Thank you :-)

May 05 2013 Published by under GifCam

I would like to thank you for all your support, suggestions and comments, I will try to respond and not ignore any comment. and I’m going to blog about each progress and “feature done” of the upcoming GifCam version, also I would like to give a bonus for GifCam supporter (I don’t know what, any suggestion? ). more on that and other things in the next posts…
Thank you :-)

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  • The best bonus is for you to keep adding new features.

  • Michael Jensen says:

    I just have to give my applause to you. This software is unique. I dont think you need my lifestory, since its not a chat-forum………but I wonder if you have thought of any aspects of your product besides developing it……….Feel free to contact me. Even if youre just curious of what Im babbling about:)……….


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