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Jan 22 2014 Published by under GifCam

Here is a list of GifCam alternatives software, they have the same idea of generating gifs by recording screen, you may find one of them suit your need, or has features GifCam miss, or has better user interface :

Maybe I’m biased to tell my favorite :)
What is your favorite and why?

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  • lp9 says:

    tired LICEcap and giffingtool but gifcam is the best.

  • tal says:

    GifCam is the best. I really like the green screen editing feature, I also like how small the file size is, I like that it’s poratable, and I like how easy/fast you can make great looking gifs.

  • Manz says:

    GifCam is the best for me. Simple, portable and small. Smart functions and very intuitive. Remove repeated frames, FPS and multiple save.

    Thanks for your job.

    PD: You think add support for additional external and custom GIF optimizer (gifsicle, for example) from app?

    • Manz says:

      I create this tutorial for your great application:

      Congratulations, again :-)

      • Isa says:

        Thank you for the nice spanish tutorial, giving gifcam #1 is super nice :) thank you / I have some ideas for custom optimizing option and profiling frames, I will do some researchs/experiments and see what is work and what is good to add to the upcoming gifcam versions.

    • Danillo lemos says:

      Por favor s.os ai me ajudem eu gostei do gif cam mas nao consigo gravar tela grande o bom do gif cam é que o arquivo dele é pequeno ! gando eu tento gravar maior tipo 1280 x 720 ? ele fica mostrando no gif o tempo do relogio a area é pequena pra gravar quero gravar sem que o programa fique mostrando a propria janela do programa rss me ajudem meu face éé esse alguem fala lá pra mim o que esta ta ocorrendo obrigado! (

      • Danillo lemos says:

        Por favor s.os me ajudem ai eu gostei fazer gif cam mas nao Consigo gravar Tela Grande o bom fazer gif cam é uqe o arquivo dele fica e Pequeno! guando eu tento gravar Maior Tipo 1280 x 720? fica mostrando a janela do programa em cima do gif com o temporizador na frente , affss… Quero gravar SEM Que o Programa Fique mostrando a propria Janela! me ajudem Meu endereço Fala Lá pra Mim o Que ESTA ta ocorrendo Obrigado! (

        • Isa says:

          Oi Danilo Lemos :)
          Eu estou respondendo de acordo com o que eu entendi de traduzir o seu comentário:
          Ao gravar tela cheia, você precisa minimizar a janela GifCam, depois que apagar os quadros que têm minimizar a gravação.

          Hi Danilo Lemos :),
          I’m replying according to what I understood from translating your comment:
          When recording full screen, you need to minimize GifCam window, after that delete the frames that have minimize recording.

  • Manz says:

    I open some files with GifCam and show this error:

    I attached a GIF example file for debug:

    Very thanks!

  • Manz says:

    Possible new feature: Save odd frames (every 2 frames) for reduce FPS and save space on some cases.

  • Youtube2gif says:

    Hello all,

    I am the writer of the “youtube2gif (” app.

    I am surprised there are so many gif recorder apps. Youtube2Gif was born in 2012, but it is only used in several gif forums. Few guys knows it and it is my pity.

    I re-write some GIF code, and i am sure now it can create smaller GIF file size, which is very important in internet.
    It would be nice if anyone can give it a try and feedback.

    Thanks and Regards

  • makoto says:

    I also rate GifCam #1

    the UI is the best, it’s easy and fast.

  • student says:

    I wished GifCam can tell me how much time left for me to record a gif when resizing the window.

    I do know that GifCam is limited to 1GB of memory, and that means 1GB of total size of recorded frames.

    1GB = Total Frames x Resolution.

    I am really looking forward to seeing your update on allowing GifCam to write GIFs to hard disk. But, I’m more looking forward to seeing how much remaining time I have when recording a GIF.

    I liked how GifCam is a standalone portable executable. It’s far superior than having to install something and uninstalling it from “Programs and Features”. Keep at it, and I hoped to see some more GifCam updates.

    That’s about it. Yay!

    • Isa says:

      -With save frame to hard disk option there is no need to worry about memory resources.
      -I agree it is nice to keep GifCam native & portable :)
      thanks for your comment.

  • Jennifer says:

    I want gifcam, but I’m on a mac.

    I have to use licecam, but I want gifcam. is a mac version on the horizon please?

  • NMario84 says:

    Wait… There are actually alternatives to GifCam? Why didn’t I see this before!?!?!? :-O

    They say they do pretty much the same thing as GifCam does, but are there any key differences from your GifCam to the alternatives? For example, is GifCam the only program that does the green screen effect to save on image resources? Or do all of the alternatives do this too? Sometimes I find GifCam hard to use at imes, but if it has any major differences over any of the alternatives, I may end up just keep using it. :)

    • Isa says:

      The transparent pixels (it just me calling it green screen :) is part of gif format specification, I guess all gif-screen-recorder software encode gif with transparent pixels but you my find differences in efficiency and output size.

      It’s good to have more choices, you may like an alternative that has feature GifCam miss, or has better user interface.

  • Maureen Mobbs says:

    Hello friend Isa, I have a Linux mint system now, and it wont accept gifcam. I am very sad because I use gifcam and v-clip all the time. They are my favourite apps. Can you suggest an alternative to your app that would work on Linux ? Thank you. Greetings from New Zealand.

  • Maureen Mobbs says:

    Hello Isa, I have found a decent gif maker f0r Linux. It is not as good as yours, but it will do. Maybe one day you might consider adapting yours to accept Linux, but I guess you are pretty busy with more important stuff at the moment. Keep up your excellent work – It is very much appreciated.

  • Kao says:

    It seems everyone loves Gifcam, but it doesn’t work well for me. In my case, the resulting gifs are filled with lots of artifact or noise. Any solution?

  • Stephen says:

    GifCam is the best. it’s support to record full screen, but the gifcam main form is always visable. could you hide the main form when record full screen? thanks.

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