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Feb 06 2020 Published by under GifCam

I’ve received some feedback about getting a black gif when using GifCam to capture Netflix and other apps & webs, I’m not into movies  & shows , but anyway I created a new basic Netflix account to find out the case.


at first I thought it’s a technical problem, where the Netflix stream goes into GPU/graphics card instead of RAM , and that’s why it can’t be captured, so I wrote DirectX level capturing code to capture the  pixels from the GPU, but that didin’t work, it turned out that Netflix martials is copyrighted with something called DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Virtual Machine

After that I thought to run Netflix inside a virtual machine (I used Microsoft Windows Simulator) and with that the pixels would not be blocked or restricted when capturing from the host, and I was right :)


Then I googled the subject more, and found that the browser Firefox  has a feature to disable DRM tools, actually the DRM is disabled by default, so you can run Netflix inside Firefox without any capturing restriction, and that is the easier way I guess.

But is it illegal to make gifs from Netflix?

I don’t know, but you must follow the Netflix Terms of Use and the copyright law


That was a little research I made, and I hope you find it useful :)

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  • Buk says:

    I just got GifCam, and may I congratulate you on the simplicity and efficiency of the design.

    Having tried half a dozen other screenvid apps, GifCam is a breath of fresh air. Simple to install; simple to use; and brilliant (incredibly small) results.

    I do have one issue; I’m capturing sessions from a CAD program, ( which works perfectly except, GifCam does “see” (capture) manual changes to on-screen edit fields.

    You see the edit field and its contents before changes are made; and you see the new value (and the effects of the change on screen) after the edit is made, but the process of deleting the existing value and typing the new one is completely absent.

    Is this a known limitation? (Or maybe something unique to my machine?)

    Is there a bug reporting mechanism? I have a 100kb gif that shows the problem.

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