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Jan 05 2018 Published by under GifCam

Dear people who use GifCam,
It’s been nearly two years since the last update of GifCam! ):  sigh.. I know,
but I’ve decided “strongly” to come up with a new and improved version :) and to fulfill my promises of polishing the software, also I’ve found a lot of nice people in the comments and the social media still prefer GifCam over other gif recorders, so it’s nice to make it better :)

Here is GifCam 5.5 I will keep it on this blog post as a Beta for testing and feedback before approving it on the official GifCam page:

  • Automatically detect and set transparent/greenscreen color, so if your recording contains green color the transparent/greenscreen will be set to red, if it contains green & red it will be blue and so on..

this feature will be helpful for many users who haven’t figured out how to change the greenscreen color manually, thinking there is a bug in gifcam , also you can still change it manually if you like to get the effect of having one of the recording color matching the transparing color which create an interesting effects sometimes :)

  • An option for saving “setting.ini” in the same gifcam directory, with that option you can move your settings with GifCam.exe and you can have multiple GifCam.exe with different settings.

  • GifCam 5.5 can access/use 4GB address space on 64 bit computers which is the maximum memory usage for 32bit applications.

  • Accurate pixel perfect recording area calculations (in older versions recording area does not match the output gif accurately)

  • fixing “recording outside area” & “black border” for some high screen resolution displays.

  • Supporting dropping gif file on the main GifCam window to open it.

I used to reply to all your comments and take suggestions considerably to improve and polish GifCam (nowadays I don’t know if I have the energy & time to reply to all your comments but for sure I would read them all seriously), so if you have any suggestions/features you are more than welcome.

Finally I would like to apologize for the “too late update”, and I hope you like the new features :)

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  • L M says:

    Thanks for the update.

  • Alamarus says:

    Nice! I really love this program it is way more helpful and useful than I thought it was going to be.
    Thank you!

  • Westmark says:

    As you have webm support in VClip, would it be possible to add that to GifCam aswell? Or maybe have some simple edit tools in VClip as there are in GifCam?

    Love these apps!

  • smaragdus says:

    Many thanks for “Save Settings On GifCam Path” option- for me true portable mode is essential!

  • decembre says:

    If we use “Disk” as memory we can’t edit the GIF ?

  • decembre says:

    Can you add the possibility to import / merge 2 gifs in one (and place it to the place of our choice)?

  • decembre says:

    saving settings can include the greenscrean of our choice (no greenscrean for me) ?

  • nick1232 says:

    Nice, I was thinking this project was already complete and abandoned. =)
    #BELIEVE there will be some improvements to filename. I mentioned this, year before, but 5.0 versions comments now are just pile of spam.
    What I think will be nice – some additional checkbox in settings, something like “Filename-to-datetime”. As result we would get automated filenames, so we don’t need to rename GIF.gif each time, if you are creating multiple files in a short period of time.

  • Fristajler says:

    The best application for creating gifs! Is it only possible that an application contains an option to optimize gif?

    Once again, the best application!


  • Adam N. A. says:

    Hmm, still captures the wrong area of the screen with Display scaling in Windows set to 125% (using a 15 inch 1080p laptop monitor at normal scale puts too much strain on my eyes). I hope you figure out that bug for GifCam and VClip eventually. Thank you for the new greenscreen detection, it is a lot more intuitive.

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