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Just yesterday I found this nice little app LICEcap which use the same idea of GifCam to create gif files, actually it is been there before GifCam(more than 2 years) that makes GifCam not an original idea app :(  , anyway I think it is not fair for me to compare GifCam vs LICEcap, I think people should decide which tools suit their needs, also LICEcap works both on Windows and Mac :) So what do you think windows users are going to replace GifCam with LICEcap? and Why?

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  • Brandon says:

    Someone may need to confirm this but I don’t think LICEcap has the “green screen” feature and that makes a difference in size.

  • mozii says:

    Good work

  • Edge says:

    Well, just futzing around with licecam, I immediately like how I can set the FPS so I can make smooth gifs. I don’t like how I can’t easily edit out frames like in gifcam so if you can combine those I would be a happy camper and would buy the shit out of that.

  • Rikests says:

    Would love to see a frame rate adjusting option in gifcam too.

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