VClip 2.0

Jul 17 2018 Published by under VClip

VClip version 2.0 is finally here :) it is more stable and steady and it comes with good functionality and nice design:

  • Efficient and fast responsive editor for selecting frames range and viewing playback before encoding.
  • Mute option for saving videos with silence.
  • VClip 2.0 is dpi-aware application , it scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.
  • Showing recording area dimension in the titlebar.
  • Performance benchmarks monitor in real time.
  • Adding a list of all VCLip supporters in the About window.


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  • L says:

    This site is just wonderful! All this for free as well <333

    BTW, does creating a VClip.ini file work? Because I can't get VClip to remember the window size & position (same with GifCam).

    THANK YOU again!

  • Rob says:

    This program is pretty great. Although, there appears to be some instances where it speeds up whatever has been recorded?

  • Tim says:

    Using the application on my desktop, having to load what has been recorded takes much longer in contrast to using it on my laptop. Is there a reason why? How do I fix this?

    • Isa says:

      I guess that depends on the hardware and system configuration, number of cpu cores and the speed of writing data, maybe your laptop has SSD (Static Disk Drive) SSD writes data (in vclip case “frames”) much faster than HDD, also if you are in windows 10 put VClip in Windows Defender allowed list, Windows Defender checks every data written in the memory and that slow the speed of writing frames.

  • shame says:

    The screen is strange when gifcam starts.
    I want to initialize the coordinates.
    I would like to email you the symptoms.

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