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Oct 10 2019 Published by under GifCam


GifCam 6.0 comes with quality improvements update:

  • Scalable user interface: GifCam 6.0 scales to fit the display resolution.

  • Improvement of the transparent/green screen color detection.
  • Changing the default save name to Date+Ttime.
  • Updating About dialog and adding support options.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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  • Hans Lund says:

    TOP best GIF maker

  • Eric Lawrence says:

    Thanks for fixing high-dpi. Sent $5 your way.

  • shik says:

    for some reason it wont update for me… it still has the old features

    • Isa says:

      Check if you have version 6.0 from the About dialog or right click on gifcam icon > properties > details, most version 6.0 updates are code improvement not new features updates.

  • n-peugnet says:

    Really really good app. I’m so sad that I can’t use it anymore now that I am on Linux. By the way the typo at the very end: “Git it here” gave me such a false hope as I thought is was an url to some git repository haha !

    • Isa says:

      False hope typo :)
      There are good gif capturing alternatives for Linux and some are open source, also you can install Wine to run Windows applications on Linux, thanks for your comment.

  • angios says:

    Hi! An amazingly useful tool as a gamedev, have been using it for years though I have a couple questions..

    When recording at 60FPS, or any FPS above 33, the playback speed is lightning fast. Is there any way to adjust this? It seems to capture every frame, but it plays them back at nearly triple the speed. Is recording at real time speeds possible while also recording every frame of a 60FPS game?

    • Isa says:

      You can increase frames delays to slow the playback speed, but exactly 60 FPS doesn’t exist for gifs, each gif frame has its own delay, it’s the number of hundredths (1/100) second to wait, so (1/100 = 0.01 rate of 100 FPS) (2/100 = 0.02 rate of 50 FPS) (3/100 = 0.03 rate of 33.3 FPS), you can record at 60fps and set the delay to 0.03 which looks good on display.

  • Kai says:

    Hi, buddy,

    I love your GIF tool. It is really great and I like good, minimalistic (= not overloaded) programs! So GifCam leaves almost no wishes open.

    But I have a very specific problem with it:
    I use the graphics program Affinity Designer from the company Serif under Windows 7. If I make Screen recordinng of it, then GifCam takes up almost everything – only unfortunately the opening screen menus not (file, edit, view etc.). The menus are quasi invisible in the recording and I see the background which is normally hidden by the menu panel.

    Do you have an idea what this might be due to?

    Greeting Kai

    • Isa says:

      Hi Kai,
      I have to download Affinity Designer to check that problem, but I guess Affinity Designer is changing the screen resolution and maybe that cause the problem, if so, try to run GifCam before Affinity Designer or try to reset the screen resolution.

      • Kai says:

        Hi Isa,

        thank you for your answer.

        Unfortunately it does not help if I start GifCam first and then Affinity Designer.

        Affinity Designer opens a normal window, it does not change the resolution of the desktop.

        I have made a screen recording for you under the following link.

        You can see there how I start Affinity Designer and move the GifCam window to the very left top of Affinjity Designers window.

        Then I open some menus in the Affinity Designer window one after the other. The menus are not to be seen.

        Maybe Affinity Designer uses a 3rd party framework for GUI programming, but the amazing thing is that only the menus are not visible in the recording. And as mentoined in my second post, also the Microsoft widgets of Windows 7 are not visible in the recordings.


        • Isa says:

          Hi Kai,
          Yes, it looks like Affinity Designer does not use standard Windows GUI, maybe to easily port their software to macOS, I guess Affinity Designer menus are graphics accelerated menus, those menus are rendering inside the gpu (graphics unit) rather than memory so they cannot be captured, the same things with Windows gadgets, but I’m able to capture Windows 7 gadgets, so maybe there is something with your graphics card settings, I have plan to add an option to capture from the gpu, then we will see.

  • Kai says:

    Its me again, Kai.

    Also the standard Windows 7 Desktop Widgets are not recorded. For example the clock widget. there is nothing but the plain Desktop recorded instead of the clock.


  • Markus says:

    What a great tool! I use it often.

    – Zooming in (to the area where the mouse pointer is located) via hotkey during recording and
    – Follow mouse pointer with soft accerlation and soft slow down at beginning and end of the movement via hotkey

    … would be a nice add on. ;-)

    Keep on coding, this is a really good one!


  • Layth Ezzeir says:

    Hi thank you soooo much for this gif maker I love everything about it. It is so simple and versatile. I am having trouble recording longer gifs though. They either crash the app or the gif that is saved is cut off or significantly shorter than what was recorded. I tried changing the memory usage to 4000000000 like I saw you suggest for someone else and I have 16gb of ram and 12 of it is unused but it seems no different than the default memory size. And I also tried using hard drive instead of memory but the same results. And the final file size is only ever 100mb or less. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

    • Isa says:

      Thanks for the comment, GifCam is 32 bit application, so it can’t allocate more than 4GB of memory, also GifCam store frames into memory (or Hardisk for an option) and that’s not good for long recording, other gif recorders do capturing and encoding at the same time and that uses less resources, so for long gif it’s better to use different gif recorder, I wrote a list of alternatives here

      • Layth Ezzeir says:

        Ahh I see. Well I tried the alternatives but I think your app is definitely still best. I’ll just reduce the fps and resolution until it’s small enough for longer gifs. Thank you again.

  • Dessic says:

    Fast and easy program. Now it runs always in the center. Make it remember the selected position on the monitor at startup. Thx

  • Venki Chen says:

    there are some pink pixels flashing when i use it.
    and i dont know what caused it because this situation is unpredictable

  • Goodly says:

    This app has been incredibly useful over the years so I have to say thank you!

    Is there any way I can pay you to add a specific feature? I basically need a mode that does not optimize the gif at all. So no delay instead of duplicated frames, and no greenscreen.

    The purpose of this is so that I can record an animation and then export it for usage in a game engine that takes a simple strip of frames.

    • Isa says:

      Thanks, the best way is to export your recording as AVI from the save menu, then import it into Photoshop. In this way, you will not lose the duplicated frames or quality.

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