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GifCam 2.0

Jun 03 2013 Published by under GifCam


GifCam 2.0 is here :)

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GifCam (Delay, Add Text and UI)

May 21 2013 Published by under GifCam

Here are another GifCam latest completed features

A new way to adjust frames delay

By dragging the delay label (each pixel = 0.01 second)
Shift + dragging will add/remove delays to/from all frames (0.03 second is the minimum delay)


Also, I think I will keep the old way of adjusting frames delay, maybe some nice people find it hard to move the mouse a distance of one pixel. maybe a keyboard shortcut for that would be good.

Add text

with Add text you can write some text in one line or more, set the frames range, position the text , align it left/center/right , add shadow and change the font with the native Windows font dialog.







I moved New/Open/FPS/Capture_Cursor options to the Rec button, I don’t like the Rec button with an arrow but it makes sense to move these options from the save button :)


More to come :)

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GifCam (Nearest, Open, FrameRate, and Capture cursor)

May 13 2013 Published by under GifCam

I would like to share some of the finished features so far for the next version of GifCam , so feel free to comment like “it would be better if” or whatever comment you like :) .

Let me start with a screenshot:


so what we have new here:


Nearest Uses the (nearest color matching algorithm) which produce a less size gif (this depends on how nearest the colors are) , it is nice to have this option, Here is a an example of quantize/nearest comparison.

Quantize without Nearest 538 Kilobyte


Quantize with Nearest 397 Kilobyte




Open is a nice (I know I used nice alot but it is realy nice) feature, when you open a gif file GifCam reads its frames and delays then resize the recording area to match the opened gif dimension, It is just as you are the one who record it, so you can continue record , edit the frames, or save it to other color redaction format :)



Two more Frame rate options for more smooth gif:

  • 10 FPS(0.1 second delay) the default.
  • 16 FPS(0.06  second delay) maximum accepted delay in all major browsers.
  • 33 FPS(0.03 second delay) maximum accepted delay in modern browsers, notice that some browsers doesn’t accept 0.03 delay between frames and round it to 10 FPS(0.1 second delay).


Capture cursor

This feature is useful for demonstrating the mouse interaction:




nice :)

More features coming Soon :)

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May 06 2013 Published by under GifCam


Just yesterday I found this nice little app LICEcap which use the same idea of GifCam to create gif files, actually it is been there before GifCam(more than 2 years) that makes GifCam not an original idea app :(  , anyway I think it is not fair for me to compare GifCam vs LICEcap, I think people should decide which tools suit their needs, also LICEcap works both on Windows and Mac :) So what do you think windows users are going to replace GifCam with LICEcap? and Why?

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Thank you :-)

May 05 2013 Published by under GifCam

I would like to thank you for all your support, suggestions and comments, I will try to respond and not ignore any comment. and I’m going to blog about each progress and “feature done” of the upcoming GifCam version, also I would like to give a bonus for GifCam supporter (I don’t know what, any suggestion? ). more on that and other things in the next posts…
Thank you :-)

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