vclipiconVClip 1.0 is a simple tool to capture short video clip + loopback audio (speaker sound) from your screen pixels and speaker waves. vclipmainwindow

VClip can output to many format (MP4, WEBM, OGG, AVI, GIF), and comes with 3 fps options (15,25,30).

How to use VClip?

No much to say, VClip has a simple and intuitive user interface just aim, record and save :)

Compatibility and requirement

VClip Tested successfully on Windows 10, 7 (should work on 8.1, 8.0, vista but not XP), compatible with  HiDPI screens and display scaling. The faster and more cores processor the better.

VClip is totally free, also your kind donation will help me develop this software for future updates :)

Download 13.8 MB VClip is portable software contains:

  1. VClip.exe                main executable file
  2. ffmpeg.exe             video/audio encoding library
  3. silence.wav            silence waves file
  4. Frames folder       for storing captured frames

Support VClip

If you are on windows 10 it’s recomended to add VClip program folder to the Windows 10 defender allowed list!?

vclipwritingframs Windows 10 defender (and other antivirus) slow the process of writing data to hard disk,  by checking every data written to hard disk, in case of VClip that’s would slows the VClip process of freeing memory and writing frames into (“VClip/Frames” folder) it’s recommended to add VClip program folder to the Windows 10 defender allowed list. here is how

VClip design parallel processing (threading)

You don’t have to read this part it’s just for sharing thoughts behind VClip technical design. Capturing video is very intense demanding task especially with high fps for example when recording at 30 frames per second, VClip has to capture each video frame in less than 30 millisecond = 0.03 second, if VClip takes longer, the output video will not play smoothly and more important the loopback sound will not synchronize with the video, add to this the system overhead that occur when VClip is requesting high periodic resolution of the timer event with greatest possible accuracy, to over come all of that VClip divide the process of capturing a frame into different parallel/concurrent tasks with the objective of capturing a frame in less time possible, these divided tasks don’t wait each other to finish but they do work together to capturing a frame in less time possible:

  • Two independent parallel tasks to capture frames and push it to memory so theoretically at 30Fps 0.03 capturing time limit becomes 0.06
  • A task to go after frames in memory, free frames from memory and write them to (hard disk “VClip/Frames” folder) this task is so slow, making it parallel add boost performance.
  • Parallel task to capture loopback audio.
  • Playing silence.wav in background to fill silence gaps with silence waves.
  • Main thread to run VClip Graphics interface and prevent freezing controls.

intelamd Software that apply multithreading/parallel/concurrent processing like VClip can take advantage of a multicore processor by running on more than one core at the same time.

I would like to hear from you, feel free to comment , criticize, suggest and support VClip :)

97 responses so far

  • Tovagulet says:

    Hey thanks for this great tool. But Im having trouble saving the frames.

    If I choose to save it as an .mp4 it doesn’t appear, but each frames appears in the frame folder. So does when I put .gif

  • Dustin says:

    This seems like an awesome little app, however, the moment I move or resize it, the recording area gets a green tint which also causes the output file to have the same green tint.

    • Isa says:

      No idea, I guess it’s something in your windows version, maybe you are using third party theme? , or some theme settings in your system, or conflict software.

  • Lucky says:

    Hi, Isa,

    So, no border on VClip’s gifs! Don’t know what you are doing differente of GifCam, but it’s working. (High DPI mode Off) (High DPI mode On)

    Now the bad news:
    – File size: One of the gifs I just posted have more than 3 mb! And the image is a little weird too.
    – No GifCam’s fancy options, not even “capture cursor” :(

    Anyway, thanks for everything, updates, comments… You’re awesome.

    • Lucky says:

      Almost forgot: do you have a Twitter account?

    • Isa says:

      Hi Lucky
      – Yes, VClip has better code to deal with HiDPI screens and display scaling, I’m going to bring that to GifCam, but there is no bad news :) because VClip is different tool than GifCam, VClip exporting to gif is an extra feature the main idea of VClip is to record short video with speaker sound, but GifCam is all about gif, so each tool has different use cases.
      – I am not active on twitter.

  • decembe says:

    Another good tool :
    Thanks !

    Can you add an simple edit tool ?

    • Isa says:

      Thanks decembre, yes I’m planning to add a simple editor and other nice options like recording sound from microphone.

      • RePao says:

        Many thanks 4 that Handy Little tool, Sound recording is missing :(
        (but a great loopback.wave is created, with no Audio)
        what did i wrong?

        hold on Good work :)

        greetings from CH

  • ShermanCG says:

    Hey, I love and supported GIFcam and am trying this out to post short clips on to Instagram.

    How do I record video, but not sound? I am trying to record small clips from the game I’m making during gameplay, but only want to record video, not sound.

    Is this possible?

    • Isa says:

      Thank you ShermanCG I appreciate your support :),
      I’m going to add an option for “no sound” recording in the next update , for now a workaround is to go to vclip directory after recording and before saving and replace playback.wav (this file contains the recorded audio) with silence.wav file, then save.

      • yarow12 says:

        Thanks for the workaround. Shouldn’t it be mentioned on this page, though? Not just in the comments, I mean.

  • Someone says:

    Using: Win 7 ultimate 64 bits.

    WONDERFUL, incredible tool.

    You can use it for record a fragment of a video with subtitles and even measure the duration!

    All at the same time. Normally you would need 3 separate tools for that.

    A few, issues/suggestions, though:

    -It seems that the result keeps the bitrate to the minimum, resulting in a low-quality, small size result. It would be AMAZING if there was a “quality: low/mid/high/extreme” option, without ‘capping’ the bitrate for the last option, giving a super high-quality result with, of course, a bigger file size. Many favor quality over file size and there are websites that allow high size video files these days.

    -WebM made with vclip doesn’t seem to reproduce at all on MPC-HC x86, it gives a black screen. They do reproduce on x64. Other WebM do reproduce in both MPC-HC.

    Really hoping for a quality option, it would make this software one of the BEST tools for make quick webM files.

    • Isa says:

      Thank you for mentioning a useful usage for VClip “recording video with subtitles” :).
      -It is good idea to have quality/bitrate options, I’ll try to add that in the upcoming updates.
      -Maybe it’s a bug in MPC-HC, webm works well on Chrome.
      I see you have good knowledge in video encoding :), you can always do the encoding manually using cmd with ffmpeg commands.
      thank you for the comment :)

  • gagger says:

    Hi Isa, can you put the option to pause the recording? In GifCam you did it!

  • Nicklas says:

    Great tool! Works well when recording short clips.
    However I tried recording a longer clip >5 min but the program crashed. (I had 200gb free hd space so that didn’t cause it)

    When restarting the program it unfortunately deleted data cache from previous frames saved in VClip\frames and audio data.

    In this case it would be great to get a dialog box asking to process data from previous session if cache is still there instead of deleting it. That way you could possibly still recover parts of a failed recording.

    Have you consider going open source?

    Keep up the great work, also like your gifcam tool!
    Best Regards

    • Isa says:

      Thank you Nicklas for the nice comment :)

      When opening or closing VClip,it deletes and makes a new frames folder because it’s the best time to not slowing or disturbing recording and encoding process.

      as you mentioned VClip “Works well when recording short clips” but unfortunately VClip is not good for recording long video, because it does very intense and heavy processing to capture frames in precise milliseconds to sync sound with frames, that may lead to crash on long run, although hardware capability can help for long recording (hard disk writing speed, number of cpu cores, cpu speed).

      I’m thinking to go open source when i give up updating and adding features :)

  • B says:

    Hello your link in the menu bar for Vclip is no present, exept for the home page :)

  • Jesse says:

    Hi, when using VClip on my windows 7 pc, I cannot click the top bar of the program to move it or even close it. The only thing I can do is resize.

    • gagger says:

      i have windows 7 pc but that dont happend to me. i can move and close with no problem…

    • Isa says:

      Me too , VClip top bar works ok on my windows 7, more likely something not working well on your machine, check by running VClip in safe mode, although this is not a direct solve but you can use keyboard shortcuts to move your windows ALT+Space+M then use keyboard arrows.

  • Prevolition says:

    Great work on the program! I love Gifcam so naturally this is a something I’ve been wanting for a while.

    I do have issues with syncing the audio with video (there is a second delay) which happens after saving the video. Is this an issue on my end or is it something other people are experiencing?

    Thanks again!

    • Isa says:

      Thank you Prevolition :)
      I haven’t received audio sync complaints, so more likely something on your end cause the delay, check by running VClip in safe mode or in different machine if you can.

  • Maureen says:

    I have been using your amazing GifCam program with no problems, and now you produce yet another excellent app. Both so easy to use, take up so little space, and do the job effortlessly. I have no questions or suggestions. I just want to thank you so much, and tell you how much I admire your expertise. Greetings from New Zealand.

  • maureen says:

    Hello from New Zealand! I have no questions or suggestions. Just want to thank you for both of your amazing apps, GifCam and VClip. So easy to use and with no problems at all. They have given me hours of enjoyment .

  • eeki says:

    At this time i tried VClip only on XP (just in case :)). It didn’t work, but i saw, that frames are in .bmp. Why not in .png or even .gif? So they will take less space.
    (and there are no options for working in RAM, choose FPS or save in other formats except .mp4. Probably only on XP?)

    • Isa says:

      Good questions :)

      png/jpg/gif(gif is 256 maximum colors) are compressed images format, saving in one of these format takes longer time than saving bitmaps, although bitmaps are bigger in size they are faster in saving because they don’t need compressing.

      Saving format and FPS options doesn’t show up in Windows XP, because these options are listed in a split button list and Windows XP doesn’t support native split button, the split button is first introduced in Windows Vista.

  • Leroy says:

    the best cheers for your new tool, and it’s also keep simple and easy for use.
    big thanks for your great tool, it’s very nice. hope the .gif format can much more small, just like Gifcam : )

    • Isa says:

      Thanks Leroy for the nice comment :),
      GifCam can produce small gif size because it’s way more focused and optimized for gif than VClip, for example GifCam doesn’t record a frame until there is an action(pixels changes in the recording area), and it has transparent “green screen” pixels optimization, unlike VClip which is mainly for recording videos (videos doesn’t have these optimizations), but it’s possible in the future to add that in VClip for gif case.

  • Leroy says:

    Hi, here again, hope the vclip can add some size presets, like 320*240, 640*480, 1280*720, 1920*1080 …..and maybe can setting the size by ourself by the custom size option.

    it’s will be good for video editing, because they are all same size, and I can import into others software much more easy.


  • Max says:

    Hello, and thank you for this tool.

    How is it possible to capture the mouse-cursor, like it’s done in GIFCam?

    • Max says:

      And all files created by VClip have padlock-icons added to their symbol, which suggests some sort of user-rights-issue when moving the file from VClip’s folder to the destination.

  • daved says:

    I get audio but no video

  • 233 says:

    Why don’t you open source :),Your software is really good.:)
    I also hope your software were translated to more kinds of languangs.
    ——from a chinese

  • Marco says:

    Hi Isa,
    I sent you several mails about our review of VClip and an award from GIGA.
    Is support at still the right address?

    Have a nice day

  • Justin Luk says:

    I’m not sure why but this doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’m recording on a high DPI screen and the video that gets recorded seems to be offset. It only captures a small section of my screen that isn’t even in the vclip window. Any ideas of how to fix this?


  • sunshine2177 says:


  • Leroy says:

    hi, I am here again, if possible, hope to add one option that the recording window can follow the mouse cursor, it’s will be nice to recording much more range, very thanks your software again, free,light and awesome :P

  • Julian says:

    Nice tool.
    But i missed an option to capture the mouse-cursor.

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Isa,
    thank you very much, this is a great extremly useable tool!

    With mouse-cursor capture it would be perfect.

    Thanks again!


  • Chinafreak says:

    I love this tool! But is there any chance that you could add more fps options? (45fps and 60fps)? I always use 60fps if I record something small and it look pretty good if they’re 60fps.
    Or even: why not settingable fps with textbox/numericupdown?
    And yeah, Pause function would be nice, but its not important, because there is video editor that I can edit the file.

    Thank you!

    – Chinafreak

  • Ruud Rijksen says:

    First I had an AMD videocard. Vclip worked perfectly.
    Now I have a Nvidia videocard because my AMD got broken.

    Now I can’t record in mp4 anymore. any suggestions?


  • Mike Monroe says:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite tools, thank you for making this.
    I have a problem with writing to mp4s, it tends to write 0 byte files, but for the other formats it still works fine.

    The error in the console says
    “Error while opening
    encoder for output stream #0:1 – maybe incorrect parameter such as bit_rate, rate, width or height”

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  • MsK` says:

    This is great ! Could you add a way to specify exact width-height of the capture area ? Thanks ! :)

  • Kamoshika says:

    Hello. I am using your software, and I am interested in very much.
    Thank you for your providing.
    By the way, I am having tow questions;

    1. I cannot record all field of VClip. I want to record all field of VClip’s window,
    but VClip did not record at all field. The video file,which was recorded is including only a part at upper-left of all filed of VClip.

    2. Where is VClip’s temporary file saved?
    I want to customize the saving folder for temporary files by recording of VClip.
    My VClip folder is at Portable Hard Disc Drive, so I want to save temp files of Vclip at the same folder.

    Would you tell me about these things? I cannot solve these questions.
    Thank you very much.

  • Renzo says:

    Thank you for the effort but it crashes after 1st minute or so.

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  • Yusuf says:

    Awesome, Thanks very much.

  • Daz says:

    Can this be used to record some in game footage? which would be great to capture short funny moments or stunts in a video game. I have Fraps but records in very large file sizes.

  • Christina says:

    I just got a new computer and now Vclip doesn’t work. Any tips for Windows 10?

  • Christina says:

    It seems to stop working when I plug in headphones.

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  • softboiled says:

    Hi — as for “GifCam”, thank you VERY MUCH for this very interesting and promising tool!

    My suggestions again:

    [ BTW: I tested “VClip” OK under Windows 10 64 bits, in an old 2006 (!) PC, though with 6 GB of RAM. ]

    —— As asked by other users / testers: included mouse pointer option;

    + more framerates, and/or: custom framerate adjusting.

    —— Video bitrate setting (“AVC” above all): custom and “CRF” based, if possible;

    + may be: “superfast” + “veryfast” + “fast” (if “FFMPeg” implements those, as “x264 VfW” does).


    —— AAC AUDIO BITRATE SETTING: usual increments, ranging from low to high quality: 48 to 256 or 320 kbs, instead of 128 only.

    Anyway, thank you very much for the direct “AVC in .mp4 container” results

    AND… NOT LEAST: the audio “loopback” rec. function! Works like a charm in my case:

    no hassle, no endless audio device problems at all (nothing to set) — knowing, moreover, that I’m using one of those PCs (a very old “Dell Optiplex 740” for now) with that darn DISABLED “record-your-speakers” nag, in their built-in sound device;

    therefore, “VClip” sure comes as an excellent surprise!


  • softboiled says:

    PS · once done with a capture + saved under some name, “xxx.mp4” or else, “loopback.wav” (in my case anyway) remains in the “VClip” folder…

    Shouldn’t that tech. file be automatically deleted, to maintain as much free space as possible (+ knowing I have no use for it)?

  • PrzemekLom says:

    Witam wszystkich serdecznie :)

  • Jorge says:

    hey you can add an option like Gifcam to open other files, to edit and save them? please.

  • Lola#Fuh says:

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  • Huntershene says:


  • 3Dguy says:


    The program seems to have trouble recording in high DPI screens in Windows 10.
    I tried recording a web page scroll activity and only 3/4 of the screen was visible in the recorded video.

    Also is there not a full screen option?

    Very nice program though.


  • Shane says:

    I’m getting issues with Vclip recording it’s own window as well as shaving off a third of the screen on the right. Am on the current version of Windows 10 and have a 1920×1080 screen if that makes a difference.

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  • Alejandro says:

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  • LutherHaime says:


  • LutherHaime says:


  • Tabby says:

    Hi, I am using Windows 10 at home and having a trouble with the frame when saving a video clip. Somehow, the saved video comes out off the frame. It also captures the part which I did not include in the frame. Do you think it is happening due to my laptop setting, or is there something I can do with the VClip setting?

  • Adam N. A. says:

    I can confirm that turning Windows’ display scaling to 100% fixes the video output from being shifted or cropped slightly as stated in comments above.

  • Roger says:

    Is there a new version in the near future?

  • Wisnu says:

    thank you for this awesome tool.
    please update with function to record cursor, thats very importance, thank you

  • Diong Wen-Han says:

    Amazing tool, but is there a possibilities to add mov as an export format (and just maybe, a mac version, of course, that is just maybe)
    And exporting mp4 doesnt seem to work for me

    • Isa says:

      Thanks Diong Wen-Han, I’m Currently Working on VClip 2.0, specifically an editor for cutting frames, because it’s a basic feature to have, and more features are coming in the next updates- maybe system settings or missing file prevent you from exporting to mp4.

  • BrucePeamy says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  • Ab says:

    Please, create a fullscreen option. Overall, great apps.

  • Flon says:

    Are there any plans for a Ver 1.5 or 2.0 for VClip?

    All it needs to be a perfect software is allow for 60 FPS and a higher quality option.2

  • Mike M says:

    I’m getting a I/O Error when launching VClip now T_T
    I’m not sure what changed to cause this to happen (Windows Update??)
    I’m willing to donate again if it gets me early access to 2.0!

  • Julian says:

    Thanks for the great app! I can’t wait for the newest version, once that releases I’ll be sure to pay for it as I’ve gotten so much use out of Gifcam.

    That editing feature would be a blessing!

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