VClip 2.0

Jul 17 2018 Published by under VClip

VClip version 2.0 is finally here :) it is more stable and steady and it comes with good functionality and nice design:

  • Efficient and fast responsive editor for selecting frames range and viewing playback before encoding.
  • Mute option for saving videos with silence.
  • VClip 2.0 is dpi-aware application , it scales nicely on high resolution and scaled screen.
  • Showing recording area dimension in the titlebar.
  • Performance benchmarks monitor in real time.
  • Adding a list of all VCLip supporters in the About window.


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  • L says:

    This site is just wonderful! All this for free as well <333

    BTW, does creating a VClip.ini file work? Because I can't get VClip to remember the window size & position (same with GifCam).

    THANK YOU again!

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