from this frame to start” and “delete from this frame to end”

  • huyaowen says:

    thaks a lot for so zmazing software.

    Can set “capture cursor” to default CHECK status?

  • Michael says:

    Out of curiosity, does GifCam take advantage of hardware acceleration, or is it CPU dependent?

  • Help says:

    I have a windows 8 computer and I am having trouble using this. Anything bigger than two frames not on greyscale won’t move when I try to post it up on my blog.

  • alps says:

    this software is great, but I don’t know why, I can’t record from any videos playing in my pc. it’s suppose to record whatever’s in the frame, right ?

  • dog says:

    It would be perfect if GifCam could fine-tune the delay on frames, and edit more of them at once. Because for some reason I get a 0.12 sec delay on some frames while others are 0.06, and I can only change it by steps of 0.1.

  • mialderich says:

    This is by far the best gif making app available and I love you for that. My only suggestion is to make the minimum delay .01 or .02, and a feature to delete or change the delay on multiple frames at a time (like if you were to hold CONTROL and then click what frames you’d want, and then you could do what you want).

  • mialderich says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this tool would benefit from the option to delete multiple frames at once by holding CTRL and clicking the frames you wish to delete.

  • netgrind says:

    Hey, this is an awesome little tool. Are you thinking of making the source available or could you add these two requests?

    1. The option to have a grid overlay on the window to help with aligning, the option to set guides at x percentage would be awesome but even a simple guide with lines at 25,33,50,66,75 would be incredibly useful.

    2 The ability to type in an exact number to set the windows gif capture area.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Evan says:

    As soon as I opened this portable exe for the first time I wanted to let the creator know I love it.

  • michael says:

    When trying to record the screen the resulting images are shifdted to the bottom-right, and it show the border of the GifCam.

    Using Windows 8.1
    I tried changing the resolution.


  • Demi says:

    Hi, how can I save a non-transparent gif?

  • James Smith says:

    gif cam is great, but gifs I make with it always play at twice the speed of what was recorded when I use it. Why is that?

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