The Lion King

Mar 23 2013 Published by under Gifs, Nostalgia

The Lion King was (is) one of my favorite games,
I played the DOS version on 66 MHz PC  but I never made it to the end ,  the game was crashing every time I reached “hakuna matata” stage .

Recently I played it on DosBox emulator, I completed it :-) and created some gifs using GifCam.

no more crashes “hakuna matata” :-)


Simba checks that no one is watching then hits the poor monkey :-)


The final moment : throwing Scar then roaring.


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  • Homo-dont understand says:

    Good day. How do you do? What a nice weather today! This game is a remember from children years. What a wonderful graphic and easy to play. And no headache… Intetgalactic ninja and teenage mutant ninja turtles too very interesting games. In Russia all my friends from children are play in these nintendo games. Our mothers and fathers buy a mars, snickers, bounty, coca-cola in shop. We play in the games full day, dont job. I am say my mother “go away, i want to play!” Today i am sick and understand all. Sometimes, much mothers and fathers love is bad.

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