Apr 16 2016


Visit www.createacomicstrip.com and create a nice comic strip :)

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Gif Sparks

Apr 01 2016

gifsparksiconApply sparkle and glow animation effect to your photos and save or share the result as animated Gif.


Here are some gifs made with Gif Sparks :






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VClip 1.0

Jan 27 2016


VClip is a simple tool to capture short video clip + loopback audio (speaker sound) from your screen pixels and speaker waves, get it here http://blog.bahraniapps.com/vclip/

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GifCam 5.1 trying to fix GifCam on high DPI display

Aug 18 2015

I’ve received many comments and emails about gifcam not recording right when running on high dpi display, disabling gifcam from display scaling  is not a true solution, gifcam should detect the dpi of the display and scale itself.

I don’t have high dpi display so I’m trying to fix a problem I don’t see :)
but I checked the fix in Microsoft Windows Simulator running windows 10 with many resolutions:


If you have a high DPI display please download this version http://www.bahraniapps.com/apps/gifcam/GifCam_5.1.zip and confirm in the comments below that this fix is working and gifcam text and interface does not look blurry and type which Windows version you are on.
Thanks in advance :)

From the comments below I see Gif Cam 5.1 works fine with high dpi displays, so I updated GifCam home page with version 5.1.
Thanks for the feedback :)

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GifCam 5.0

May 27 2015


GifCam 5.0 comes with customization and saving settings, profile and other fixes and changes, for more details:

Get it here

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