Paper Toys Factory: ScreenShots & GifShots

Feb 14 2014

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Paper Toys Factory is coming very soon :)

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GifCam Alternatives

Jan 22 2014

Here is a list of GifCam alternatives software, they have the same idea of generating gifs by recording screen, you may find one of them suit your need, or has features GifCam miss, or has better user interface :

Maybe I’m biased to tell my favorite :)
What is your favorite and why?

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Paper Toys Factory!

Dec 30 2013


Paper Toys Factory Coming Soon :)

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GifCam 3.1

Dec 16 2013

GifCam 3.1 is one bug fix update, it is actually one line of code I forgot to write,
this missing line cause the yoyo feature not adding yoyo delays to yoyo frames instead it adds 0 ms delay to all yoyo frames:


Although I don’t think it worth to change the version number, but I changed it to 3.1 :) for distinguishing the bug version, sorry about that.



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Draw Green Screen Feature

Dec 15 2013

“Draw Green Screen” is one of my favourite feature in GifCam 3.0, with this feature you can create part moving part still “cinemagraph” gif. To make this feature works nicely, find a scene where the camera is stable no zoom, pan or shaking camera, delete unwanted frames then start drawing (over the still part wanted area) on the second frame (Drawing on first frame makes a transparent background gif).
”Draw Green Screen” works with “Show Green Screen” so you can show the  actual represent pixels of your drawn green screen.

Here are some gifs I created using Draw Green Screen feature:
also you can use this feature to reduce gif size by widen the green screen area.







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